January 26, 2009

I Was a Shoplifter!!!

I mentioned on my post last year"Am I evil?" that I have done some terrible things in the past and I just want to share this to you guys,when I did some shoplifting not once but I think many times! I don't know maybe I do really have a twisted mind and I have the making of a psycho way back then wooo...scary..hehe.Well,this happened many years ago when I was in high school,I went to this small store at the county and I'm fascinated with those cute little stuff and I have no money to buy them.

I started with some key chains and later some appliances like refrigerator!Kidding!haha I stick to the cute things I'm afraid of course that I might get caught I slowly put it in my pocket and next time I came back I took another key chain haha I don't know why I did it!I want to have my first stole to have a partner maybe or make it like an earring that I could wear or something LOL! It only cost 15pesos my goodness!!!And then from key chains i evolved to pocketbooks...not caught again,I have this great feeling of success when I accomplished my evil task!Told you I'm twisted!hehe,but hey Wynona Rider did it too!

But the last time was not so lucky....I went to National Bookstore(a local and famous store here) and there I was just looking around,I have money then and I bought some notebooks and silly stuffs but still I'm teased to shoplift one item,a romance pocketbook by writer Johanna Lindsey (so gay!LOL) I wont forget her in my lifetime haha because of that incident.I hid it under the stuffs that I bought earlier and when I'm exiting, the guard inspect my plastic bag and saw that item and he asked me to come to their office!!!!

It was so scary like hell "what am I gonna do?will they put me in jail?will they post my picture at their shame wall and put some text:don't be like him!" waaaaaaaa!those are the thoughts that came across my mind,I will have a police record or something!I was walking behind the guard and I bet the people that I walked through already have an idea why I'm there...such a shame...I think I was so pale at that time I could not feel my face its like its so cold.

He asked me to sit on an electric chair! kidding!hehe.They are polite,I don't know,maybe in their mind I don't look like a classic thief or something (sosyal ata ako!klepto nga lang haha) he asked me to give him my ID and I said "what are you gonna do with it?are you confiscating it?" he said no,just going to get your name and ID number..."what if they report me to my school?" I thought so huhu for sure I'll be dead!

And then I said to myself I need to say an alibi or something not like this that I look so guilty,then I said "I just forgot to pay for it,I just had fun looking around and next thing I know I was still holding this book on my hand without paying for it.I don't know if he was convinced or what,I gave him the amount to pay for the book and gave me a receipt and let me go...It was like that's the only time I really breath!!!

After that embarrassing moment I said to myself enough of this shit! I'll pay for it next time!Lesson learned,don't wait for you to get caught.Avoid something which you knew from the start that what you're doing is not right.This is the first time that I tell this story,no one knew about it,and now many people knew,I don't know I don't care,it was in the past and I don't do it anymore and maybe its just a product of my impulsive teenage years.I just thought that I'll share it here in my blog.

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Tommy and Oliver said...

Yes my partner is Filipino. I really only have been in relationships with Filipinos. I very much love your culture, family, food, and skin :). Oliver's parents have been here in the US since 1975 and he was born in the US. We would love to travel back to PI soon with his mom and dad to visit his family. We will probably wait till after we are married. Thanks for the comment.

Byron Ferolin said...

Wooh. This post is so interesting. I think I should write something about the shoplifting I did... too many times, too many ways. Haha. I can't imagine myself being hurled to an office and feel that way. Wooh. Keep in touch. Have a nice day. I linked you up so that I can be updated. Keep on writing!

yoshke said...

tsk tsk bad boy tsk tsk haha :P

jericho said...

after i was caught by my dad stealing coins from his pants, na-traumatize na ako .. hehe

Mac Callister said...

thanks guys for commenting I was not sure at first to write about,i mean its "uncool" o parang si jennifer aniston!hehe

Anonymous said...

nothing is illegal until you get caught.hehe

Anonymous said...

hay naku mac. at least nga sayo yan lang. ako, i was caught by the police smooching a guy in my car parked in the part. bawal pala yun kahit nasa kotse ka na. it was stroke of luck that we were let go after some questioning. katakot!

Mac Callister said...

atleast naman sau crime of passion LOL hehe

Victor Gregor said...

shoplifting? i'm a master of the trade! LOL.

cool blog. let me link you.