February 25, 2010

Matchmaker In The Making!

I opened my phone and read the text messages, one came from my mom. She's asking about my email address. She said she will give it to someone, I thought its about work or some paper work that she needs to send me, that's why without any question, I keyed in my ad and sent it to her.

After a while, my phone rang. Its her.

Mom:" Your email address is weird. Where did you get that?!"

Me:" I'm creative, you know!"

Mom: "I asked about your email, because I have one student at our ballroom class and he wants to know you..."

I got confused what she meant at first. "Wait, wait, slow down, what do you mean mother?!"

Mom: "well, he's gay and I talked about you, and he said he wanted to know you, and I promised him I will give him your email, and he said, he wants to chat with you some time".

I was in a shock! Is this really my mom I'm talking to???? I mean we never talk about my sexuality ever. As in for me, what you see is what you get with regards to my folks. But I'm pretty sure they knew already, but this is the first time, my mom, in reality showed me how she already embraced my true personality.

I suddenly wanna cry...

and laugh too! Imagine, my mom is hooking me up with some gay guy at Dubai!!!hahahaha. I composed my self and answered her on the phone. "so what about this gay guy? how old is he?"

Mom: "He's 34 and very much single. He's also looking for some special guy"

Me:" OK mom, you have my blessings, give him my email ad!" LOL

I suddenly felt very light and happy. I love my mom! Soon she'll be joining me here at Doha, hope I could get her a job and a nice place to stay. If not, she have to bear the thought of going back to my Dad back home! too bad for her! *Toinks!*

Note: Mom and Dad are not on good terms. In my mom's mind, they're separated already, but dad still on denial.

February 16, 2010


We live on the same building, I know that he works as emergency room nurse, I suspect that he's a PLU too. When we're at the elevator twice we never talk, just plain smile. Lets call him Eli, he has the same hair as Eli Buendia, that's why. He has fair skin, around 5'5 in height, and average body built. Not that cute, but he caught my attention.

I'm surprised when I entered the van (our transport) and saw him inside! WTF is he doing here?! Oh my...so he moved to my transpo! yipee!!!

He never spoke to me aside from that "hi", a little shy maybe. That's why, before going home, I made this plan: I talked to the 4 people riding on the same van with me. I asked them if they could sit on each row of the vehicle, and never move or give Eli space when he arrives. I will occupy the first row and when he's looking for a space, no one should give him a seat! I and only I will be offering him a space!

So that he could sit beside me the entire travel time back home! Genius!!! *wink* wink*

I did a lot of convincing before I could persuade them!LOL they're even asking for a treat at Marry Brown ( a local fast food here, just like our Jollibee) Egay, agreed easily (remember him?click here) the hardest one to convince was Ric! That annoying bastard! he kept on teasing me that he will tell Eli that I like him!haha

Me, Eli and Egay are the last persons to be transported, so I told Egay, to give us time alone from point of going out from the van to the lobby and the elevator, its like 5 minutes walk. Egay will be tying his shoelace and be left behind, so that it will be just me and Eli on that 5 minutes of walking!sweeeeet!

And when we reach the elevator, Egay will take the stairs, so that it will be the two of us on that small box called: the elevator!

Everyone was seated according to plan, our driver has no idea that I'm literally hijacking his passengers with my evil plan! toinks!

We headed to the ER building, and there he was, waiting for our arrival hehe. He has no clue he's going into a trap!

"He's coming!!!" ate Rose, a 40 y.o nurse at the ward, nervously said and covered her mouth as if Eli could hear her.

I said "shhhhhhh!!"

I held my breath everyone was quiet, in fact too quiet!!! We were too noisy a minute ago and now we're like inside the library!!!LOL

He opened the door, and stepped in...he scanned the van and look for a space for him to sit, I wanna burst into laughter when I saw Ric's face, he looked somewhere else even when Eli looked at him, and he looked so guilty for ignoring the look on Eli's!!!

Then Eli realized, no area for him and he looked in front and saw me, then I picked up my bag on my side, a signal he could sit beside me. And jan-da-ra-ran....he sat beside me....

Success!!! confetti's falling LOL!

I was suppressing a smile on my face, then no one speaks, as if they're waiting for me to start the conversation, damn them!

"so, busy day huh?" I asked Eli

"not that much, I was at the triage, so, the usual stuff" he said

"Marry brown, we're coming...." Ric said to no one in particular. My eyes was wide open! they're teasing because we're talking.

Then I talked to the others so that he won't realize that I'm into him hehe. Then the conversation went to where I live and Eli caught that, he said: "You're from Laguna? Where?"

"Yeah, I'm from Sta.Rosa. Why?" --me

"I'm from Los Banos!" he answered. "So did you go to University of ____________ too?!" he added.

"Yes!" --I exclaimed. Oh my, is this destiny or what! Toinks! we live on the same province and went on the same school.

"I'm feeling the chicken at Marry Brown ...yum yum..." Ric again teasing, and the other people at the back. I'm hoping Eli could not make a guess whats going on haha.

