January 18, 2009

Settle For An Ave Guy?

I read from another blog that his friend was on this bar and staring at this guy he liked and later approached him and next thing you know they're flirting with each other already.I envy those guys hehe.I mean I'm not that courageous and confident about my self to approached a guy I like at a bar or somewhere where gays and bi's hang out,its just not my style and it doesn't suits me.I don't know about you,maybe some or many of you are like that.Good for you.

My way is the Internet haha.The gay sites and chat rooms.And only 10 percent are from friends referral.That's my market place.My sari sari store.Its like I'm pushing this cart and I just stop by a certain section and I choose which item to pick! I'm confident at that.I just message or let the guy notice me at the net that I think looks nice and looking for a dating buddy or someone to get to know more...if he replies"good" if not,I just go to the next section and choose again!

I have a different style,I know,but this saves me some hardships and disappointment.I don't go for guys that are out of my league or too beautiful for me.I'm careful at that.I choose guys that I think are at my level,the average looking guys.Sometimes those that are not good looking are the ones more trustworthy and might make you happy.And they tend to be the one looking as what you too are looking for.A happy and serious relationship.And I proved that to be true.

Because I believe,cute guys are for cute guys,and no cute guys will settle for an average looking guy.And those average looking guy who wants cute guys are just looking in the dark!But its their life let them be.But of course I'm not generalizing,I've been with a cute boyfriend before and we did just fine.But this is my way and I have been happy in my relationships so far.I literally follow the song "humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay" haha I just changed it to "humanap ka ng di masyadong panget at ibigin mo ng tunay"LOL

I just have some issues to settle with my self that's why I always broke up with my boyfriends before.Or maybe I don't find what I want in them yet...


Bino/Geno said...

Hello. Thanks for visiting my site. Waw you're looking for "the one". Hmm.. Same here. Hihi.

Paurong.com said...

Sometimes, the persons we seek are not the one we find. I hope you will have the right person for you.


JOSH said...

@mc calister, tnx for d visit, josh here..u got one nice blog here.. :-)

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