January 19, 2009

Naruto All Weekend

My weekend is pretty boring,since I just stayed home and rest after a week long of preparing my requirements for working abroad,usually Saturday or Sunday is my date-day but since I'm not seeing anyone right now I just laid back at my bed and stare at my computer and spend most of my time watching Naruto at YouTube!I've watched episode 195 to 213!.

I already watched Naruto Shippuuden episode 92 last week after I downloaded it at utorrentz.com.Because I started backwards haha I started with the Shippuuden then I went back from the beginning way back season 1. I only discovered Naruto to be interesting to watch recently after ignoring it for 3 years on TV.

So far I'm catching up real quick,and you might think "huh?Naruto,what is that?!haha.Its an action packed-ninja kid-adventure animated TV series originated from Japan and it is shown at the US since 2002 I guess,and now that Naruto has grown up I think I got a crush on him haha now that he is 15 years old.Aside from Naruto I already finished "Avatar:The last Air bender" which is by the way my all time favorite cartoon in the entire universe hehe.

After I finish Naruto I'm thinking of watching "Bleach"next, another animated action series,I heard its a pretty good one too, not the washing chemical ok! LOL

Youtube is pretty irritating lately,they took out most of Naruto episodes due to copywright claims of the makers hehe,so I searched other website and I found some at Veoh.com,narutoget.com,narutoofkonoha.blogspot.com and tailedfox.com


Bino/Geno said...

I got tired of Naruto some time ago. He's to loud for me. Can't stand him. Hehe. Awww you're going abroad pala.. Sayang.. :)

Mac Callister said...

why sayang?hehe

Antoine Greg said...

it's Bebe Gandanghari

Lol. heheh
^ ^