January 14, 2009

Friends with Benefits

Remember my ex-boyfriend Brian that I mentioned here before? The nursing guy I was with for 8months? yes! him. (trivia:he is 21 y.o studied nursing at manila but hails from the province of Isabela, we were together from august of 2007 to may of 2008,we broke up cause he have to go home at the province after graduating and he's taking me for granted later on our relationship)

Well, we remain friends after some heartache and not talking for a while,and we constantly texting each other even when I'm with a new boyfriend before ,and I'm always teasing him about getting back together and I think there's a better chance of that now (since I'm available again) that I can read between the lines for each conversation we have everyday,and besides my feelings for him are still there somewhere on my heart.

And I think I might convinced him of going to manila and spend a week or two at our home since he is the only boyfriend that my family ever approved of haha,I remember he used to cook for us carbonara and did a great graham cake which my sister and nephew loves.And my dad asked for him,maybe he thought Brian is still my boyfriend that he's just vacationing or just busy to visit us hehe.My dad never asked me about it,he respects my love life and other affairs.

Hmm,but i never expect too much yet,you know "expectations kills" according to my ex-boyfriend JL hehe which I agree.But if our current situation is best for us, I don't wanna ruin it by taking it into the next level and besides I'm going out of the country I don't wanna be unfair to him,But one thing is for sure when he come here I will seduce him take him to bed that he can't refuse!LOL it will be like friends with benefits thing hehe "uso naman yun ngayon a!


Pao Pielago said...

hehehe. friends with benefits talaga. my friend told me (since im going out of the country rin) na wag daw ako makipag-flirt kasi aalis lang naman daw ako. pero ok lang mga one-night stands hehehe.

Elyong said...

hahaha.. i thought it's truly "friends with benefits"... it's not gonna be like that... you had a relationship before, you shared feelings for each other.. and that feelings still exist as you have said it's just somewhere within you..