December 31, 2008

2008...not my year!

I guess 2008 is not a good year for me.My relationship with Brian ended last May which truly hurt me most,Brian of all the boyfriends that I had was the one I loved most(second was Jason haha).We broke up cause he have to go home to their province after he graduated Nursing at manila and don't know when he will come back and he will be busy reviewing for the board exam and things got rough between us the next few months and on.

Then I decided to resign from work,paycheck doesn't support my needs anymore and the fare increased that added to my burden then.And that made me officially bum haha.So basically my mom is the one paying me for staying at home by giving me allowance monthly!I love yah mom!Mwah!

I applied for work abroad,at UAE,i did the interview,I passed and still waiting for the examination date.While waiting I applied for another agency and another and word till now huhu.Our business is on the low side this past few months but slowly gaining income this December.Thank God!

July I met Jaireh and we became boyfriends,we only lasted for 2 months,I broke up with him because he's too boring.i thought I can get use to it.At November I met JL,we lasted for only a month,things don't go well with us.We decided to end it but we are still friends now we still text each other once in a while.Then I met Jo this December,but he holds the record of shortest relationship I had haha only 5 days so I think it doesn't count.He fell in the "fling category".He lied and he's inconsiderate, worst case ever!

Then I met Jo's friends Mike,we met and had a good time but seems not interested in having a boyfriend.So baddd..I like him so much i think i will be better with him.I never had a great time with a guy before that I only met for the first time,just him.I almost kissed him when we were walking.But what can I do,he's not into me but just friends...hmmmm 2008...not really my year.

But wait 2008 is the year I made my blog hehe.August.And people started reading my post.From a small number a day now I have more.So thank you very much guys!At least I have something good this 2008 after all!!!


I still have a lot of blessings this year though, a good health for me and my love ones and the food on the table,my family are together and i have great friends!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from xanfactor!