January 3, 2009

Good Deeds

So many good things I did recently and I felt really good about it.Hope you do it too.
-I went to church and pray for world peace
-I donated 1 peso at the donation can for this kid with cancer
-I said I love you to my dad and hug him like I really love him!
-I gave cheeseburger with sundae to this beggar across the street
-I posted my nude pic at g4m with my dick hanging on a chair
-I said sorry to all the people I think I hurt in the past ten years
-I stop eating my 4 year old nephew's candy and lied about doing it
-I offered flowers to my grandmom's teacher in nursery in her grave(i think i needed to do it)
-I stop throwing ants to my dog's ears today
-I stop switching my sister's coke glass with soysauce!
-and switching the content of her conditioner sachet with my sperm,not cool,so I stop that too
-I thank this kid who said I'm cute and said I'll be a TV star in Mars
-I bought 10 ipods and gave them to the deaf kids
-I went to see Oprah and said"you need a diet again!"
-And all of them are lies!!!LOL! Peace!

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