December 31, 2008

2008...not my year!

I guess 2008 is not a good year for me.My relationship with Brian ended last May which truly hurt me most,Brian of all the boyfriends that I had was the one I loved most(second was Jason haha).We broke up cause he have to go home to their province after he graduated Nursing at manila and don't know when he will come back and he will be busy reviewing for the board exam and things got rough between us the next few months and on.

Then I decided to resign from work,paycheck doesn't support my needs anymore and the fare increased that added to my burden then.And that made me officially bum haha.So basically my mom is the one paying me for staying at home by giving me allowance monthly!I love yah mom!Mwah!

I applied for work abroad,at UAE,i did the interview,I passed and still waiting for the examination date.While waiting I applied for another agency and another and word till now huhu.Our business is on the low side this past few months but slowly gaining income this December.Thank God!

July I met Jaireh and we became boyfriends,we only lasted for 2 months,I broke up with him because he's too boring.i thought I can get use to it.At November I met JL,we lasted for only a month,things don't go well with us.We decided to end it but we are still friends now we still text each other once in a while.Then I met Jo this December,but he holds the record of shortest relationship I had haha only 5 days so I think it doesn't count.He fell in the "fling category".He lied and he's inconsiderate, worst case ever!

Then I met Jo's friends Mike,we met and had a good time but seems not interested in having a boyfriend.So baddd..I like him so much i think i will be better with him.I never had a great time with a guy before that I only met for the first time,just him.I almost kissed him when we were walking.But what can I do,he's not into me but just friends...hmmmm 2008...not really my year.

But wait 2008 is the year I made my blog hehe.August.And people started reading my post.From a small number a day now I have more.So thank you very much guys!At least I have something good this 2008 after all!!!


I still have a lot of blessings this year though, a good health for me and my love ones and the food on the table,my family are together and i have great friends!

Sexy Dancing

Jon Avila 22 y.o Irish-Filipino Born at The United Kingdom

Victor Basa 23 y.o Filipino, born in the Philippines

Its 2am, I was at my bed and I cant sleep and dont have anything to do, I decided to open the tv and Oh, I catched the replay episode of this dance show "Shall We Dance" at channel 5...Lucy Torres Gomez' dancing was so good at the opening,she is the host by the way, that I decided that I will finish the show,but what really made me awake is the dance number of her two co-host Jon Avila and Victor Basa!!!! It was so freakin hot!!!The dance steps was really sexy and to top it all they took their shirt off while dancing side by side.It keeps on playing over and over my head till now that the show is over haha.

December 29, 2008

10 Top Grosser Movie Of 2008

There are lots of good movies shown this year, I have compiled the list that made it to the top 10 box-office at the US.I saw some of them,but I promised myself I will see those that I missed soon.

  1. The Dark Knight-$530,833,780 Opening :July 18
  2. Iron Man -$318,313,199 Opening: May 02
  3. Indiana Jones -$317,023,851 Opening :May 22
  4. Hancock -$227,946,274 Opening:July 02
  5. Wall-E -$223,779,827 Opening:June 27
  6. KungFu Panda -$215,434,591 Opening : June 06
  7. Madagascar 2 - $174,870,000 Opening :Nov 07
  8. Twilight -$167,063,000 Opening : Nov 21
  9. Quantum Of Solace - $164,347,000 Opening :Nov14
  10. Horton Hears a Who - $154,529,439 Opening : Mar 14
(source :

    December 27, 2008

    Hayden Kho Suicidal?

    One of beautiful faces that catches my attention is Dr.Hayden Kho 27 years old,plastic surgeon and ramp model, is on the center of controversy due to his breakup with Dra.Vicky Belo a famous cosmetic surgeon here in the Philippines, its being rumoured that he had an affair with sexy star Katrina Halili that cause their break up.Hayden was first spotted at Celebrity Duets from a local tv channel.He begun his showbiz career after that.He graduated at Sto.Tomas University and became a licensed physician in the year 2007.What shocked me is the news that he attempted to commit suicide.Oh no Hayden, its so unexpected of you if that is true!

