September 22, 2009

The Lucky One... Or Not?

An instant message hit my screen asking how am I doing and if I don't have work. I said none, and the usual stuffs. He is not a constant chat mate of mine. But we have a common online friend. That friend sent to him my YM I.D and added me. So now he is on my list. I see him at work. And I have to admit he is a hottie. Dark and sexy. I love those eyes...

So I was surprised that he is on a chatting mood now, unlike from our previous chat that only lasted for a few exchanges of messages. Let me give him a nickname: darkguy. Jonget a! pero hayaan na!la na ako sa mood mag isip.As the chatting continues he asked:

darkguy: what is your interest?

me: I'm an Internet addict and I love to eat and watch movies.

darkguy: it doesn't show on your body that you love to eat. you go out most of the time?

me: not really.I just love to eat out with my friends.

darkguy: who's with you?

Hmmmm, I'm a little curious why there's a sudden interest from him on what I do. Its not like him. I found it strange but I'm a little excited! What is he up to!

me: friends. sometimes my date. (he didn't know I'm dating an Italian guy recently since he is not a reader of my blog nor a close friend)

darkguy: who are you dating? (kiliggg ako!LOL)

me: secret!what about you, what's your interest?


me: whaaaat! well, you look like a womanizer to me!
be careful that your wife wont catch you OK!ha ha

darkguy: it depends

me: really?

darkguy: yeah, many. but I refused. many would like to share my bed, both men and women hehe.But honestly most of them are gays.

He told me that a married gay guy even asked him to show his body on cam and he showed a little. Just a tease.

darkguy: asked me to show him my dick. I showed it to him just for a sec.

me: me too!me too! (I joked around)

darkguy: me too? you wanna see it too on cam? why just on cam ,when you can go here at my room and see it live now....

Oh! Oh! now he is really up to something! he is flirting with me!Oh my gosh!!!

darkguy: I'm open to anything as long as you're discreet.

darkguy: yeah, I can give you anything especially if I'm that my wife is not here...

I knew it! he is bisexual!!!But I don't know what to say to him!I can sense it that he will be topping me. I'm not ready to be a bottom guy on bed!yet!

darkguy: that's why, if you like doing it, I will be a willing guy...

me: so, you gonna do it all the way?everything?

darkguy: yeah, whatever my partner wants me to do...I will satisfy him like I do it on my wife...

I'm a little doubtful, I mean he is straight, although I can feel it that he is bisexual, what if he will be like a king in bed, meaning: the typical straight guy who would just sit and let the gay guy do all the work!I don't want that.

darkguy: This would be my first time doing it with a guy, if you like it, i wanna try it...

So I'm the guinea pig huh...I said to myself. But dear lord I'm shivering in front of my computer! Am I dreaming? The guy I'm lusting is talking to me about having sex with him!!!I asked myself: will I let him do me? I'm a virgin for Pete's sake! (well, my ass is!LOL)

me: Did you ever have sex with anyone here?

darkguy: nope. just all with my left hand! they're asking me, but i refused. I don't know them and they are far from here. So if ever you agree. You will be the first one...

So I'm the lucky one huh!hehe. Shit! I have a hard time deciding! But will I let this opportunity to pass?

me: can I see you on web cam?

darkguy: hmmm, OK wait.

He showed the "package" to me! Now, I don't wanna think anymore, I want him.Tonight!LOL

darkguy: so, you wanna try me? I will go to your flat. You can do anything on my body.

me: okay..

Shit! Shit! Shit!

darkguy: wait for me. I will take a quick shower...

---to be continued

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mini_me said...

what the?

Summer said...

What!!!!!!!! Goodness! lolz, this is it Mac. hahaha

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Brown Mestizo

Basyon said...

Oh my god! This is coll! haha It's bitin to the max lolz. ;D Make sure to post a continuation of this post. Have a great day Mac. ;D

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Mac Callister said...

@mini me--haha abangan!

@summer--oo ito na ang kasalanan!LOL

@basyon--haha oo malapit na abangan nyo

<*period*>; said...

ituloy mo na po ang post na ito!ahihihihi

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Knoxxy said...

more more more! lol

Mister Mischievous said...

pak! super bitin. just like, ur almost there yet your partner sudenly stopped. haha