April 30, 2009

Ex Call

When I woke up this afternoon, my sister asked me if Jaireh called me, he's my ex boyfriend way back hmm, August last year.I introduced him to her once.

I said "no,why?"

and she said "he called up your other phone "(my smart sim phone, which i lend to my mom for a while)

"what about?"i added.

"Well i asked who he is,he said he's Jaireh,but I cant remember who he was at first,I continued asking him,like,i don't know you,why are you looking for Mac?"

My sister have this habit of prying into my affairs !the annoying-I'll-mind-your-business-type LOL. Natural lang siyang pakialamera talaga!!! I said why you just didn't tell him to call back instead of interrogating him!

"I wanna know who he is!So what!I asked him if he is the the call center guy? he said NO, are you the guy with eyeglasses?he said yes.Have you been here, in our house? he said yes,just once.But I kinda forgot how he looks like,he said he's the nurse guy from cavite" she continued talking to me while I eat my lunch at 4 in the afternoon.

"You told me to text my mom that I'm spending the night at your house when I was there, he told me, then I remember him finally!" she sat beside me at the table, my eyeballs are rolling listening to her

I was laughing because she got confused between Jaireh and JL! JL is the call center guy and Jaireh is the nursing student.Both she have met.

"Jaireh asked if there's too many guys you have introduced to me after that I forgot about him,I answered him, like, YOU BET!" she added. I threw a piece of carrot on her!

"What happened to him,by the way,why did you two broke up he seems like a nice guy a!" ugh,when is she gonna stop bugging me haha

I ignored her and asked her impatiently why Jaireh called in the first place.

"He's asking you to send your resume at his email ad, he wants to copy your format."

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I was supposed to post this last week but totally forgot, and that I agree on it until he texted me tonight.When I was on my way at Makati last Friday,I received a text message from Randall again (click here to read more about him) He's been bugging me for many days now..

"Did you miss playing with me?I did."
"I want you...I'll pay the motel room..."

I told him I'm busy, my mom is here and were going out a lot.And besides, I'm happy with my porn-site-"career" lately haha!

I think I'm becoming like those guys who preferred wanking rather than having the actual sex itself!!!

He's trying to convince me..."the bastard is too horny" I thought so, he's desperate to have a f*ck! He texted me Friday and he wanted to have our f*cking session on that coming Sunday! I ignored him. And I think he's in love with me, but i cannot love him back. Its just a friendly-f*ck!haha is there such a thing??!

Until he sent me this messages:

"I miss your cock inside my ass..Mac"
"I wanna sit on your hard c*ck so fast while you're biting my nipples"

"I want you to ripped off my pants and..."
"f*ck me so hard that I screamed so loud while we're still wearing our clothes on..."

I texted back:

"Damn you!Meet me next Sunday!" LOL

It got me so turned on that I immediately had a hard on...I wanna put my hand inside my pants to adjust the position of my penis because it was painful growing in an uncomfortable position haha.

Now I gotta stop wanking starting today! I need to save up!LOL. Anyway I posted interesting bulgeness here.Check it out!

The oh so cute and delicious Prince Harry!Look at that thing!Was that a cellphone or what???!(talong) haha

Now I wanna watch every sport event with athletes wearing this!

Kiddie Party

We had a busy and fun day today, its my 5 year old nephew's birthday.He's the one and only baby in our family, since there's only two offspring my parents produced, me and my sister, of course they aren't expecting any kid coming from me!LOL' But come to think of it, having a kid of my own is kinda nice.Not a bad idea.Hmmm, i could adopt a child someday soon.

Maybe I'll find a surrogate mother,or hire a housemaid and get her pregnant LOL! and a houseboy too?Toinks!!!

But I dismissed the idea for the meantime, here's my plan:

  • Work abroad.Save money.Buy a house and lot.
  • Find a boyfriend for good.You know a housewife material kind of bf hehe.
  • Adopt a baby.Probably a gay baby too!So that we could be one big gay family!haha
Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall, my mom and my sister and Anton (my nephew), we didn't ask my dad to come haha, but i know he's waiting to be invited! Mom and me went at the toy's section while sis and Anton went at the supermarket to buy groceries for today's party. We bought four toys, one from me, moms, dads and my sis.

We're so wanna save a lot from buying our gifts so we focused on items that are so big and around 100 to 150 pesos!haha "kuripot e!" did i mention that I'm Anton's godfather too?!He's so lucky to have me!Bleh! He is just a kid who doesn't understand which is expensive and not so he's already happy receiving lots of gifts, and I'm so glad he liked all of it when he opened them haha!

Its funny since we're saving money,we went at the free gift wrapping section of the mall and have our gifts wrapped,there's only two colors of available, pink and blue...since Anton is a boy,we obviously get the blue one, so all four gifts are all in blue wrappers!hahaha.It looks pathetic!(carry lang!haha)

Anton got a lot of visitors, its not actually a big birthday party, just enough to accommodate some relatives and friends.He's so happy with the playmates, he never have the chance to play a lot from other kids since he's the only child of my sister. He's alone at our house most of the time playing with himself (did that sound like something else?LOL)

Then the time has come to open up his gifts, he's so excited!I even recorded the moment at our digicam.He started playing all toys and before the sun was down, all all broken!LOL. Sooo low quality!We promised to buy him better toys next time hahaha.