    December 26, 2008

    Oh Edward! Oh Edward!

    Robert Pattinson...Hmm,he is not that cute compared to other stars but he has this different charisma.And I like him at "twilight".I never knew that he was at Harry Potter:The Goblet Of Fire, he played Cedric Diggory before landed the role of Edward Cullen, you know, the part where there is a tournament and he was killed?thats him!

    Im looking for his sexy or even shirtless photos but i couldn't find any hehe!

    Twilight Teleserye?

    I read from starmometer that the blockbuster movie "twilight" that we all went to see will have its local version through abs-cbn,they bought the rights from its author which I dont know how many millions hehe.Whats disappointing for me is that Raver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao are the one playing the lead roles!Oh no!I hope they come up with a better choice for playing the lead cast..Just an opinion hehe.

    December 25, 2008

    Post Break-Up Peace

    When me and JL broke up it was a bad time,I mean we didnt separate as friends,there's some misunderstanding in both parties...and after that I erased all means of communications with him haha like his mobile number,his ym,his email ad,and his friendster you name it! When he sent me a quotations twice I finally have the heart to text him back
    I said "merry christmas"
    He replied "merry christmas too,Im happy for you,I read your blog and you have my regards.."

    Its a nice feeling.I mean, no more hard feelings no more hurting.I dont have any grudge against him,for me its all in the past and besides Im happy with Jo right now.Its the right time since its christmas.Peace.We can be friends now.And its funny I even asked him what was the brand of that lube that we used before that I told him I like to buy mine too hahaha.

    And he said "its the christmas eve and you are asking me about lube???"

    December 24, 2008





    Its Christmas Eve Yehey!

    I did my christmas gift wrapping this afternoon and I had a great time doing it! Its was fun knowing that my godsons will love it and I cant wait seing their reaction when they opened it hehe.Im so excited about this christmas eve,we've invited our cousins to celebrate with us and tomorrow Jo will come here at our house and we will spend some time with this special holiday after all christmas is about the one you love and for kids too!

    December 23, 2008


    Hmmm this guy looks yummy.He is my hottie guy of the week!feast on him!!!Yeah!

    You Need Your Hair Done!

    Me and Jo went to alabang this afternoon because at long last he agreed to have his hair cut and it would be a hair makeover! I was so obsessed with cutting his hair short and neat.He wear his hair kinda long and a distracting curly bangs kept on annoying me when I talk to him hehe.So when he finally said "ok I'll do it" I was so excited for him
    Here are some of the hairstyle we choose from:
    And this one on top is the winner hehe

    So we headed to Ystilo Salon I think owned by Vina Morales and we asked if how much is their rate,they said its 150 pesos whish is so affordable and the highlighting is for 900 pesos which we instantly declined haha its too expensive! (We'll just going to buy a bottle of hair coloring at the beauty store and we'll ask Bonita to do the hair coloring kidding!haha)

    And so when Jo finally sits at the chair and the hairdresser asked him what style,I immediately rushed in from the waiting area and I said "this style!" and showed him a picture from my celphone that I downloaded at the net last night haha(I did some hairstyle searching ofcourse I dont wanna make my boyfriend's hair look bad) and finally when he stood in front of me after a while and said "what do you think?" I smiled and said "Its perfect honey!!!"Its actually looks good on him and we just ate pizza for a while and headed home.

    My Cupcake!!!!

    This is cheese flavoured cupcake and when I discover it I cant stop myself from buying it everytime I got the chance to see the store.Even my sister she got hooked hehe.Like now she bought some for us and if I didnt take my share immediately there will be no more for me.It is located at SM Sta Rosa ( a local mall) and the name of the store is Bread Factory they have a variety of breads to choose from and Im sure you'll love it too.And by the way they also have the choco flavored cupcake.

    December 21, 2008

    Jose Of Pinoy Fear Factor

    Jose Sarasola.He is one of the reasons why I watch pinoy fear factor,a local tv show and a franchise of the worldwide reality show every night.Age 22 a culinary arts students and hails from Parañaque.(I wonder if he is as yummy as the food he makes hehe)His boyish looks and charisma are easily noticed by many viewers of the show but now that he's out(you stupid!kidding!) i dont have the energy and will to go on and watch the show Jose haha! It was reported that he has this video scandal spreading and he denied it right away when interviewed.Hmm,why dont I see any copy of that!!!!


