July 30, 2009

Exposure To The Virus

Two days ago, I was assigned at the Medical ICU here at our hospital together with other two senior Indian staff and we made our rounds on each patient and we finished our tasks for the day...and today we were informed by our secretary that one patient from Medical ICU is positive with A(H1N1)!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaa! I made contact with that patient! Now I'm bothered that I might be carrying it...not only me but half of the staff from our department!haha. I'm observing myself if I have any symptoms already!Now I'm paranoid! And its annoying that the hospital management are not telling us anything or giving us any prophylaxis and we just said, fine!If we get infected nobody will run the department!

They didn't even tell us to do a self-quarantine!

Those assholes!

So far I feel fine!LOL

Nobody But You!

I love this song!haha.You might feel this is so gayyyyy...but, whatev! It's making me dance!Yeah!!!

and since we love to do our own pinoy rendition of a song, ASAP girls copied the Wonder Girls, click here watch the video. SOP girls made theirs too!Waaaaa!Watch here and judge which one is better.

July 24, 2009


It was 9 in the morning and I was on duty at the surgical ICU that day,after I finished all of my tasks, I was about to go back to our unit to rest and wait for any calls from my assigned area, as I was walking the hallway, there he is...on the phone...smiling...like an apparition in front of me...

And I was like "Oh My God!" he is so damn cute!!!! LOL

He was walking in front of me, he was wearing their traditional Arab dress which is up to their feet long. And that red checkered cloth on top of his head added the effect of his looks being so divine! (see traditional Arab clothes here)

I lowered down my eyes and I can see from my x-ray visions that he was not wearing briefs...his d*ck was like a pendulum shifting from left to right side of his leg as he walk...so hotttttttttt!!!

if I'm not mistaken this is what they wear underneath

He was the best looking guy I saw in this country so far! He is tall, and slender and so BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm lost for words to describe for this cutie!

I think he is about 25 years old, as I walked pass him, his smell left in the air and I was like stunned!Hypnotized!

And I cant get enough!!!hahaha I was hungry that time and just the sight of him made me forget all about my cravings to eat so i decided to follow him wherever he will be going on this side of the hospital! Gosh I have the stalking capability LOL!

I just want to see more of him, nothing else, I just like looking at him for a few more minutes that's what I told myself. It was like I'm just cruising. I can compare this to window shopping, right!that's right window shopping! (defensive)

I made a little distance from his back so that he wont notice that I'm stalking I mean checking him out haha, as I was walking behind this beautiful creature this country has ever produced i noticed someone very familiar in front of my Arab...coming towards me...

My Jordanian senior staff!!!

What the hell is he doing here downstairs??? he's supposed to be upstairs!LOL

So my hap-penis was ruined at the site of my superior!

Its too late to avoid him he already saw me and he looked puzzled!

He greeted me and put his arms around my shoulders and asked me where I'm going, that my area is on the other side.

"I didn't realized I was heading the wrong way sir, its a good thing I saw you!" this was what I told him instead! And I took a peek of my favorite Arab and he was gone huhu

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Anyway I wanna share to you some photosI have taken when i was at my favorite mall here in Qatar so far, Villagio. I think this is same place Boys over Flowers shot their few episodes.

The ceiling is so amazing!

And this part of the mall I love most, they have a river inside just like in Italy. And look at the roof, its a fake sky and it seem so real!Lovely!

This is the view from my room at the 6th floor

and this is me feeling emo at the hospital window LOL!

July 21, 2009


At this time and year its still surprising to know that many of our fellow Filipino are still stuck on the idea that if you are gay, you'll like straight men, if you're gay, you'll like girl's clothes, if you're gay, you like to have a slim and thin body. But that's so Ice Age already LOL!

To most of them if you're gay,you just have to look like the "parlorista" gays that they used to know (no offense meant to them.)

S0me of my friends are still shock once they find out I'm going out or dating someone gay-ish than me! and would say "Are you trying to be a lesbian or something?!" haha. They find it weird, that's why I always told them, straight men are safe when I'm around! And homophobic men are always been suspected of being gay themselves!LOL

I don't know I'm just weird I guess, the more effeminate the person is the more I'm attracted LOL!

Gay Facts:

Most gay loves to be masculine and bulky.

Just because someone is gay doesn't mean he won't like sport or any physical activity.

Just because you suspect someone seems to be gay and you want him to admit it, let him be,its his prerogative.Maybe he has a lot of stuff to consider. Lets face it, most of our family and friends have a hard time dealing with homosexuality.And stop talking at the person's back!That he should come out and stuffs like that, and like this. Its not easy being gay specially if you have a lot to lose!

Just because someone is so manly doesn't mean he's not gay!

Just because he hangs out with straight men doesn't mean he's straight!You can never know!

Gay men can still have attraction with the female species.(Well, I still have some desire with women if you may ask!haha)

Just because he is married, doesn't mean he is straight!

Homosexuality is not contagious.

Not all homo's are loud, vulgar, flirty and slutty!haha

And just because I'm gay, doesn't mean you don't treat me right, that I'm less of a person!

Isaksak nyo 'yan sa kukote nyo! kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

July 16, 2009

Acceptance is the Key

I was talking to a new found friend here at Doha when we talked about her family,her kids...she told me that her young son is showing early signs of "joining the other side"...that at first her husband was frustrated about it and trying to stop it from developing. He don't want a gay son.

