August 11, 2009


I opened my mail on the night of August 1,2009 and this is what I read:

Hi I am new here and I found your website.
Hope you can help me find some friends and places to go out and meet gay guys

My reply:

Are you a Filipino too?

His second email August 3,2009:

Sorry for the delay, I still have some Internet connection problems.
No I am not Filipino, I am Italian.
Ciao Bellisimo


oh hello!how u doing?is gay scene in Italy not that open?u having a problem getting a date there?

--because stupid me,I thought he is still in Italy haha!

He replied again August 4,2009:

I've been living in the____ for many years and absolutely no problem to get dates there.
The problem seems here. As I told you I just got here and I have no clue about anything. I tried to surf Internet but a lot of web sites are inaccessible. Where gay people go? There is any place where they meet? Or is completely no no. Please let me know. I will be off this Saturday maybe we can meet somewhere if you want. Un bacio e grazie

I copied his email address and added him to my messenger, after an hour he accepted and the chat begun...

I found him interesting to chat with, I never noticed the time spent talking to this foreign guy.I had fun, I was smiling and giggling most of the time....especially when he told me he got lost every time he drives his car to go home from work since he isn't familiar with the roads yet.

"How you doing?" I asked

"I'm doing good,but lonely" he said

We asked for each other's picture and...he is so cute haha! (flirty me!LOL)

"Let's go somewhere tonight! have a drink on one of the hotels, if I don't get lost haha" he said out of nowhere. I don't know what to say to him after that, because the invitation was so sudden, caught me off guard!haha.

"Hello, are you still there?" he said after a few sec " so are we going out tonight?I haven't been out since I came here".

I made an alibi and said I'm too lazy to go out and besides I'm too afraid to go out with someone I just met online!haha i have heard many stories about foreigners doing bad thing to Pinoys or Pinoys being rape!LOL

"Or we could go to the souk (market) to have a drink like refreshments somewhere.So we are going out or not?or you want to come to my place?or you want me to come to your place?"

I almost fell off my chair!haha he is so fast!Now I'm thinking he wanted sex! I told him I can't, and chat is so much better at this moment. But he insisted on going out and that he has no one to go with...he made me feel guilty that he hasn't taken his dinner yet thinking we will go out.

"or how about tomorrow?I want to go to the beach!I want to see the desert"he said. And I almost became hysterical when i heard the word desert haha that's where they rape those Filipino guys!LOL

"What are we going to do tomorrow?are we going out for lunch?tell me what time should I pick you up"

---to be continued!haha

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Michael Rivers said...

Interesting exchanges. Keep us posted!

Bleeding Angel said...

talande ka mag ingat ka jan... stallion yan hehehehe...

as long as hindi arabo safe ka jan hehehe!

marvin said...

mukhang mapapasubo (pun not intended...choz!) ka na agad n'yan ah! hahahha. pero ramdam ko 'yung fear kapag mabilisan. parang ang hanap lang eh "quick fix", 'di ba? just ingat esp. becoz u r far from home...

Anonymous said...

hello mac?

dyan ka pa ba?nasa bahay ka ba ngayon o disyerto?hahaha

Anonymous said...

naku, baka nasa window period pa lang sya ng HIV infection (incubation period) nya, scary

Anonymous said...

ang landeee mo.. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

if ur goin' out with him try to act normal as can be behave be careful on ur gesture, imagine di mo kapwa filipino ang kasama mo and ur still in an arab country maraming matang nakamasid most people from that place think na ang filipino guy na may kasamang ibang lahi ay gay....just be careful

Mac Callister said...

@michael rivers--yeah i will wait for the other parts

@bleeding angel--haha stallion ka jan!

@marvin--mapapasubo ng kain?LOL

@flamindevil--dito pa naman ako hehe

@anonymous--takutin ba daw ako LOL!

@anonymous2--yeah i know...sad...