    "Are you happy?"he said.And I replied "yes I am" and my battery turned low and die hehe .

    Well guys my date went well if you may ask.I felt good today when i went out of the house to meet my date.No more wories,no nervousness and all I thought of is that we will be just fine and its all what happend! I changed my clothes twice and I sprayed my perfumes too many times that even my dog shaggy sneezed 3 times!

    I saw him standing in the crowd when I arrived I was late due to heavy traffic and its funny that I kept on telling him last night that I hate latecomers! When we reached the mall.We went straight up to the cinema and look for the movie schedule we watched "The Day Earth Stood Still" starred keanu reeves and jenifer connely I dont like it by the way hehe.Lack special effects and the story was not too good.When its finished you will say to yourself "is it over yet?" or"what?its finished already?Just like that?"But before that we dined in at fastfood nearby (we dont have enough budget so we just settled there hehe) and we talked about anything,we laughed,we argued a bit and all.But I like it.I think I like him.No,I like him.

    I asked him "are we boyfriends now?" and he said" yes,we're a couple" I just hugged and hold his hands and squeezed it some times through out the movie...when its so cold inside I feel like holding him forever,that time will stop right there and then and stay that way.But it never did,the lights turned on and people start standing...Oh well, the movie ended.But I wont let this night pass without kissing him,and when we reached this shaded hallway I pulled him closer to me and gave him a quickie!I mean a quick kiss!!!!At the back of the car going home I was hugging him closer to me thank God people at the back didnt noticed us hehe.Before separating we ate a light dinner at this chinese fastfood and I walk him through his side of the road untill he ride the jeep home.

    "It seems its not enough..we chat at home at ym... till he said goodnight..."

    December 20, 2008

    All I Want Is You!

    Being in a gay relationship is kinda difficult,I've been there many times,as I have many failed relationship before.But what's the best thing about having to experience a lot heartache and trouble inside a relationship is that you learn from it.You learned some lessons along the way.So what do I really want in a realtionship anyway?What shall I look for?What shall I do or us to make it work and last?I made some list here go take a look :
    • Someone who will text me frequently.Like to tell me he just woke up or about to sleep,or how his day was.Or to ask me what im doing.Its nice to hear that he is thinking of you by just texting you with this simple and small things.That kinda make him a bit thoughtful.
    • Its nice to have a boyfriend who can be dragged to watch your much awaited movie.or to a sale nearby,or to a friend's birthday party and all.
    • I avoid guys who are too sensitive.They usually get mad or get too affected with things that are not regularly have to take too seriously.
    • Someone who gets jealous to some silly things (like hugging your dog!)and not make a big deal ouf of it.
    • Someone who will do small things like putting a friendster account just for the two of you.Or get mad if you didnt changed your single status to in a relationship.
    • Im too hot-tempered.i have to lessen it if i cant avoid it,I should try to be patient.
    • You should have an agreement that you'll try to adjust to each others attitude,this things doesn't go overnight you know.It takes time especially if you got used to this for a long time.
    • I want a guy who constantly asking small info about me.Being him curious about little things makes me think he's really that interested and into me.Like what is my fave color? Kidding!!!haha.
    • Its annoying if his constantly talking about his ex.
    • And if we are a couple we should not let a day passes without talking it over if we have a fight on something.Avoiding the issue or not talking about it make it more difficult and will only make matters worst like if you ignoring each other for a long time.Or if you feel like you're not yet ready to talk to him,just take a walk and relax and or tell him give you more time and space.(like a year perhaps thats enought time to think haha)
    • And my favorite of all,just tell your partner that "breakup" is not an option to this realtionship hehe.No matter what.Its one of my mistakes before.So now Im making it my rule no-to-breakup.Unless I dont love him anymore its an excemption ofcourse!
    • Dont make promisses you cant keep,depending on the reason maybe I'll reconsider hehe.(like if he promise to buy me a car and take it back)
    • Each one should tell any whereabouts,or plans to your partner.i dont like him to tell me about it when he's already doing it!Like going out with friends for a weekend.Duh!Its too inconsiderate.(like if he's having sex with your bestfriend just tell it in advance ok?hehe)
    • I want someone who can easily accept his fault and shortcommings.And apologize for it.(babe,I accidentally shaved your left eyebrow,Im sorry)
    • I want someone who can tell me"baby its wrong!" or "baby you're grabbing it too tight!"haha.I dont want someone who just agrees with me all the time.Having a petty fight is fun once in a while you know!
    • Someone who can sit with me at the couch and hug each other on a cold night while watching a romantic movie.
    • Its nice to be introduced to your friends and families,even as just friends to those closeted bf.
    • Someone who have the time to visit you at home or suprised you when you are at home when you least expect him to be.("O my god this is a suprise meet my wife..")haha
    • I dont like the silent type guys.They just bored me to death!I like my guy to be outspoken,makes me laugh,makes me horny,makes me confident about my self,makes me relax about who i am.
    • I want someone who has ambitions.Someone who thinks of the future.(like what shall i wear tomorow babe?)
    • Someone who dont cheat ofcourse.
    • Someone who is a neat and nice dresser(ayoko ng baduy)
    • Shoes and watch are the first thing i noticed to a guy next to his looks hehe.
    • I stop chatting or visiting a gay sites when im in a relaltionship and hope my partner too.Its one of the cause of some fights and jelousy and it might be tempting to flirt to any gay out there.
    • Someone who can make sacrifices for you.(like if you need a heart transplant!)
    And these are all the things I will do and hope my bf will do in the future.It has to be both ways.It takes two to tango,right?

