January 7, 2009

Disgusting Puke!

I woke up 4 in the afternoon today (well, just like any other day) and I was still sleepy,walking right straight to the bathroom to pee,when i suddenly stepped on something slimy...smelly...and Oh my God!!! Its the most disgusting thing on earth...puke!!!(o mga pinoy jan I mean vomit not the "puke" as in girls pekpek ok!wag green and as if pekpek could be on the floor duh!haha) It was so yuckie, I immediately washed my foot and I'm so furious!I called my sister and she didn't know that there's puke in there.By the smell of it...there's only one suspect...my father!

My great father tsk tsk..if not every other day,it would be everyday drinking!I was told that he was out drinking liquor since 10am.When he went to the bathroom to puke again he could hardly walk straight.Its a good thing he don't work,because if he did he will kicked out from it! (By the way my dad is an operator of a passenger jeepney,he just wait for the boundary everyday)

We even scare him about having the liver disease and alcohol intoxication just to stop it or at least lay low a little bit,but seems useless. "Bahala na siya sa buhay niya! wahaha!"

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Anonymous said...

Just in time for Halloween!