August 30, 2008

My bad and Good day at the Agency!

Yesterday was hell!!!The agency its name is ABBA Philippines Inc.located at goldloop towers at ortigas center and they are awarded by the POEA as one of the best recruiting agency for 2years,that I applied bound to UAE as a therapist called me last wed and told me that the HR representative will be arriving and i have to be there at friday 8am.So the day comes that i've been waiting and preparing for about a month now(U know all the studying and reviewing my old and dirty notes since college almost gave my allergic rhinitis some comeback due to the dust and smell haha)Although I already working as a therapist for about 5years already its still nice to have some reviewing right?

So,thursday night i went to bed at 12am after i watched one episode of Queer as Folk on dvd,but my goodness i cant sleep and before I knew it its already 4am and my alarm clock was ringing!!!So i went to ortigas with a bad headache!But I got so excited it was only 7am!!haha i still have an hr to kill before the sched interview.

It was then I decided to have breakfast at Jolibee at crossing,and its still almost empty with diners,untill few people comes in,and then I spotted this cute guy with his group i think they are call centers agent,they were wearing their company ID,I mean whats with the ID wearing and all that???But anyway,he was in my direct sight with my table so I feast on him haha(Jaireh its just staring not that Im flirting or something haha)well I recognized some gay moves on him,and made me like him more I like gays!haha,I love the beard too.I can detect whose gay and whose not at the area,I saw many.But I stayed at my table I dont wanna flirt with any1 and besides it not my style haha Im faithful to my wifey Jaireh!!(I know ur thinking wow Mac was a good guy haha well,thank you guys haha)

And about quarter to 8am I went out and took a taxi at shaw boulevard and headed to Escriva drive,and at the lobby of the building I saw a familiar face.its was the former Head RT of perpetual help binan where I graduated and where I spent two weeks of intership!Hes applying fo the same position as I did!(and O my lord he was my competition???but i said to my self I know they will be hiring lots of RT hehe)Thank God he doesnt recognised me.Its was only 8:30 till the agency opened up.

And I dont know if it was my bad day or what but the elevator was in repair!U know what this means?The agency is at the 11th floor!!!!!!!!!!OMG!and so I started climbing the hell I mean stairs and i have to pause every floor bacause Im becoming breathless haha whew Im old haha.

We filled-up the forms and the agency showed some clips from the Al Noor Hospital at UAE where we applying at the screen.And its 8:30 and its 12noon already and RT's are not yet called its was first the (15)radiologist,then the (2)Physical therapist(one them is hot),then (10)medical technologist,and we the (7)respiratory therapist.And so I went to lunch since I know that around late afternoon that we will be called,I went at Megamall have my passport pic taken(the employer required us to have 16copies of that)and ate at jolibee again!!I killed time for about 2hrs and I went back at the agency and its now the PT's turn and OMG I still have a lot of time to wait!!!!so I went to take a nap haha and my saliva are drooling at my table I simply wiped it down and glad nobody noticed(I hoped so) haha.

So to sum it up its was only 8pm till I was called!!Imagine I was there from 8am to 8pm!!!But im glad it was over finally,the interview went good they signed me up with the initial things and i will be called for the exam!!!I went home immediately i'm so sleepy and hungry!i rode the bus bound to alabang and this guy(he is musculine and looks just fine!)I secretly look at him at the side of my eyes hehe..hmm great biceps..he's playing his dick no I mean he's playing his PSP and his arm are so close to mine and our arms are gliding together and he's almost lying in my body that it felt good and I dont know if he knew it or he just ignored it or he's doing it purposely because some of guys I know or had been sitting with me at the same situations will immediately take a distance if other guys will come rubbing the skin with another guys right? !And I prayed pls stay me away to this temptations haha.So I moved a little away from him and when ths bus stop or someone will walk at the isle of the bus they will accidentally pushed him a little close again with me and then we will be super close again!!!And Im glad its now that I have to stand and go its alabang already!

Then I rode the van from festival mall going to laguna and a few minutes more im home at last!!!!!I'll tell u some more details next time I have to watch my Queers as Folk dvd!ciao!!!

August 27, 2008

Our Monthsary

Today is a special day,august 27,its our second month together as a couple,me and jai.I know our relationship is still young but everything starts with something right?This is the text message that i received early this morning when i woke-up and read my cel inbox ..
"Gudam bhe.hapi 2nd monthsary!gcing k na miss n kita e.."
I greeted him afterwards.hehe.Its up to us to make it work and longer,my last relationship lasted for only 7 months and its sad to put it to waste and i dont want it to happen now,with my partner now.
Its kinda frustrating that we are not together at this day,due to some reasons,its his exam week and its my interview week to my arabian employer and i have to study hard and secondly,financially.Maybe nextweek we'll celebrate.