I could feel his arms and legs pressing against mine when the driver made turns. Electrifying haha. 3 months of no sex and this is the end result!

Its time to get down the van and we started to walk, and the stupid Egay forgot about the plan! he didn't stop and tie his shoelace, he comfortably chitchatting with my Eli!!!! I wanna throw my bag at his back! I could not whisper and remind him of the plan. Eli might take notice.

But he obviously forgot about it, we're nearing the elevator. Then something must've hit him and Egay said:

I'll take the stairs, you know, exercise" and he went on without waiting for a response. I sighed and felt glad, I'm already thinking of 101 ways of killing Egay later. LOL!

The elevator scene was my fave, it felt awkward haha. We almost touched each other's hand when we both tried to press the numbers, I retreated my hand and said, I'm on the 6th.

"Did you have your dinner already?" I nervously asked him

"yeah at my break, why?" --Eli

"Nothing, I'm kinda hungry and looking for some company" I said. He didn't said anything and timing that its his floor already.

"See you around" he waived goodbye.

I kicked the air when I was alone!Fuck! LOL

I still have many chance, be ready lover boy...

*evil grin*

February 11, 2010


My cursor brought me to you,

To your story...to your life

You were in a lot of pain and heartache. A long distance relationship, a love faded away...

I just read one entry and didn't realized I was becoming impatient when will you write another entry...

I felt your pain, I wanna comfort you...

I wanna say hush, everything will be alright...

You moved on, we became online friends, we talked a lot. Its been a year, I was happy. I saw the changes on your blog, the sad blogger no more.

Someone made you happy. I felt your happiness. I was jealous.

Your topic are mostly about HIM and how you love him, I wished and hoped he'll never make you cry. There was this feeling of pain in my chest and a thought: why didn't you wait for me. You'll be happy with me instead of him.

But you were happy...I felt it.

I kept it inside. Secretly, I had this plan of stealing you from him. But I'm such an angel that I couldn't do it...Toinks!

I didn't say anything, I supported you and wished you two well.

You faced a big challenge last year and you held on, you strive...I was so proud of you

I prayed that God will help you and guide you. But maybe He has another plan for you. You lost your job and you'll be separated from your LOVE once again...it would be another long distance relationship...History repeating itself.

I know you're scared, I felt it...I wanna comfort you once again and give you my shoulder ...

(teka putulin ko abot ko sau LOL!)

When you're home and he's out there far from you, I called you many times and hoped by calling (I could steal you from him...kidding!) that I could lighten' your gloomy feelings...

You're sad...you're hurt...you felt betrayed...the love you once have abandoned you....

I felt your pain...I wanna kill HIM for you.

(gamitin ko tsani, bunutin ko isa isa buhok niya sa ilong!LOL)

I was worried for you, I didn't realized I have this great feeling inside of me that wanted to protect you. I wanna carry you to a safe place where I could shelter you from harm and pain...

You're trying to fix your heart and slowly picking up the pieces together.

Life is far more exciting and fun than waste it on sulking and feeling sorry...look around, life is beautiful...

You're up and ready again...
I felt it...once again, I am happy, my bleeding angel.

Hep hep hep! this is not a love revelation of some kind ha! I'm just concern about him! that's all. Charrrr! haha

February 6, 2010

Concert Night

I watched the Regine and Ogie concert last February 4, 2010 with 5 other friends from work here at the Doha Sports Club, with Dingdong Dantes and never mind Marian Rivera!LOL its an open field and the venue was jam packed with Pinoys! I never thought there's this much Pinoy here! Its unbelievable. Too many gays too! Its like Gay Paradise!

There's even a sand storm the whole day ha!

What I hated about that night was, majority of the people wanted to sit! I mean we're supposed to be standing there! Its an open field and no chair for Pete's sake!!! you're supposed to be dancing with the music and all. They're pressuring everyone to sit. It sucks!

That's why when everyone was sitting on the cold grass, and all looked like some prisoners asked by their guards to sit on the floor, we moved to the side of the stage where we could stand up and dance if we feel like it! especially when they sang I got a feeling by the BEP! I was possessed by the music and started dancing and sing along!

There's nothing much to do here in Doha aside from malling and eating out! all in all this is a boring country! That's why when there's an event like this concert no matter how jologs or baduy you might think it was, go lang kami!LOL

Feeling ko nga kahit mag concert pa si Madam Auring dito papanoodin pa din namin e!!! tapos kakanta din siya ng: I got a feeling! Wahaha!

February 3, 2010

Where Can I Find U?

I'm on a quest on getting this pair of shoes! it was out I think around July last year, and when I first saw it, I cant get it out of my mind, I'm dreaming of it on my feet! Im having wet dreams with it! LOL how come I didn't see it when it first came out! where was I????!

Its the puma el rey shoes. I saw them on Zac Efron! Cool!

God please help me have them!

Black or white? what do you think?! But waaaa its always out of stock! I hope I could get them on eBay...

you know what I hate about Qatar? they have the ugliest shoes available! unlike in manila, we all have the coolest, trendy and new shoes on the stores!