January 27, 2009


I gotta stop this sexual relationship!I'm tired of it!We've been having this lustful relationship since I was 12 years old!We've been doing this like forever.Why can't I refuse you?And you can't even share me with your twin brother,selfish!

You wanna do it every day every night shame on you!

You're draining me...you're making me an addict...and look what happened to you now!hah!You're shaking!and you're perspiring more than before!

That's me,talking to my left hand LOL


Byron Ferolin said...

This seems to be so scary. I don't know why. Had the same experience.


Yes. I wrote every post on my blog.

YogaforCynics said...

Actually, I'd think your hands would sweat more if you stopped...along with the rest of you.... Nothing like jerking off to relieve the tension that can cause you to sweat (I know, because I just did it about ten minutes ago...).

Elyong said...

hehehe... poor twin brother.... share!

olan said...

hahaha - that onw was damn good. i talk to my hands that too. hehehe.

dabo said...

hehehe.. self-supporting ang loko.