April 29, 2009

I won! Yes!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome our presentor for the next award...Janina San Miguel and Manny Paquiao! (audience applaud)

Manny: Janena, its so neys tu beh her
Janina: Me two, Manny, in pact I dont peel eni pressure rayt now, ahaha!
Manny: Thats gud ,no prey-sure huh! Enewiy, lit's us prisints toh-nights catigureh.
Janina: Aha-ha-ha, hi to my pamily pala! okey Menny, dah nominis for blag op da week is...are...hah-hah...i ken do dis! (heavy breathing...) this is it...ahm, nominis...

"Gay in the Philippines" (audience applaud),
"Living The Expectations"(audience cheering-shouting really-really loud, I mean really loud!that it can he heard to hongkong LOL),
"The Barefoot Baklesa" (mild applause),
"The McVie Show" (audience applaud again)

Manny: Vee-rie good Jenena! Now da weyner es... (drum roll)

Living The Expectations! Maccallister!

The confetti's fell from the helicopter ...Everyone from the audience gone crazy!The cockpit center was filled with cheering and excitement when my blog was announced!

They dimmed the stage and the fake smoke was visible as I walk from the center and have the spotlight on me! (I was literally holding a flashlight on top of my head to complete the effect) It felt like I'm such a big star already! LOL

Then the dancers came...I wanna say that I didn't prepare for this, this was impromptu you know, they forced me on this.

They took off my trench coat and revealed my costume....


And the music played and we danced to "jai--ho...jai--hoooo!!!!!aja-aja--jaja...sisi--mo--no--may--man...jai--ho!...jai--hoh!

I saw Obama and queen Elizabeth carrying a banner "we are solid maccallister fan!"

Starfish and Rik32miles on the other hand fainted due to so much excitement! LOL.I saw them being rushed to the faith-healer standing by, the show are very well prepared, they knew that many people will rush to the event since I'm one of the nominees LOL! i hope they're both OK now.

On the dark spot I saw RR..as usual he's crying, for happiness LOL! this time he's holding a bowl under his eyes

After an hour, my impromptu-forced-on-me-dance-number was finished and I accepted the award.There was a wide silence all through out the cockpit center except for the coockooing of the roosters...candles and cellphones are lit through the dark arena as I speak...


Thanks to all who voted and supported me on Rainbow Blogger Philippines Blog of the Week. To my friends, don't worry my men will free your family member tonight from our safe house, they are no longer in danger, don't worry.

To all who continues to read my posts and my non-sense please don't stop.LOL!

To all my visitors even though you just scan my pages, that still gives me hits!hehe

To all who leaves their comment, thank you!

and lastly I hope I could win a boyfriend next time LOL!

Ok enough of this!

Thanks peeps!

April 28, 2009


I was bored earlier so I surf the net more than usual and I stumbled upon this website (www.circumtitions.com) that opposed to genital mutilation they said they focus on intactness rather than on circumcision. You see its about penises so it got me interested!LOL

What intrigued me more to this website is that they gave some reasons not to have your genitals "modified" (click here) and what's really the function of our foreskin.They showed a lot of cases and photos of circumcision gone bad.Click here.In fact I found this website very educational, especially for us Filipinos who have this tradition that every kid should undergo this procedure.

They have a list of personalities who they said is still "intact". So here it goes...

Drum roll please...

Will Smith--actor "Hancock"

Robbie Williams--singer "Rock DJ"

Paul Walker (my love!) -- actor "The Fast and The Furious"

Nicholas Cage --actor "Knowing"

Leonardo DiCaprio (unbelievable?) --actor "Titanic"

Mario Lopez -- TV actor "Nip/Tuck"

Keanu Reeves --actor "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Joaquin Phoenix -- "Walk The Line"

Jesse Metcalfe --actor "Desperate Housewives"

Jensen Ackles (this made me fall on my chair!LOL) --TV actor "Supernatural"

Javier Jay Hernandez (so cuteeee!) -- actor "Hostel"

James Blunt -- singer "You're Beautiful"

Gareth Gates -- UK singer "Anyone of Us"

Antonio Sabato Jr. -- actor "Charmed"

I saved the best for last hehe. Prince William, his royal yummy-ness...LOL!He's in their list but recently the paparazzi took a photo of him peeing..."cut"

Check it out!!!!

Ohh Lala...Lovely!look at the head!LOL(ang laki!)

They answered some questions or even doubts at this link-frequently asked questions.
To see more celebrities and personalities who they said is still intact you can go to this link- Gallery of Famous Intact Men.

April 25, 2009


I saw my younger cousin today, he's 10 years old, and wearing a...skirt!!!
to my surprised! hehe but he seems so proud of it ,and told me "tuli na ko!"
"oh...that's why. I thought to myself. He's circumcised now".
I remember my circumcision days, I have mine right after grade six.
But i didn't wore skirts or "daster"
I wore a gown!LOL!

Its a tradition here in the Philippines that every male kid during the summer, before he reached 12 years old that he should undergo the procedure of circumcision or "tuli" other parents do it on their children while they are still babies or else, you will be teased "supot" or uncut, and its a shameful thing if others found out about it.Only in the Philippines hehe.Its like every man's passageway to adulthood, that you are no longer a kid "makakabuntis na" said by my folks.

On my case, I was turning 12 that time and I knew it was coming! I'm kinda nervous about it. I heard that they are injecting the large needle of anaesthesia right in the hole of my penis! at the urethra!I imagined it and scared the hell out of me!LOL. I told that to my father when were alone at the house and he told me that its a lie!That its not done that way, not in the urethra where urine comes out and semen too (which i later found out of course!haha)

(Wanna see uncut erected penis?click here.Check out male sex anatomy here)

He told me that the needle was injected at the outer skin only of the penis, that my friends are just scaring me. Maybe he thought that I'm still confused, so to my shock, father pulled down his shorts and underwear in front of me and showed me his d*ck!!!!!!!!waaaaaa! it was horrible!!!!!!!!!!My eyes are wide opened that I thought it was needed to be sewed to make it close!he gave me a demonstration and where it will be cut and all!I have nightmares for so many nights!