    My Date Tomorrow

    Oh no..tomorrow at 3pm is the big date with Jojo! Im looking forward to it the whole week and now that its here Im nervous.What if something might not turn out right or I say something stupid or he might think Im too aggressive (well Im really aggressive hehe but ofcourse i'd like lay low a little since its our first date)The biggest challenge is what am I going to wear!When it comes to dressing up thats a big deal for me.You see first impression is the best part.You have to look nice ofcourse.I dont want him to think Im a lousy dresser or something.

    We'be been planning about this date too long and I hope we'll have a good time,i told him I wanna see keanu's new movie and he said he liked that movie too.We have a good time chatting since last week and its so much fun I just hope tomorrow will be like that.

    I told my sister that JL and I are no more,and by the reaction of her face its seems that she's not surprised!haha.And I told her that I have a special visitor at the 25th,and she just asked who is it,I told her his name is Jojo.And that was it.And we just talk about what food to prepare at the christmass eve.I said I'd like to have carbonara but she wants spaghettie!I also suggested for a roasted chicken,crema-de-fruita cake which is my favorite.

    We will meet at the terminal going to alabang and by then we will go straight to the mall and look for a fancy resto and head at the movies yehey!!!I'll tell you the details tomorrow ok!Ciao!

    December 17, 2008

    Hot Guys This Week!

    These are my Fave Hotties of the week!I saw them from the net and I cant stop admiring them!Asians are very sexy!Every now and then I will post pic of those I think worthy of a slot on this blog!

