January 24, 2009

Grabbing No Regret!

I just watched this wonderful gay movie and Oh My God!This movie took my breath away!Its like my new greatest gay love story of all time!!! The title "NO REGRET" it was release in 2006 and the actors are Koreans and I really thank the blog that gave me the idea of watching this movie I just forgot what's the name of that blog I'm sorry!hehe.But who ever that author is thank you!!!!

This is a scene where Jaemin paid Sumin for one night as male prostitute

This movie is a classic two gay men falling in love and the other is poor and the other rich and getting married and everything but the execution of the story was so interesting.I've been wanting to see a movie like this,you know,more romantic moments between the lovers,the kissing was wonderful and who would forget the love scene...it was so perfect not too much and not too quick!So horny people out there don't worry there is enough butt exposure here hehe.And best of all this movie doesn't have a tragic ending like most gay themed film I've seen which only make you depressed at the end!

The surprise ending is as uplifting and as it is bittersweet...this is the most weirdest and funny ending I have seen!He grabbed the other guy's dick and everything was understood!

Lee Young-Hoon as Sumin

Lee Han as Jaemin

The cast are Sumin(the poor guy) played by Lee Young-Hoon and Jaemin(the son of a big company and rich)played by Lee Han.Here are some of the awards it received: Best Independent Director of the Year, Director’s Cut Awards Korea
Best Film Award, Ansan International Next Film Festival
Best New Actor, Critics' Choice Award Korea

Here is the synopsis of the movie click here
Check out its official website here
You can watch it online here
It that don't work click here
Or at YouTube just click here


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Byron Ferolin said...

This is a very nice film.

Mac Callister said...

glad you liked it too!told yah!