Gay TV shows

Later this afternoon,around 4pm (because i woke-up 3pm already due to watching gay porn on the net haha)i wento to the county to buy my medicine because i've got allergic rhinitis thanks to the pollution in our country my doctor said maybe the permanent cure is to live at the US i laughed when he said that,as if its that easy!but maybe he is right afterall,some of my friends whose having frequent asthma attack when they still live here,and when they moved to the US,the attacks are very minimal.Anyway,going back to my story,i bought the medicine that i think i always take every week,cost me 200pesos,and i decided to make a follow-up call to my agency because they told me that at the end of august that the UAE employer will be coming to interview applicants in their hospital,bacause im applying for a respiratory therapy position,i asked them is there a date for the interview yet?they said,not yet sir,but we will contact u once the date is set..i just said thanks and bye.hmmm all i have to do is wait again!I really want this job at UAE,u know the high salary,i wanna buy a house for me and my boyfriend so that we will have a lovenest for good hahaha.

After that i went to the mall and decided to buy some nice dvd,Im a sucker for tv series in the US.I've seen a lot of good series one of then was about gay relationships as i could relate to,one of my all time fave is "brothers and sisters" they have a character there named Kevin Walker who is gay and one of the brothers,the kissing scene between him and some bf was so nice and wonderful!Its kinda romantic in a way i dont know i just love his character.Im excited to catch their next season due this september.

And since I have the Brothers and sisters gay mood,a chatmate of mine said that i should watch the 'Queer as Folk" series that its all about gayness and love and everything and so i look for it!and I finally found a copy its from season 1 to 5 the complete package im so excited im about to watch it after i write this hehe.

On the other side though,Jaireh and I havent text each other a lot lately,he said he's busy due to exams this week,well,i just thought a single text may mean a lot to me.Should I be warned by this?haha

August 25, 2008

Our first night hehe

Hello peeps.Its our first time to spent the night together(u know to sleep what else u have in mind?hmp)I introduced him to my sis and dad,but i told them he is a friend but maybe they already got the idea that he is my partner hehe.

Everything was fine,we had a great time together we watched tv together and browse the net for a while,he enjoyed playing some games on yahoo free games hehe.
He went home the next morning.I fell asleep after he left.So that was it hehe.We did a lot of picture taking haha we are laughing at every funny picture we had.It was a fun night.Ciao!

August 18, 2008

Wall-E and Us

hey guys!Yesterday was fun!me and jaireh watched the disney's latest movie,WALL-E.Im so excited to watch it while on the way and it didn't disappoint me!Its A really nice film.The characters are lovable and fun.Especially the love romance between Eva and Wall-E,although its kinda hard to believe that robots can feel love hehe,but who cares?Its fun for the kids and those kid at heart.A little sad though..we cant hold hands at the dark and super cold cinema!The theatre was jam-packed by kids and moms!!!I could imagine there eyes wide-open once they spottted us holding hands!I mean mom usually in our country is more of a conservative types!I mean they dont see a lot of two guys holding hands aren't they?haha

Anyway,back to the movie,I hope that they will do a part two,i wanna know what happend to those fat people who flee earth due to garbage,how they survive the planet after 700 years!

After the movie,we lovers went eating at goldilocks because all of the resto and fastfood are crowded,so we settle for a less crowded place.then we headed home.To my home!haha.Its his first time going to my place,I mean my parents house to meet my dad and sis and her son.Well,they received him pretty fine,my sis was overly accomodating haha.We stayed at my room and had fun!Thats for all now!Ciao!

August 16, 2008

Good and Bad week

Its been a while since my last post,i think its a week since my last,anyway,this is a summary of my week hehe.Last tue i've got a text message from my agency bound to UAE as RT,they tol me that i have to submit my other documents that i failed to submit 3 weeks ago,its about my high school diploma that took me a week to dig from our closet haha,i mean who would ever think that high school diploma till matters,i already submitted my collge diploma which was authenticated by the DFA and CHED right?anyway i obliged naman,together with my high sch diploma is my passport,they asked me to photocopied it,the entire pages!!!even if its still blank!and then i sent it thru LBC at sta.rosa it cost me 110 pesos only hehe.
Last wed,of all the bad news that happend its my cellphone being broken is the worst!i mean my cel is my life!haha.all of my password to any accounts i have is in there!all the phone numbers of my friends,i felt blind when my phone just wont power up!haha i dont know why it happend,the next day i went to the technician and it cost me 700 for the repair,hayyyy..