    Wait what the hell is this guy doing here????Erase!Erase!Erase!hehehehe

    Tips On Finding Your Guy

    I was thinking,If you are single,a single gay guy or bisexual or whatever gays call themselves now where's the right place to look for your partner or someone that can we call our boyfriend?Well atleast that is for those looking for love.Here are some of where you can find them:
    • At the mall --or any public place.well this is obviously one good way,if you like that guy and you seems confident enough about yourself why not approach the guy and introduce yourself.Well for me i never done this haha,This is for the cute one's who have the guts and what it takes not to be rejected.Well ofcourse be sure that this guy is gay/bi too,if not galingan nyo umilag kapag sinapak kayo!hahaha.Or do a gimik like you accidentally bumped into him"Oh im sorry i didnt see you!by the way whats ur name?"haha thats is a lame pick up line I guess just come uo with something original or funny.
    • Coffee shop -- this is a place where gays usually hang out!They love starbucks!
    • Gay events -- just like the gay parade that just held.Or some gay bloggers party if you are a blogger or a fan of a blog.
    • Gay club/bars --this is self explanatory.If you are a party animal,this is the right place,but be careful with the hookers and call boys always act with caution hehe baka mapatay ka kapag may tinake home ka!Always stay at the place that are public like the coffee shop or a cozy resto if you have an acquantance.
    • At work -- well if you noticed someone that you might suspect or think that he is gay that likes you or you like,why not befriend him,who knows you might get there.There's nothing wrong in trying,you will never know what will happen if you dont try right?Well there's some disadavantages of a co-worker though.You will see him regurlarly and sometimes its annoying!haha
    • Bathroom -- personally i dont recommend this!its so cheap haha.What will happen if a friend ask you "oh guys where did you meet?" and you will say "ah,at this mall's bathroom!"haha.They might think he's a call boy or something!
    • Chatroom -- this is my forte haha!There's lot of gay chatroom or website out there,who is a base of all like us,some are looking for friends,relationships and ofcourse the hook-ups.You just have to know what are you looking for.Some pretend that they are looking for relationship but in reality they just want sex.
    A little tip: try for instance,browse the guy's profile out there,read whats in there,some guys put real stuff there about themselves,that they are also loooking for their mr.right.if you like what you saw,message them,let them know you're interested and if they answer,great.And if not move to the next guy.Try to asses your self,how you look,then look for guys that you might think at your level.I mean if you are average looking or not given the cuteness dont message guys that are out of your league you know what I mean,because for sure you will only get snobbed!

    Or try the chatrooms,some guys they advertise the "serious relationships ads" or "looking for sensible chat ads"messaged them.It doesnt mean that because they post that ads means that its a realtionship at an instant,ofcourse there is a process,first you chat,friendly chat at first,exchange pictures(put your nicest pic) then if you have a good time chatting,you'll exchange mobile numbers then you will set a date and then just see what will happen if there is a sparks.

    Well i hope this stuff helps!This is just my opinion Im no proffesional you know,so dont criticise me like this or like that.haha.Anyway goodnight!

    (photos are from

    Another Day at the Mall

    Its so much against my will to get up from bed today, I was so sleepy at 12:30 in the aftenoon,this is because I went to bed 7am haha I have to blame Joseph for this he kept me awake at those time,kidding!Peace tayo Jojo! We chat from around 12midnight till 6am ata.He is someone special to me right now after JL,come to think of it another guy that starts with the letter "J" ,hmm there's Jaireh,there's JL, and now Joseph.Well atleast for now he is not yet my boyfriend hehe,Im on the stage of courting him and getting to know him.Anyway, I have to go to Unionbank to pay my last loan and this is my last payment and after this Im all cleared!Yahoooo!!!I was in a hurry because its almost 3pm they might not allow me to enter anymore so I was secretly praying to the gay patron "arnel ignacio"!haha.And luckily the guard was kind enough to let me,even if its 3:10 already.

    I waited for about 20minutes for my turn,and then I went straight to SM Mall,along the way,I was bothered by this kid who is begging for money in return for his so-called shoe cleaning! And its not actually cleaning, his towel didnt even stay on my shoe for 2 seconds! Ofcourse me being so kind and god fearing I gave him a "piso"haha(kala nyo ha!)Im so glad the "badjao" are so out now, i dont know if you encounter them before,but they are the most annoying beggars I've seen!

    At the mall,I paid our smartbro bill(internet provider),and the guard told me they have a new system,its all new to me,that I have to write the details of my payment to this envelope wherein I will put my money inside it and then drop it into this atm-like machine of them,I press this and that,its so cool!!!hehe

    I look around,looking for something to buy.So many people,its so crowded.I bought a new pair of slippers and its lovely on my feet haha!(*yabang!)