When I looked back I cant help but laughing my ass off! Dad looks like that father of that guy at the movie American Pie where he overdid everything!haha. Anyway, going back to my circumcision story, aside from the needle scare, there's one major-major problem that I realized later....I already have pubic hair!Waaaaa!Its too soon!

One time I was at the bathroom and I touched something around my genitals, I didn't realized it at first, until I examined it, but it was really pubic hairs! I felt like crying..this is bad, i told to myself and embarrassing too!!!!Imagine, what will the doctor think of me? that Im too old for circumcision? that I should have done it earlier!I didn't tell anyone of this, they might laughed at me for centuries!

I thought of a brilliant plan. I'll shave it. I found myself in front of the mirror on the floor my legs wide open and shaving LOL! I also discovered there are hairs growing directly at my crotch areas haha in other words "my bulb*l sa betl*g ko" hahaha! When Im done with it, I'm not happy at all..its too obvious that I shaved it huhu if Brazilian wax was available at that time I could have resort to that!LOL!

When I have my judgement day, the doctor asked me to strip and lie down on the bed, I felt like my face turned into violet! I just closed my eyes and ignored his "mysterious smile" when he sees my "bazooka" LOL!

(They said circumsicion is more hygienic and lower the risk of STD.Read here)
(Read history of circumcision here)

choose which style suits you

Lets talk about penis.When did you have your circumcision?haha
Are you from "pukpok" or with a doctor?
Do you mind if your sex partner is uncut or not?

April 24, 2009

Nominated! Me?!

If I haven't chat with the smart and slutty Herbs this morning I wont even know that I am nominated for blog of the week at Rainbow Bloggers Philippines. A site uniting all Filipino gay blogger all through out the universe LOL! I mean it started last Monday and what day is it now?!Friday!hahaha.So to that someone who nominate this humble blog thanks to you.I appreciate it!

So guys if you have time, please check out the site and vote for me. Only me!LOL!

and vote

Living The Expectations

for your blog of the week!yeahh!!!!

April 23, 2009

A Family Show: Malling

My whole family went at the mall today at Alabang,we dine and have fun.This was the day I've been waiting for to happen,a day for shopping!LOL.Actually this day was supposed to be our date with you-know-who until that conversation last night,instead I have my family with me and some new stuffs!Thanks Mom!

But I'm not finish with my shopping haha I can't find a great pair of jeans!I wanted something faded,a little light bluish pair, I'm kinda tired of wearing my dark-colored jeans.I've been everywhere,but i cant find what I want with my budget (you know something around a hundred bucks LOL!) folded and hang was a disappointment!I don't like their latest collection!

We got so annoyed at Kenny Roger's our side dish had a piece of hair on it.I immediately called their manager and said"does your kitchen staff wears hairnets?we have his/her on this!"(starlet ako baket bah!)

Anyway, its mother lily's first night, and i asked secretly "mother,where do u plan on sleeping?with the other room at the middle or with your hubby? she said "i don't wanna sleep with him!I'll be with Anton instead!" and my sister butt in "but how do you plan on saying that to father lily???!"he might transformed into the "hulk" if he gets mad tonight!LOL

So i waited, giggling,laughing at my mother's dilemma!Then my dad came out and asked my sister and said"where are we going to sleep tonight?"because sister have this habit of changing rooms from time to time and fixing them and all,in short she's in charge of the house activity.

Sister hesitated at first but got afraid to tell him what mom wants,she said instead"you guys will be sleeping at the middle room with Anton!"

I snapped and told her when dad was out,"why did you told him that?!

Sister said "why didn't you tell him that!I cant! at least there's Anton in the middle!"

Yesterday, my dad took the knife from my mom and killed her!Kidding! he used the knife for the mangoes hehe and gave them to my mom!aww sweet!.When were alone i said to mother lily "so Sharon,how's Gabby?!" and she threw her sleepers at me!haha

Today at the car, going back home from the mall, its dark but i saw father lily held mother's hands!and I was like laughing silently and thought to myself..."Richard and KC"...for sure mother wants to shake them off!When we got home, at the kitchen, i cornered my mom and asked her"so did you enjoy the sex part?"she just rolled her eyeballs and sigh but she didn't answered my question haha.

Mother got a new cellphone, I wanted it and she said "you cant have that!" she gave me a lot of worthless alibi's but i didn't buy them!Until she confessed that it was given to her by someone!We figured it out!The buying of pants that she cant even tell who will be receiving, so my sister run the cellphone and opened the gallery while mother chased us to stop what were doing and we saw the picture of "him"!hmmm..not bad!haha

So now its confirmed that mother got a boyfriend back at Dubai!I said "mother you're slutty!" LOL!She knows I'm kidding of course.She just laughed but didn't answered.But we got it already.Its alright,you know,she deserves to be happy.Besides its father's fault why she fell out of love for him.

I'm proud of her handling the situation with father,of course she cant tell him that she have a new love now,my father is an impossible person.Father cant even accept the fact that mother don't like him anymore what more the knowledge of her having someone in her life now.Mother is just being civil and friendly at him,besides she'll be only here for a month,might as well be patient,she may thought so.

So that's it for today,I'm eating tempura shrimp flavoured chips!yummy!Tomorrow I'll be going at Makati to my agency and follow up my visa and might as well invite Pao for snacks.Randall(click here to learn about him) were texting when will be our next sexcapades!LOL. I didn't answer, I'm busy at my fave porn sites and have no time with real sex hahaha!

