January 8, 2009

A Job Opportunity

I received a text this afternoon from one of my recruitment agency from makati, said my offer for employment from _____ Hospital as a respiratory therapist is ready and forwarded to my email. I called the number and confirmed it, last november they asked me to send my CV through email and they will be forwarding it to the employer abroad,and now the result is in! Wow!

The lady I talked to told me that its a "good as hired" already.Meaning I dont have to do an interview and examination that I will have to do my physical exam.But its kinda makes me wondering,is that really possible?I asked around,they said its really possible.The lady told me to come in person to discuss the offer (the salary) if it suits me.So I will pay a visit tomorrow.

Don't worry guys,I have checked all the recruitments agency that I've submitted my CV to.I know the drill.And its SOP not to pay for anything unless I have a valid contract and visa in hand.And besides I only chose those who dont require placement fee.

Another one is from an email I got from my application as caregiver to canada,they said I should reply right away for them to know if im interested,So far Im still waiting.


Anonymous said...

yes.. Universal staffing is a nice agency and miss marie is very accomodating with her staff.. go ka na sa Qatar! ull enjoy it there...

Anonymous said...

""as long people have friends to share their sadness, it becomes easier to bear" --shakespeare"