    December 15, 2008

    Im Dating Again

    This may seem so sudden,but Im actually dating again,well not actually dating now,I mean this coming saturday and we even decided to be together at the 25th at enchanted kingdom!(a local amusement park in laguna) I have talked to this guy that I knew for a year now,we just became friends at the chatroom eversince,you know the usual hi and hello and how are you's kind of thing.And last night since im single and available haha I flirted a little and got so interested to get to know him more and he is such a nice guy,he's been to a serious relationship for a long time and the kind of guy I wanted, now we're constantly communicating through text and chat.Well,I hope this is a good start and we could have a good time this saturday.
    When I got home today from the mall,i opened my pc and saw an offline messages,one from OJ my friend at london,and one from my ex,JL he said: "hello lang po ulit good afternoon" I just felt weird that he messaged me,but im planning not to reply I said to him last time we've talked that i wont bother him ever again.I made a decision and he made a decision too when im trying to fix things so its not my fault anymore that we're separated.So now Im moving on and dating...

    Mall Mall(why does it sounds funny?)

    We did some christmas shopping at a mall in alabang,I was with my sister and her husband and their 4 years old son.We decided to do it today instead of the weekends wherein too many people crowding the mall,I bought gifts for my inaanak(godsons) there's only three of them,thank God!So guys if you have a friend who is pregnant better stay away for a while so that they wont think of you at the moment to be their baby's godfather haha!(I choose the cheapest,but of good quality and cute ofcourse,the economy is down so better be saving haha)

    There's a lot of sale items so I was so tempted to buy some nice stuff,and later I gave in.I cant help it!my credit card almost maxxed out! huhuhu.Its so funny when we got hungry we decided to eat at sbarro we thought they accept credit card cause we got lazy to fall in line at the atm machine,too many people!we ordered our food and when we reached the cashier its time to pay I gave my other card and they said "sir,cash only.." i said "whaaat???" so we did a quick money check and all of us share the amount hahaha.Sbarro alabang is so low tech!every transaction now is through cards already!they should have an upgrade.

    We had a good time,its always nice to go to the mall and buy things you like.And ofcourse i have my gay radar on level 5!Lot of cute gay guys out there too my eyes feasts on them!

    Brad Pitt's Oldest Movie!

    Brad Pitt is one of the world hottest and sexiest man!I know we all agree about that,and i have been waiting for his movie "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"with Cate Blanchett(from the movie:Elizabeth) where he played an old guy to be shown this christmas day in the states and maybe this will be shown in our country by january as we all know we have the filmfest this christmas.I heard so much about this movie and critics have already noticed this one of a kind movie of him,in fact it has five Golden Globe Awards nomination already!And that include Best Picture,Best Director,Best Screenplay,Best Score,and Best Actor for my love Brad Pitt hehe.Below is one of the scene in the movie.
    The story summary goes like this:
    "I was born under unusual circumstances"
    And so begins “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards. A man, like any of us, unable to stop time. We follow his story set in New Orleans from the end of World War I in 1918, into the 21st century, following his journey that is as unusual as any man’s life can be. Directed by David Fincher, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a time traveler’s tale of the people and places he bumps into along the way, the loves he loses and finds, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.----source:

    December 14, 2008

    Free Bird

    Its official last night.Im a free guy again.I can say free as a bird from a cage thats been kept for some time.

    December 12, 2008

    My Fave Blog Now

    I heard about this blog tiggah's life in ramdom from a friend and I decided to check it out and OMG! Its was so interesting and the photo of the author and his partner are extremely hot!i cant stop my self from browsing and reading more and more.I already added it as my favorite blog hehe.You have to check it out for yourself Im sure you'll love his nude pictures!


    We all have needs right?And one of that is sex haha.Wheather with your girflriend or with your boyfriend like mine,where else is the right place to do it if the house is not available?Well,go to Sogo Motel! There's lot of motel out there but Sogo is the only one i've been,and so far I love it there.The rooms are decent enough,clean,comfortable, they have cable tv,and ofcourse porn channel as well too bad they dont have M2M haha!

