January 4, 2009

The Red Apple and Edzel's Tut-tut!

I'm eating an apple right now which is leftover from new year's eve you know,they say if its new year's eve you gotta fill your dining table with different fruits that are rounded which symbolizes money all year round and I suddenly remember my childhood, my grade school days here in the province OMG. Why?because I used to bring apple and take note only one red apple at school and it was brought by my dad who was working at Saudi Arabia at that time [imagine my dad brought apple from there? don't we have apples for sale in this country?I will ask him later] and he came home for a month long vacation and apple and grapes was one of his take home or "pasalubong" to us.

Going back to my story,I was in grade 4 [that was 1988?I'm so old! Damn!] and I will keep the apple inside my bag and when its recess time,I will show it to my classmates and when they saw it, its like I'm the GOD, I clearly saw their envious and salivating looks, because at that time having that kind of food during recess was a status symbol LOL !Imagine just an apple! And I feel like super rich kid with that food while they eat guavas and banana-Que [yuck so poor... kidding!]

Going back with those years in my mind gave a smile on my face....I remember my classmate Edzel showed us his dick cause we teased him that he has a tiny dick.

"waaa! your dick is small..your dick is small!"

and then he stood at the table in front of us and dropped his shorts without underwear just to prove it to us!hahaha!

"is this small huh???! he said

I wonder if he still remember that! I just saw him the other day but we don't talk much.I think he has a big dick now!LOL! Maybe its a thing with grown ups..former grade school classmates...when you reached high school and went to different sections,we became estranged.

Whoa from apple to Edzels dick? Is there a connection?haha my mind's going a little bit further huh!


Elyong said...

Two apples and one banana, there's a connection there, lol!

Mac Callister said...

hahaha that will be a big "you know-what i mean" thing haha