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April 21, 2009


Warning:this post is more of my ranting!haha.Skip this entry if you like.This is actually me being serious and disappointed.I just got to let this out sorry guys.Bear with me.(you know,the teddy bear LOL!)

I'm not so good with waiting.
I'm impatient,but I waited.
I'm demanding,but i hardly demand anything this time.
Because I like him.
I love texting, someone who can make me reply no matter how hard i try not to.
But he seldom text me, so i tried to understand
Even that someone told me he's a "text-person".
I love chatting, good chats. But that someone hardly have time.
So I still wait for whenever he felt like chatting.
Because I like him.
I'm so eager to see him in person
You hardly hear him talk about meeting
It have to be me to do the talk about meeting.
Always have reasons.
I waited again till he agrees.
All i did was waiting.
And he said he's doing all the chasing
"I love chasing men I love and treat them like a princess"
Now I'm confused about the meaning of the word:chasing

To sum up all of this:
Mac have to be understanding.
I have to understand his busy work
I have to understand he cannot chat with me more often
I have to understand he cannot text a lot,or even say goodnight
I have to understand he cannot meet this day or next day
I have to understand he don't believe in dating
I have to understand that he needs to play bad just to test me,a role play!
I don't get it,got mad.This doesn't count haha
I have to understand that he is sarcastic
I have to understand that he is an asshole
Now that's a lot!I cant believe I did those!The first time in my life!
But I asked myself, what did he do in return?
Did he try to understand me too?
Is it always have to be me?

When we're chatting, he said he just cried.
I asked why
Said"don't wanna talk about it"
Since I'm understanding,I didn't.LOL
When we fight and I said goodbye
He said he cried and wrote a post at his blog about me
It felt good.He cried over me,imagine!I said to myself.
He said he's been hurt by most of his ex's
he almost killed himself
We're chatting tonight, he said he cried again
I asked him why
Because of painful memories, he said
An ex bf who made a great impact on him
Remembered how worthless he have been
Felt bad about himself
But i didn't get it, crying again because of that?
No, he said, just cant help feeling sad because of the past
But I still asked myself, but why crying?
Maybe haven't moved on from an ex lover?
I figured, he still cares for that ex

He accused me "you're bothered because of something you're afraid at, not because am sad. wow. thanks.I'm expecting you would say --hush... don't cry. its OK, its all in the past.I'm here"

But why wont I?I mean, if I'm going to involve myself with anyone, I have to be sure that he is ready and had totally moved on with his past relationships!I'm not a martyr, you know!
And besides,I'm not a fan of his crying, a little bit too much for me. It is self pity.
That's why I said, you're being so emotional, you have to be strong with or without a man at your side.

He wants me to understand that its alright to cry over that.Yeah I get it,you got hurt in the past.
But I got hurt pretty bad too, but I'm doing well now. I mean I don't cry over things like that anymore, maybe if it happened last week.But its like months or years already.

Its too much drama for me.Too complicated.Too stressful.He is too complicated.
He got so used to me being understanding, he wants me to understand again.
That's great.Right?All me understanding him.

Said "I'm emotional,live with it"

But sorry this time its a NO-NO.Maybe I just got tired of adapting to him.To be kind to him.I'm a healthy living individual,I love life,I enjoy life,I'm a happy person,I don't let problems and past haunt me,I can carry them very well,of course at times I get bruised and down but i get up again and be able to be happy again...No complications.No drama.You just have to understand that.This time,it have to be you,you have to understand.For a change.

Funny,the only fun I had with him, really good time,was our first chat ever,and the rest..well you know, me doing the waiting and the trying-to-understand stuff haha.I should change my whole name to Mac Understanding!!!

(and herbs you moron, stop calling me BB ,I prefer TT Gandanghari LOL!)

Wanna be with me?Take away all your crying, hung ups and drama and be happy.I'm not a fan of self pity.Live life lightly.If you cannot, and kept on thinking people: "should be the one to always do the understanding and saying--thats me,live with it".I'll pray for you and hope that you'll be happy.

That's all guys!Thanks for reading (if ever you peeps will read this!haha) Ciao!

April 20, 2009


My mom is here!And blonde!LOL!

We went at the airport at 9 am not much traffic thank God, we waited for her like an hour.We have trouble finding her at first too many people out there and the heat is so bad!I'm like melting!My dad rushed to us and said "its her"Its her!" only to find that its not! just a look like, maybe my dad is hallucinating haha six years of not seeing my mom and not talking with her that much made him imagine things?kidding!

My eyes are feasting to many eye-candies!I love secretly looking at them making my stay worthwhile.There's this guy who kept on walking back and to at my side I'm pretty sure he's going to say something on me until my sister ruined the moment with my nephew!they came and give me Anton!For sure that guy thought I'm married and with a kid!(there will be lightning LOL!) grrrrrgh!

I'm glad my mom now knew where to stand at the waiting area, you know at the part where you should wait while waiting for your relatives or someone to pick you, like if your surname starts with letter G, means you have to be at the signage where D-F-G are located, because years back we've been waiting for too long and got worried we cant find her only to find out that she's standing at letters X-Y-Z!!!!

Pasaway siya!!!!LOL

Anyway, I was laughing at her after I hugged her. Oh I missed her!"Mother lily, you are so typical OFW!" i told her. She's blonde and wearing those big banggled silver accessories!A little too much of them.I immediately took out some when we're at the car hehe!I go to the minimalist look!And I'm thinking of how to change her hair color silently,maybe I will drug her and change it to flaming red instead?!LOL!