I bought the season 6 of CSI miami last thursday,its good i like it,but as we all know pirated copies cannot be trusted,my copy was incomplete haha.

My friend Brenda texted me,she said she saw my blog already and shes a little mad at me because its not her picture that she on my first post,its nemy(her mortal enemy),so ill make it up to her im putting her picture now hehe.(hope u are happy inday!)She even told me that my last ex and jaireh are look a like,but i disagree,they are not jaireh is cuter haha!and jaireh is more caring!haha
This week,my brother in law gave his old celphone to us,because he bought a new one i think its n95,so my sister his wife now have his old nokia 6600,and i had his old samsung fliptop fone.
My sister gave the downpayment for her house and lot at Marco Polo subdivision here at cabuyao,its an installment basis,its my plan too when i go to UAE and save money to buy me and jaireh a house of our own,a love nest!haha
Tomorrow,im excited Ac are going to meet Jaireh at the mall to watch wall-e because we loke to see that movie,and jaireh will be sleeping over at our house for the first time hehe,so im kinda excited.Hope tomorrow will be a fun day for the three of us.Ciao!

August 11, 2008

Sleeping Habits

I have a hard time sleeping since i resigned from work hehe,well,speaking of sleeping,i have some sleeping habits that i cant live without ,i know some of you too.
One of them is my sponge bob stuff toy,it was a gift from my ex 3years ago,even if we broke up i didnt stop using it i already got used to it eh,i dont wash it or anything i just like its smell hahaha.Weird!

Second,the cottom balls in my ears!I cant sleep without putting them on both of my ears haha,it lessen the noise,because when im sleeping i dont wanna hear anything or might ruin my precious sleep haha.

Third,lots of pillows!i've got pillows on both legs, its a must,i have one on both side of my foot,another one on myleft side and on my right haha

Fourth,my blanket,it has to be placed under my feet,i dont use it,i just want it under my feet haha.weird!

Fifth,i cant sleep without washing my feet 1st!regardless if its already clean or not i must wash it before going to bed haha

And lastly,i must wash my face with a soap then dry,then put on some cream on my face,i know everyone of us is doing this,so this one i dont consider weird haha.

I have this cousin,she cant sleep without a piece of her net(kulambo)on her feet!!!when i found out about it it really made me laugh!!!

August 9, 2008

My partner,Jaireh

today is august 9,2008 and its 1:20am for me its still early,i usually sleep at 4 or 5am.I stayed at my room most of the time if i dont go out of somewhere of i dont have a date with my partner jai,speaking of him,he is 21 studying nursing we dont see each other a lot,its lucky if we meet twice a week,so its usually every week that we date,he is my 8th serious relationship,i value relationship a lot,i am exclusive to that person,u know no time for meeting other bi's or gay's or even texting them,for me its hard to find ur right mate and someone who value relationship as meaningful as i am,so as much as possible i take care of it,i dont wanna do somthing that may ruin it,our relationship may be young(we've been together for only 1 and a half month now)but i have plans of doing it longer.Somehow I kinda know how to make a relationship lasts since i've been to many failed relationships
U know what, i met him at the net,thre's this gay website where u post ur pic and info about u,i saw him there and i felt that i should give this guy a message,i just said hi how are u,im mac,hope to hear from u soon,after a while he answered and then we change YM account,we start chatting and we enjoyed each other thru chatting and texting,after that we decided to meet and have a date, and another date and finally at third date I asked him if he wants to be my partner..(*ofcourse he said yess u silly hehe*)
And since then,I felt complete,i think thats makes a gay guy's life more meaningful to have someone to call ur boyfriend,ur bestfriend since we both dont have bestfriends,i always drag him if ever i want to see a good movie or i have somthing to buy at the mall that i need some good opinion on and vice versa.
He said somehow he wish that my application abroad wont get to processe too soon,i just told him its for my family,they expect me to be the one who will provide financially this time around bacause during my younger years they are the one providing for me and my sister,and now its my turn.I just promised him that i'll stay loyal and intouch,he said to me when im out there,he'll just focus his time studying while im away,and it felt good that i know he loves me.Hope we stay good and strong together.ciao!!!

Finally I went out!!!

whew!After being stocked at home I had the reason to come out of the house hehe,i will meet my sister at Pavilion Mall at binan,i brought along with me my cute nephew AC(Anton Carl,4years old)my sis promised to treat us with pizza by the she's my only sibling which makes her the mom of AC got it?When i got to the mall i was told that we will take a tour to this new subdivision that my sis was interested to built their house,but we didnt like it it so far from the main road and transpo will be a great issue,anyways i took some of my pic at the location hehe.Then we went to another mall at SM sta.rosa where we finally ate at pizzahut,AC is such a dumb hehe he doent want to eat a few weeks from now he'll get so thin for sure,is it normal to kids at that age?