    Their rates are affordable too.We usually chooose the 12 hour rates,ofcourse we dont do all sex from morning till night(I know what you're thinking!) its the place where we can bond,where we can cuddle and kiss with no one to think of that might see us or might not like what were doing.They have a free dinner for two.The best time to check in is from 8pm so that you will check out at 8am.Or maybe 6pm to 6am but its too early thats why we like the 8pm or later.

    Their rates are as follows: 12 hours for 800+ ; 9hours for 500+ ;3hours for 350+ im not sure with the exact price anymore(next time i'll copy their list for yah guys) their rates are higher during the weekend,so its best time to go from monday to thursday. You can order foods too.I dont like the idea of waiting at their waiting area where you can see by everyone its a good thing they put some division to every chair atleast when you see someone you know you can easily hide at the wall haha!

    At first what we usually do I will be the one to enter first and talk at the information and pay while my boyfriend waits outside waiting for my text when its ok to come up and vice versa.In that way people in the lobby or waiting area wont think were together hehe.But lately we just enter at the same time,whatever!

    December 11, 2008

    His Cuteness:Ken Escudero

    Its hard not to notice this guy when I first saw this gay themed movie "sikil" and I immediately liked him...ofcourse physically hehe.His name: Ken Escudero.Model.Actor?He's got it all cute face and hot body plus he is young only 20 years old.He has the making of a matinee idol ofcourse given the right exposure.But with regards with his acting,I can level him with Kris Aquino hehe.Maybe in time he will learn how to act and deliver dialogue better than this one.He is number 99 to the Pinoy sexiest Men of 2008(if you may ask Piolo Pascual is number 1)

    Ken is our delegate in the 2006 Mr. International Pageant where he was one of the semi-finalists. He won the Mr. Photogenic Award in the said pageant.Thats where he was discovered. Ken starred in the sexy digital film "Sikil: Unspoken Passion".I kinda liked the part when they are young,but later on the story begun to suck!And there was not enough kissing scene at all or a steamy love scene(haha libog).And the cast's acting was so lame Sylvia Sanches was the only acting material there!But still this movie makes your night a little less boring.

    (Thanks to for the picture)

    December 10, 2008

    A Little Bit Of Fun

    I visited my old friends from my former work at the hospital today,it was a good day to travel all the way to lipa city,its sunny but not too hot.I cant see my boyfriend because he is busy at work,and he sleeps at the day,as a matter of fact when I told him I'll go to lipa city he didnt even bothered to ask what am I going to do there or what time Im going home,well he said he' s insensitive and not the sweet type of guy at times,now is the proof of that.I just thought what if I try to date another guy or whatever he wont even know it haha(ofcourse it doesnt mean I'll do it ok).He's kinda diffrent from my previous
    partner so Im adjusting a bit with his "i dont care attitude",you might think he dont love me,I just hope I can cope up with it(*fingers crossed).Since I dont have anything to do so I decided to go the hospital to have a fun day with mah old friends,and fun it is that I found haha.

    They were excited to see me when I arrived at the ER,I stopped by at the ICU,and my former lab,the pulmonary dept.I was waiting for Brendamage (its only brenda I just love to call her that) to arrived and she was so late!Im glad most of the people I wanted to are on duty.They were practicing this dance steps for their christmas party on the 16th which by the way invited me to come ofcourse hehe

    And I begin noticed the choreographer,he is a cute little thing,a gay guy...hmmm i liked him and Brendamage told me he seems to be looking at my direction when Im not looking at him(I dont know maybe she just imagined it haha) well.atleast he made my stay more worthwhile.(Pero sympre hanggang tinginan nalang kami!No can do im taken!)

    I went home very late,i felt tired and hungry due to the trip,im kinda hoping I will find a cold text or atleast a cold offline messages or something but ofcourse there's nothing,Oh wait I forgot there was this message at YM : ".........." !!!! That's dot dot .Nice!Maybe this "I dont care attitude" gonna need a lot of getting use to for me,...hmm...maybe I should do the "I dont care anymore attitude"too?hahaha.kidding!Anyway i cant wait to be at their christmass party for sure it will a lot of fun and foods! Ciao!