The talking and the catching up are endless from the road to our home.I was looking at my dad at times,and remembering he's having diarrhea earlier my evil sister whispered "too excited!" and we laughed!Oh we got pulled over by a policeman by the way, after we left the airport parking,why?my dad forgot to put on his seat belt!Sigh!(of course,we knew its our bad)

The police made a sermon and trying to write us a ticket.Bluffing!he wants us to pay a certain amount at their office at makati tomorrow where there will be receipt blah blah.I already knew where the conversation are heading.Money."Lagay".In the end, he got himself a thousand bucks from us!I was like so mad,a thousand for a pull over and a sermon.

Now I have an idea how much policeman and those traffic enforcers are making through the day!They could earn 10thousand or more maybe before the day ends!An easy money.Hayyy..this country will never really go far with this kind of system.I forgot to turn on my video recorder I could've send it to XXX at ABS-CBN or Imbestigador or something I could have been popular and dead the next day!LOL!

Anyway,RR and I are on a talking mode again.I know what your thinking haha.We chat last night at YM.I'll tell you the details some time.

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April 19, 2009

A Family Show: Coming Home

I will call my mom and dad "mother and father lily" in this entry haha"

Yippee!We're going to pick up my mom at the airport (NAIA) this Monday morning at 10 am!Kinda early but its alright, anything for my beloved mother-lily LOL! It would be the happiest day of my life, seeing her again after two years,I didn't realized that it was that long already.We just missed her so much!She must be really excited to see her only grandchild (since all of my kids are killed at the bathroom drainage LOL!)

She'll be having her month long vacation leave from work at Dubai.My mom have been in and out of Dubai for a while now, its like less than ten years already, she went there to send me to college and have hope in heart that I'll be the one to give my family comfort in life!haha what a shame I only gave them comfort rooms!LOL. I'm still nothing up to this day!Darn that visa from Qatar!Its like 48 years already why the hell its not here yet?(nagalit na LOL)

That's one of the reasons, that the title of this blog is "Living the Expectations". Its only fortunate that my mom have a great job there, its not something that she didn't like,s he's happy doing her own thing, she drives her own car, living in a nice unit, there was this time time when she missed her job badly back at Dubai when her vacation took at least two months here in the Philippines way back then.

We asked mother lily if she wants to share my dad's bed when she get here, on the phone last night and she said ,"oh no! I'll be sleeping with Anton(my 5 year old nephew)" and I was like "i told you so" to my sister, because she's having this idea that mom will actually be sleeping at dad's bed, she just didn't get it, that mother lily has fallen out of love to her husband already.A very long time ago.

We just don't know how father lily will take this, for all i know, he's expecting it to be the other way around.He might be un-manageable if he finds out that mother lily wont be sleeping with him,I feel the pity for him,he needs to wake up to reality.My mom is just being civil, she's doing her best to be friendly at him, but dad, thinks otherwise.

Actually I'm bothered, what will happen? I mean by the time my mom reached home. This will be the first time, she will actually spending time together with my father, because not until last year, my dad worked as a supervisor at a food processing at Saudi Arabia.Mother lily was always successful avoiding him, like she's having her vacation leave every month of May and dad will be having his at December, its been like that for like 5 years or so.

But dad quit his job and now living like a king here LOL!See yah next time!

By the way I created a multiply account haha.pls add me up if you have I'm so kawawa I don't have any friends there yet! www.maccallister.multiply.com

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April 18, 2009

Closed Book

This news just came through.Mainit-init pa.

Me and RR are no more.

You heard me right.We're history.

Funny,to think that we never really been together hehe

It's just that his thing,is not my thing,period.

I erased everything.Its my way of moving on.So that I wont be able to contact him in any way and beg for him to come back and take me.LOL!

I'm One of Them!LOL

I asked my sister to buy me a sun sim card today, its her money by the way so thanks to her haha!RR asked me last time if I have a sun cell so that we could talk more on the phone,many of my friends are using it too, since its the cheapest cellular network in the country I mean in terms of calls, they have an unlimited feature for all day for a certain amount compared to other networks,so i have one.

This is convenient to couples who wants to be in touch with each other without spending much.I called this before "the mag-jowang-kuripot" phone!LOL! Its fun though, you get to speak to someone all day all night just for 25 pesos!Imagine that!But the service sucks!You gotta dial at least 10x before your call get through.Its a matter of being patient!or else this might get your high blood pressure's high!

I talked to RR for a long time, he's one of the reasons that I bought this. So there we talk,there's just a slight "thing" I'm bothered about.Anyway,I called Pao instead, I dated him last year and he's offering me a call center job at Makati a few days ago and I inquired about the details and all about the job, he even suggested that we could look for a place to live.Meaning me and him living together!haha!He still likes me.But I'm honest about him that I don't feel the same way.Got worried about by the number of I love you's he said during our two hours talk haha!

FYI:I'm still waiting for my visa from a hospital abroad, but i decided to look for something else to make me busy while waiting. I'm considering this call center job, but kinda worried about Pao, what if I found someone else and we're working together and he might accused me that I used him just to get the job?

On the other hand, I chat with Bleedingangel (of mybleedingangel.blogspot.com) last night, thanks to him I had a blast! He made my night worthwhile! It was a fun talk! He's so adorable and even teasing me that "Don't be like that, or else I might develop a special feelings for you!" haha it made me giggle but of course I know he's joking and he's so far! he's at Dubai!

