January 1, 2009

Just Some Truths

The truth :
  • Not all guys that are cute on their photos are really cute in person-- some of them are just photogenic. Some looks cute due to proper lighting, angle, and even photoshopped!
  • Dont be choosy especially if there's not much to choose from!
  • Sometimes a wrong sent text/sms messages are not really wrong sent--it is the way of the other party to be noticed by not being obvious.
  • Just because he always talks to you,chat with you,calls you,or invites you means he's into you or will court you eventually--there are guys whose just sweet and friendly, and flirt!
  • It is true that its wonderful to be single.Night out,no hassles,you can do anything without someone telling you not to,you can fuck anyone,you can party all night---but after all the fun and you are alone at your dark room.Are you still happy? Its more fun to have someone waiting for you and tell you "where the hell have you been????!Now take off your clothes!haha
(source: my textmates!hehe)

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