January 27, 2009

Nothing Much

  • Me and my sister together with my adorable nephew went st SM Sta.Rosa to buy a gift for my friend Mel who will be married this Friday,i don't know what to buy with just a 500 pesos budget!Don't give me the eyebrow's raising!You know I'm a bum so I don't have much hehe.We had fun choosing at the appliances area.I decided to choose the electric kettle.
  • Inside the mall was so cold!I'm shivering.And my contact lens are so dried up!I forgot to bring my lubricant,I immediately bought one at nearby optical shop.
  • I love "Gyudon" at Karate Kid,its the only thing I like about that fast food I love the egg on top of it especially if there's a lot of mushroom we had it take out then we headed at Chowking hehe because my sister wants chao-fan and siomai.We ate there.
  • I saw one of my ex's from 2007 I think and i don't have anything to say to him so I just avoid him hehe.


natja111608 said...

are you from laguna as well?

Mac Callister said...

yeah i am..