"He was beating him with a belt and don't want him to be gay...its really obvious that he is different,he likes girl's stuffs, he wanna wear girly clothes..." she was laughing while telling me these things

"One time when he was sick we brought him to the doctor and talked about our son's sexuality and he advised us that the acceptance should start with the family...his own parents..."

"That how can anyone or the society accept him if his own blood cannot accept what he is"

"The kid will develop some insecurity and he wont be able to enjoy his childhood to the fullest if at an early age he encounters hardship already. That's why after that, my husband and I decided to accept him straight or not, we will love him and support him all the way...we have a gay son, that's it." she said.

I salute her and her husband for being so proud of their son, I was thinking at that moment that their son is so lucky having them as parents and that what if I have a dad like that? would the situation in our family will be different? as you all know that I am not close to my dad and that many years ago I despised him and cursed him to death haha.Well, that was in the past now.

July 10, 2009

Everything Will Get Better...

Thank God I have my Internet connection already! I found many Pinoys on our building and asked them If I could share their Internet connection haha all are willing to help. So now Im online!Yippee!!!

Anyway, I'm still adjusting to the life here In Qatar, and so thus my body! I have pimples again, I have colds, I have cough, there are times I felt like having a fever (not that I have A(H1N1) OK!haha) .I just hope everything will get better soon.

Its so funny when my male co-worker on our department are calling me "pare"(or dude), I was laughing inside my mind. I'm thinking, should i announced it already or what so that there wont be any misunderstanding, there were times they are hooking me to some single ladies (nurses,therapist) at the hospital hahaha!

I just smiled and said "I'm not yet ready..." and continued in my thought "for a new bf LOL"

They are all great and friendly, I'm not having problems with other staffs at work. All are willing to help me. We have other nationalities there too, I just have to get use to their smell.Its really not a pleasant smell. Body odor.

I was online the other day and I stumbled upon this guy and we talked for a bit he's here at Qatar too and I got so excited that I might find someone "gay/bi" like me, and honestly I'm a little bit horny!LOL and thought I might get lucky and get laid!haha

He told me he is near our building and I asked him he can come and visit our flat some time and have some good conversation. He said "why don't you just ask me if I wanna have sex with you?" and I was like denying at first haha though its what I want but there's no way I will admit it "yet" LOL!

"Of course not! Oh I'm not like that!I just want some company and meet new friends" my nose could have been longer if I'm Pinocchio! We haven't chat again after that.

Well, I'm here to work so I have take it off my mind. No more gay guys for me at the moment.If he comes then he is welcome. If not, I'll just kidnap anyone LOL!

Oh I have the strangest moment last night, I was in my room and sitting on the sofa when suddenly I felt like crying!Waaaa...I didn't know why all of a sudden I felt like...so alone...so lonely. I finally realized, this is what they called: Homesickness!

It didn't occurred to me that I could feel it, I mean I'm always away from home. I am used to being out of our house for long period of times. I even laughed at friends who said they cried at night and said it wont happen to me haha! Now I know what they feel!!!

I fought the urge to call my mom and ask her to buy me ticket back home!LOL I just open my laptop and played those hip hop and dance music, thank God it passed away and felt a little better *sigh*

I know everything will get better...


July 7, 2009

Im Still Alive!LOL!

Hello everyone!finally i am able to connect to the net!!!I cant apply yet for an Internet connection because I don't have my Qatar ID as of this moment.Well, I'm actually doing good here,I didn't puke on the plane!LOL. Its actually a little boring for me. The Filipino Muslim guy I was telling you on my last post is a nice guy,old but a good person, we are living together on our accommodation.

Qatar is a hot country.It feels like I'm in the oven,temperatures are like 40 degrees, hotter than our country.I love our house though, its big, condo-like.We live in the 6th floor, 3 bedrooms one for each of us.We're still waiting for the third housemate. All air conditioned, with furnitures and some basic appliances too (TV,washing machine,gas stove,ref)

Our hospital provided us with 3 days free food and transportation(not bus,but a car!). I still have a lot of getting use to at my job,the machines and procedures are so different from what I'm trained with.I have many Filipino co-employee.Some are friendly and some are not (yet.hehe) I'm still testing the water if you know what I mean.

And my favorite part of being here in Qatar is...drum roll please...the Arab guysssssssssssss!LOL! When I arrived at the airport and I saw those good looking Arabs wearing those white long gown(LOL) with that cloth on their head it felt like I'm seeing saints!!!so hottttt!!!!I never thought I'll be attracted,Gosh!!!!

And the added bonus?well they don't wear underwears, just a thin pants or shorts inside and when the wind blows you could actually see the silhouette!Its big!haha.I don't know there's something in them that spells hotness! I cant wait to see some naked Arabs in the future!LOL

We just have some problems with food since I don't know how to cook!anyway,I'll update u guys soon!

July 1, 2009

Goodbye Philippines!!!

This is it!!!!

Its 2:oo am and I'm about to sleep.

My bags are packed and ready to go!

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Today at 12:25 in the afternoon

I was told I'll be flying with a 4o year old pinoy muslim guy.

Hope he's nice.LOL

Will be having a 3 hours stop over at Bahrain

Then by 9:30 in the evening I'll be at Doha,Qatar.

Wish me luck guys!

See you when I have the chance to connect in the net hehe.

Hopefully there wont be too much of bloopers on my first flight LOL!!!!