Im looking forward to more fun chat with him.He took my worries away. That's all Im missing lately.Anyway,I'm having a good time with this unlimited calls, Im calling everyone!haha.See yah!

April 16, 2009

One Night..One bed

"Will you be hurt if you learned that I had sex,and date and stuff?Reason I asked is because, I was like..I guess wondering, how would you react to your own medicine,a theoretical taste of your medicine...." -- RR

This is part 2 of my post entitled "Lets get Wet"

Everyone has left already and only 6 of us remained at the resort,me,Nick,Berna with her 2 niece and Sasha.After singing endlessly with a videoke everyone decided to call it a night and headed to bed after taking a shower,he even borrowed my towel.The maid prepared us the guest room,Sasha instructed her that Berna and her nieces will sleep on the mattress and me will have the big bed of the same room and Nick on the other hand will be staying at a small room with a small bed.

Berna was on a teasing mood and said "you better sleep in our room it will be fun!" and next thing I knew Nick occupied the bed that was intended for me!I said "hey you moron, that's my bed!Move out!" but he didn't, pretending he's sleeping already! And since I like the idea of him beside me,didn't put much effort on kicking him out.I said,hey get your own blanket that's mine,but he said"we don't need too much linen this is big enough for us".

Its been 6 years since we started this chasing game,of this flirting game.He would volunteer his pad every time I have trouble going home if its so late when the group went out.But always cancelled at the last minute so this is the first time we'll be actually on each other's company for the whole night,but of course with Berna and company at the distant floor.

"I prepared my place, in case you don't want to sleep here at Sasha's,I know how so demanding you are!" he said when the lights are off."So you didn't plan on sleeping here in the first place?" i asked."yeah,I thought we'll be going home and you will be sleeping at my place tonight in case we stay so late here" he added.

We cant sleep yet so one hour was spent on laughing because Berna was still in an energetic and happy talking mood.We talked about anything. Its fun, its like were on a camping trip haha.Nick would put his one leg across mine while talking at Berna who's at the floor.After a while,everyone was quiet.I positioned my self at the end of the bed and my back facing him,and so is he.There's a space between us in the middle.

I cant sleep.I was listening and wondering what this guy will do now,will he initiate the first move?shall I initiate it first?shall i touch his body?or would he touch me?If he touch me how would I react?shall I keep on pretending to be asleep?My mind was battling between right and wrong,whether if that would be a good thing or what?what if he dont wanna be touched?that I'm only imagining things between us?

Would I be cheating on RR?Even if he's not my bf yet and we haven't seen each other in person yet?Is this cheating already?ahh,my head are exploding!I decided to wait instead and pretend to be sleeping.Nick finally rolled over to my side,so close at my back,i could feel his breathing at my head,he's taller by the way,around 5'10",working as a clinical instructor, a mestizo guy.

He stayed at that position for a while,its so good to have him so close like that,I'm having a hard on and I pressed the pillow on it that's been lying on my side.I decided to turn around to see what he's gonna do and he started moving...going to the other direction this time,and his back in front of me again! haha. What the hell is this??? I said to myself!

This was our exact position that night looks like I swear!

Then he moved on closer to me again.Were both supine and so close.I don't want to do anything, that's what I decided. At least it wont start from me, I don't wanna be that aggressive,I thought to myself.And maybe that's what he's thinking too! haha so the whole night was spent with nothing ever happened and me shifting positions and he following and moving and back and on and on!

I'm glad nothing happened.Maybe its for the best. We are better off as friends.Many people will be affected if this sex thing will go on.And I don't wanna ruin everything between us, that I'm proud of myself, I never thought that I have so much self control, I've always been so "maniac" about having sex!haha being the aggressive one, look what happened between me and Perry before!(click here)

In the morning,I was the first one to wake,but still lying on the bed and i took off the blanket and exposing my whole body...I'm in a teasing mood haha.My tight shorts are like exposing all of my legs that looks indecent enough and I was like scratching my crotch and I caught his eyes staring!But I ignored it and I've been smiling secretly...

Confessions To Ar-Ar

In response to this,I have talked to RR last night.A confession I guess.I asked him would it push him away if he knew that I flirted with someone last night?What would he feel?That I almost have sex with another guy.Then I told him about Nick.

He said " how would you want me to react to it? It's Ok.No biggie."

"But what do you feel?" I asked

"Indifferent.Worried.But indifferent still.What happens in your private time is your own thing.I have no hold against you or what not.So do your own thing".

"That's a relief" finally i said.

"Isn't the relief supposed to be coming from me?Cause you have the tendency to feel the heat when you see him.Isn't that something I, if ever,should be worried about?"

"Its just a sexual attraction.Nothing else.So your still my sweetheart?" this time I'm teasing him

"Well we aren't together, if you decided to go with him, it would hurt but I'd understand,I have no bearing"

And then after a while, he said "meet me tomorrow" and I was like so surprised because I know he's too busy this week and next week was supposed to be our first date.He said he didn't know where that came from.And he said this, that made my heart pumping blood so much that I became dizzy!LOL

"I have tons of things to do,but I know I wont work properly until I get to see you! i want to hug you and be with you and give you butterfly kisses and all i ..want a nice hug and ..i want to see you and cuddle and be sweet and all...."

But I didn't agree to it, I said we'll do it right at this coming Saturday or next week.I don't want a rush date.When were gonna have a short date and he'll be rushing back home to finish all of his school works!He realized I'm right I guess.I might kidnapped him for all I know!LOL

April 15, 2009

Lets Get Wet

Last Monday I was at Batangas for our swimming, got so excited to go that’s why the first bus I rode was the wrong one, when I was telling the conductor where I will be going, he said “ah, sir, this bus will not go that way…you just have to transfer to another bus…” hahaha (imbyernadette sembrano tuloy ako!) there, no choice but to get out and wait for another bus at the high way with that heat and with no shade at all! I’m so stupid!