Anyway,finally i got the credit to text my bf jaireh(he gave me the permission to use his real name thank god)he told me he's on his way back to home from his intership after staying at a boardinghouse there,i exitedly asked what he got me for a souvenir,and he said he cant find somthing to give me(*awful*)haha.

Another thing I've watched the opening of the beijing olympics on tv OMG!its spectacular!they really prepared for it really good.I think the US athletes are the one with many participants,hope the Philippine team will do good.Ciao!

August 8, 2008

at present bow!

This is my second post,hope i said enough of myself already at my first, this is my reality check hehe.Right now im a bum!i resigned from my work last april 3,to give way for my application abroad,at first im about to get a visit visa going to dubai sponsored by my mom whose already there way back year 2006,but i happend to bumped into this agency at ABBA at ortigas.

Its kinda promising thats why i temporarily postponed my visit visa to dubai and give this agency a chance to fly me at UAE(dubai is in there too hehe)and will give me a job as a therapist,so after a month im still waiting they said Im already on a line-up this august hopefully.

You may ask why living the expectations,well i use that title because my family have expectations of me, a lot..and i sometimes scared that i may not be able to to do what they expect from me..i have a lot of of them is my top priority, go to UAE work as a respiratory therapist there,then buy an iphone hehe,and a laptop too!!!and when i got those two things ill start to save my money and buy myself a new house at villa caceres or somewhere in laguna hehe.

And then after 5years maybe me and my loving partner will live together in that house that i bought and live happily with an adopted cute baby for us to start a family hehe i dont know if it works but i've seen gay couples to have an adopted child..joss my partner dont know yet that i put a blog and put his picture for everyone to see haha he may kill me for this!but its ok he will not see this till nextweek he is at his intership at tarlac..

hmmm,were planning to have our first night in bed nextweek when he comes back,,its been more than a month now and we havent done it yet,i dont wanna rush him yet its his first time..haha he will kill me again with this!!!enough already with the details haha.
I didnt know that being a bum sucks!at first i enjoyed it u know doing nothing..

then i shift to tv,to dvd,to internet and once a week date to my boyfriend,but now im starting to get bored,i used to miss home when im working at the hospital before now im sick of it haha.Im praying that the agency will contact me asap..i wanna go to dubai right away hehe

August 7, 2008

i am me

I created this blog to say something about me,being who i am.but who i am really?guys dont be confused im not having an identity crisis or something,atleast not now,im a gay guy.I know it,since i was in gradeschool that im different,had a hard time dealing with schoolmates,u know the teasing,but its all in the past now,ahh,well my sister knew,i told her last 2006 maybe,my parents?

Hmm..maybe they have an idea but too afraid to ask me,or maybe they already accepted the fact that im like this,silently accepting who i am,who else knew? you would ask,well im not that out in the open or shout out loud that im gay,if someone would ask i can say yes.before,i deny it,but now that im older im 29 already,wiser(really?)haha,im more comfortable with myself now.

Maybe this is my way silently telling them,that this is me,im a gay,im not fond of wearing girls clothes or something like the conventional types or what they say the "parlorista",im still the same guy who wear guys clothes,i love wearing them.I feel happy if i wear nice mens clothes,i mean its me, i love dressing up good,maybe its normal to gay guys like me to impress (i dont know or maybe its just me haha)

If you're wondering,im 29 years old,average height,im kinda concern about my weight im 138lbs already,maybe because im concern that other gays wont like me if i get too fat,u know being in the gay world, its judgemental, its more on the physical, how u look,i ts what they look for a gay partner, i know this because i've been having same sex relationships since i was 21years old.

Im 29 now, so maybe i mastered the art of having a serious relationships with the same, take note im only attracted to the same gay guy like me.I do have a bf right now, joss, i dont wanna drag his name, for the meantime lets call him joss, we are only more than a month together now,i courted him a little and we became a couple last july 27 hehehe,before him i was in a 8month relationship with a guy named brian.

After more than 2months i met joss, they're both nursing students, brian graduated already last april. while joss is now on his 4th year, i dont knowwhy i always end up with nursing students hehehe (maybe because im a respiratory therapist ,who work in a hospital) and they're always younger than me,sometimes i was wondering what it feels like to have a much older bf than me,

Not that old maybe 3 to 5 years ahead of me u know.But im happy with Joss right now,he is kind and always caring about me,i love him.He is now in Tarlac having his intership at a government hospital there,maybe next week we'll see each other.