January 10, 2009

Job Offer At Qatar

This morning I went to Makati, you know for my meeting with my recruitment agency to work overseas, I'm going to the middle east as a therapist by the way..ooohh scary! haha.But actually its just my second choice

I came at their office at around 11am,the place is nice and the staff are friendly and they accommodate me very well,which is just right I'm a client you know.hehe.Ms.Marie was talking to this guy, so i have to wait, who is complaining about the fee the he have to pay for backing out of his employment,Ms.Marie said that it is every agencies rule to pay 200 USD, (hmm i took my cel and calculate the amount, geez! Its whooping 9 thou plus!) for every job withdrawal whose visa's processing is ongoing.

When its my turn I said good morning,and she asked about my name and she look for her folder and took out a paper from it and showed it to me.Its an "Offer Of Employment" it stated that I will be receiving that salary every month with a transpo allowance, a little short of my what I'm expecting but not too much, that the accommodation is free,that I will have an annual leave of 30days for the whole 3years contract.Hmmm, sounds like a nice offer I thought to myself.But the food is not free! I asked her some questions and she gladly answered them.

One of them was,why don't I need to do an interview and examination, if its alright and is it unusual? She said, yeah, usually we do required them to most applicant, but she added that, this is rather a great oppurtunity and I should consider my self lucky, because the employer is needing my service urgently and the management of _____ Medical Corporation screened 50 resume's and credentials submitted to them through my agency including mine and only 5 of us were chosen! That was a real shocker to me! I mean Wow! I'm really that great?!

But at the back of my mind...ows?you might told that to a couple of people already to make me feel good hehe .But I don't know, she might be telling the truth or not.No one knew.But that really made me feel great what if that's really my fate and I'm being so lucky? Why would I not accept it? I said to her, can I think it over? She said "what else to think? this is a rare opportunity?you should grab this already."

I called my mom and asked her about it,because my mom is in Dubai for less than 10 years now and she said OK you can sign it its not a bad offer anyway so I went inside the office and signed the offer of employment. But its not yet binding so its alright if I back out within this week haha. She gave me some papers and referrals for my medical next week and I should prepare some documents and if everything goes well I'll just have to wait for my contract and visa and ticket...ooh,I cant believe its happening, within 3months time I will be on that plane!!!if I submitted my passpot to them together with the result of my medical I cant back out anymore,it means my visa will be processed.
But hey,with all the money I'm getting I can buy a lot of stuff! haha. I mean,my mom has her own job at Dubai,my dad is just waiting for his plane ticket he already have his visa bound to Dubai too, my sister is married to a husband whose working at Saudi we have a small business, I thought I don't have to share my money with my family every one has their own already,right?Yahoo!!!!my money are all mine!Imagine all the guys I can buy!!LOL

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