Speaking of heat, it was so freaking hot that the lower part of my shirt was soaking wet with my sweat!I could feel the perspiration dripping from my thighs! haha. I wonder what my balls would smell like that time! salted eggs? LOL. When I got to the meeting place Berna and her two nieces are the one’s waiting for me, the others are so late!

So I decided since am not in the mood for waiting to my “premadonna friends” haha we headed without them!and just texted them that we’ll be seeing them at the place. They should be the one waiting for me not the other way around. LOL (nagmamaganda?haha) I was like receiving a lot of complaints from them after that, told me Im such an impatient bastard and said ”di ka naman atat ha dyesebel???!!!

The place was wonderful, so pretty. It is own by my friend Sasha, you know the one who gave me a Tommy watch last Christmas, it’s a private pool /mini resort. OMG Im so happy about the food there’s a lot, so good and lots of prawns too! I never actually spent a single penny on this outing haha it was all on Sasha! Felt guilty though I was the one who planned this and yet I let her take all the executions hahaha, well she didn’t mind, she’s rich you know!

At the back of my mind, I'm thinking of him…RR. At the dark pool area, I was texting him,he replied, I know he’s trying to accommodate me with his busy schedule, we agreed that we’ll try this to work out between us for a week if we can survive each other, with him being so busy with school work and me waiting for him to have time. I don’t know.

Maybe it will work out, maybe not, I'm not sure. But I like him. I promised him that I’ll be patient. I even got a dream of him and me together hehe.If its not meant to be, its not. Nothing can do about it .. Anyway, the whole day and night was spent over a lot of great and big laughs with great foods and red wine too.

At first they were pressuring me to sing the videoke but no one made me haha but before midnight no one could get the mic off me! LOL. I sang my heart’s out to the songs like “the sign”,”disturbia, which the only correct lyrics I made was dum-dum—dee-dum—dum-dum by the way ,because I cant seem to catch the right thing hahaha.

I sang “no air”,” no one”, ”we almost have it all”(o dib a Whitney ang drama haha) and my favorite through out the night…”wag mo ng itanong” by the Eraserheads I think I sang that for like a hundred times already! LOL. One of the closest friends I have since working at my former hospital is Nick, I know he’s gay but not admitting it to me. And me to him.

I don’t know, we have this kind of sexual connection that we cant get through….Its like were flirting for a very long time now, a flirting that cant get anywhere. Maybe were both testing our grounds and afraid what this might do to the friendship. Thats why till now, nothing has ever transpired between us. While doing videoke with the group, he would give some light and quick touch on my hands that as if it was an accident.And I would cacth those soft hands and hold it for a while.

My leg debut here at the net haha

We even sang together using one mic and felt like were almost kissing haha his mouth was so close to mine that I could smell both alcohol and.. fish!LOL. He’ll play drums using his fingers over my hairy legs and would pull some hair on it and laugh after doing while others are singing and in return I’ll put my right arm around his bare shoulders and I would feel he’ll lean over me closely and feel each other’s warmth.

Our body so close was like burning with desire to go upstairs and fuck LOL! But I wouldn’t.Our friendship is so important to me and I don’t know what sex might do to it.Its too risky, maybe he knew it too. So its been 6 years that were playing this game now.But I'm not thinking relationship, ok, its just sexual. Just physical attraction.

But this night was not like any other night, we’ll be spending the night together at Sasha’s guest room together. The first time. One bed. One blanket. Cold room…And I’ll be telling more about that next time this entry is too long already hahaha. See yah guys!

April 14, 2009

Awards Night

Two bloggers gave me this award, actually this is the first on my blogging career!(career talaga haha) and I'm such a lazy person when it comes to replying to tags haha,but since I'm in a writing mood I wont ignore this award guys hehe.So Ron of "In My Own Words" and Chronicler of "The Daily Grind" here it is.

I love blogging because:


I got envious of everyone who blogs, I mean it seems like fun, all those comments, all those visitors, made me do it! Everyone else are doing it and I said to my self, ”I can do that too! I’ll blog like them haha and now I'm so enjoying it! those friends and bloggers I got to know here. So worth it!


Because I got tired of my usual days,as a professional bum, and I think blogging will make me busy so here I am!

Attention Seeker Me

Since blogging can be seen all through out the world,being the attention starved person that I am, made me happy if people actually reads my nonsense and everytime I look at my sitemeter made me sooo feel like famous already LOL!(ambisyosa!)

Overly Interested

I have this character of wanting to know other people’s lives, you know the natural “gossip guy” in other words tsismoso at usisero haha.Made me so interested what other people like me are doing, how do they handle relationships, are they like me, something like that. And I wanted them to know about me too.


Well I use this blog to look for sex. Kidding!haha

So in the tradition that comes with this nenok I mean Neno Award, I am giving them to a couple of fellow bloggers so brace yourselves!haha!

I give this friendship award to:

Starfish of Oh,The Wondrous Things That Comes --A good friend,who stays up with me chatting and doing nonsense,and he will send me a blue eyed blonde enclosed in an envelop soon!

Bleeding angel of My Bleeding Angel--since you've become one nice friend to me even though you dont chat with me anymore hmmpf!

Rik32miles of Animal Factory --to the veterinarian friend from England haha.(bakit nga ba yan title ng blog mo?hayop ka ba ha?LOL) You're such an adorable gay crazy person!

