January 14, 2009

Thumbs UP NBI Sta.Rosa

NBI clearance,another of my requirements..well,this job offer is making my days really hard,you know,I have to get up early from bed,suffer the cold shower but today I used the water my dad used for making coffee haha.Do we have to install a heater at the shower?hmm I'm thinking...but we only experienced this kind of cold weather just this year,usually it is warm in this country.Well,maybe I have to continue stealing my dad's hot water!

Anyway,back to my NBI,I was told there is an office at Sta.Rosa,Laguna,I don't have to go to Los Baños or Manila anymore for it to get renewed,going to Sta.Rosa City is irritating the traffic is bad!It took me 1 and a half hour to get there longer than expected,way back then it will take me for only 45minutes and now its terrible!

When I reached the city hall Oh My God,its a "blockbuster","pila balde" shettt.haha.I asked around where I supposed to go first and etc etc,its a good thing they have people there that will guide you one guy there is a joker,but i find it corny so i never laugh hehe.I fell in line,the long line,the place sucks it is not air conditioned and the roof is just a tent(but a nice tent though)good thing the weather is cold,if isn't for sure I'll be melting forever!

My only requirement for the NBI clearance renewal is my old copy no more no less.But the whole process was fast,I couldn't believe that its my turn already.I paid 115 pesos, issued me a receipt,asked me to sit in front and "freeze"for my photo.Then I wait for my name to be called for the release.By 11:30am I got my new clearance,paid 5pesos for the envelop!haha.Business?whatever!

This is just an example of an NBI Clearance form local use only and clearance card that I found on the net hehe sorry whoever you are.Mine is for abroad which is green in color.

They have an announcement dated July of 2008 that we should have an NBI renewal card,so that we could renew our clearance anytime at mall outlets throughout the country,I think that is good,so I asked again,and pointed me inside to request for it,it cost me 120 pesos gave me a receipt and "freeze" again for my photo and voila!I got a new ATM look a like renewal card for just 3 minutes!Pretty fast huh!
This is the NBI renewal kiosk machine looks like,so when renewing your clearance no need to go to your municipal office and fall in line there,you just need your renewal card and press those keypads and voila!you have a new NBI clearance form.These kiosk are located at malls countrywide.

All in all my experience to this government agency is two thumbs-up!The people are helpful,they will guide you through,the questions,they answered them politely and patiently unlike the SSS calamba branch!hello there morons! Their system is organized and fast.Sign posts and step by step procedure are posted on the big wall.Transparent enough for every receipt they gave me except for the brown envelop of course hehe.And hope they will have an aircondition room next time.

So far,I've been to DFA Manila and Lucena,GSIS Batangas branch,CHED region 4 office and now NBI Sta.Rosa branch they all are doing good jobs.The most impatient and arrogant people I've seen and bad guidelines are those at SSS calamba branch.To think those people are just security guards!And those things reflects what kind of management and supervision they have.So you people sucks!

I just hope those kiosks machine are really helpful and that they can accommodate all,and hope they are not defective knowing government machines hehe.Next to my schedule is going to Manila City Hall for the authentication of my employment certificate and seminars and training certificates.

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