January 21, 2009

Nice Friend At Nice Motel

This is the continuation of my post yesterday,I arrived at Megamall at 2:30 in the afternoon,Randall was waiting,and I saw him inside Giftgate and I smiled at him and said "Sorry for making you wait" he said its alright and we headed to our destination:Motel room.haha.You might ask who the hell is Randall,well he is a guy I've dated last year around June before Jaireh became my boyfriend.

Our date then was just fine,but I didn't think we can be together because there's some incompatibility issues I've seen.He sure like me to be his bf but I said being friends is best for us right now and he understood.To think that he came from Cebu city to see me then.He is an Occupational Therapist by the way.He moved to manila to work last September and we kept on communicating since our date.

He's constantly teasing me about how good he is at bed and how he wanted me to kiss him again (well,yes,Ive kissed him on our first date then,you know,I feel guilty that he came from Cebu, a far city and he got nothing from me! so I kissed him.hehe) he said it was one kiss he cant forget,I felt proud I already know that I'm a good kisser LOL.(Yabang!)

I'm not taking him seriously then because I've been to relationship here and there so I was busy with my pathetic love life,and he knew that,but we keep being friends and texting and chatting.But lately,I'm considering his offer,I'm not seeing someone now,and my last sex was with JL(my last bf last December) and its been a month now!

So i asked him "are you free tomorrow?can I fuck you?hehe"I added the word"hehe" to make it sound a bit less serious I'm kinda unsure if he will agree,and he said "OK,but you bring lots of condom,you wear rubber?" I said "yeah sure,but you're in charge of bringing lube" haha,"and he added "are you a good top Mac?can you do three rounds?" I got so excited I even had a hard on thinking about it!

So we agreed to see at the afternoon after I'm done at my appointment at DFA,that we will meet at megamall and we will check in this motel "nice hotel" that's the name of the motel hehe I kinda felt silly about the name,I mean I'm not sure if its clean and comfortable I only been to sogo motel many times and so far sogo was my choice of motel rooms.
Practice safe sex guys

It is located at cubao near the mrt station and Araneta Center.I bought a pack of condoms at a near 7-11 branch and I cant find them at the display,so I asked the cute guy at the cashier and I whispered "where are your condoms?" shettt hahaha "ah,its here sir you have to asked it here at the counter"he said.Damn them why didn't they put it in display instead and save us horny customer's face of buying them?LOL

We headed at the Nice Hotel,but too many by standers at the front entrance,that's the big disappointment for me,in fairness it is really nice,the lobby is decent enough but not like sogo motel that the waiting customer can sit with privacy with the division on every chair.They only have couch and bench in there.We paid 400 pesos plus for three hours only,we shared the bills of course.But 5 hours stay is only 495 pesos!We could choose that but I cant stay for 5 hours I have to go home to catch Obamas inauguration hehe.

Our room is quiet big and neat,the air con and the beddings are clean and so far it passed my standards.But the shower sucks they don't have hot and cold!But anyway I immediately took my shower since we only have 3 hours to fuck LOL!Time is Gold! after we're done we jumped into bed and kissed him hungrily like he wanted me to,that's what he's longing for in the first place next to my d%c*!hehehe

And OMG!His tongue never missed a single area in my body!That tongue and mouth is so powerful it never got tired haha.All i did was moan here and there and here again and there.All I can say is he's a pleasure giver.I'm so impressed by his performance haha I'll give him perfect ten!a round of applause everyone clap clap clap!he drained me!Every position of we can think of was performed on that bed I felt sorry for the beddings its was so soaking wet haha

I've never been with that kind of bottom guy before,and I will definitely invite him once again!After the wonderful moment I just hug and kissed his forehead and rest while he's still inside my arms.We only did two rounds haha yikes I'm such a weakling!

I found a list of motel addresses and numbers here


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