Kenji of Pilgrimage of a Dreamer--such a nice person,even though he's from Canada and have a big difference in our race he takes time to read my entries huhu gonna make me cry LOL!

Herbs of An Artist Orgasm--my ever-always-first-to-comment on my posts reader haha so ayan may award ka and since i cant think of anyone else anymore LOL(kaw lang taga pinas jan haha kelan ba tayo mag show sa YM?haha)

Anyway,here are the rules for this meaningful award:

The aims of this award:
• As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

• To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

• Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it

• Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

• Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

• Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

• Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

I wanna do my own version of this awards thing with my own twist and rules,let me think of something and I'll ask RR to create a great design on it hehe.

April 12, 2009


Adjusting is a guy's thing...you know adjusting the position of your penis!hahaha.(kala nyo kung anong seryoso noh?) Especially if you're a brief person like me, i tried once wearing boxers but nah, made me uncomfortable the whole day! I don't like the feeling of my d*ck going left and right everytime i walk like a pendulum!LOL! The best position for me is when it's upright or on a 12 o'clock to 2:10 but if it reached 6:30 that's when i do the adjusting hahaha.

Adjusting your penis inside becomes normal to me but i wanna do it discreetly hehehe kinda embarrassing if someone caught you doing it, my straight friends called it "kambiyo" especially if you did it with a hard on!haha.That's why I'm kinda happy if i have a deep front pocket on my jeans I used it to reached it and do the deed!LOL

Others do it like this:

or this:

But honestly if I saw a cute hot guy doing it,kinda turns me on!Like Zach Efron!But Bono (of U2)?ewww,disgusting!LOL

April 10, 2009

Haba Hair (part 2)

This is my actual picture LOL.My bora look!haha.Ganda ko!

Before anything else guys,we havent met yet hehe, lets call him RR, but we saw each other at webcam.So far its been fun having him around to chat.Filling my boring night with excitement and hope(?) for a change. Im only concern about the age gap...he's only 12 LOL! kidding aside he's 20 years old.Studying at manila,he's in photography,kinda waiting for him to ask me to pose nude on his next photoshoot LOL!( tignan ko lang pag di nasira camera nya hahaha)

Going back at the age gap,Im 29 turning 30 and he's 20.Look at that age diffrence!10 years!hahaha.Im already on grade 4 and he's still a baby during those times!Many things to consider if i want this, ofcourse there will be the issue of interest, he may want to listen to hiphop and me "kundiman" LOL! What are my friends going to say?Because so far this is the biggest age gap if ever i have on a relationship.

Well,l ets wait and see.I have to observe first.If he's consistent...consistent enough to prove himself, to prove his words. If how long he'll be.He made me use my cell again, to text, that I almost forgot how!LOL!. For all I know this would only be for a week if im lucky hehe.But im ready,so many appeared in front of me promising the same thing,I kinda got used to it.If he's like the others,it wont shatter me.Atleast not yet.

Here's some part of our conversation:

RR: nag sasawa ka naba kausap ako?do you want us to stop talking muna tonight?
Mac: if you are sleepy na e
RR: no am not yet sleepy
Mac: but do u want to stop talking tonight?
RR: no i dont want to stop talking to you. i want to know you.
RR: kung malapit lapit ka edi na invite na kita mag dinner and stuff
Mac: hahaha diner agad ha
RR: gusto kitang makausap tska baka mammya di na kita maabutan ulit


Mac: wait your still reading my blog?haha
RR: oo! Hahaha.me mga helpful bits eh
Mac: helpful saan?
RR: andun ung mga lists ng gusto mo sa isang guy and stuff
Mac: hahaha kala ko naman kung ano
Mac: an daya ako wala references!LOL
RR: you can ask me.you already know na i want you eh ,you wont regret holding on to my promise
RR: eto ang balak ko,kung maging tayo, yehey. you'll see why mahal ako ng mga naging bf ko till now.
RR: kung hindi, you'll find the bestest best friend in me.am not the usual guy out there Mac
RR: i promise to mac that i wont hurt him and that he'd never regret knowing me.
Mac: naks hahaha
RR: set na ako, i dont need time to know if i should take you seriously or not
Mac: let's meet first ok bago ka magsalita ng gayan hehehe
RR: kaw nalang ang hinihintay ko, lets bond and I'll make sure na you'll like me
Mac: then i'll put love potion on your drinks lOL


RR: coz i already like you. i dont need a year or a month or a week to know that. magpapaliguy liguy ako kung di ako sure. kung sketchy ung kausap ko eh hindi ka naman sketchy eh
RR: Mac i like you. the way you are, the way you will be. i like how you express yourself. i like the way you think. i like the way you act.
RR: words do lie but you're a great liar if you're that consistent sa blog mo.
RR: hey Mac if i may ask how do you feel right now at this moment?
Mac: ...hopeful (talande!haha)

Haba Hair (part 1)

RR: i have a crush on you because of your blog
Mac: hahaha naks!im blushing
RR: whats up, whats on your mind right now?
Mac: para ka namang si Edward at kinakausap mo si Bella(ako si Bella bleh! LOL)
RR: sana ...
RR: i cant stay away from you anymore...

RR: hey Mac
RR: you're not seeing anyone naman right now right?
Mac: I'm seeing ghost LOL
RR: lagot
RR: would it be impertinent to say na I'd like to know you more kasi i find you really interesting?
Mac: haha lalong lagot!
Mac: when was your last relationship?
RR: my last one long time ago like a year and a half ago
RR: no one got me interested enough to stop and listen,not until now
RR: whats your star sign?
RR: Taurus? I don't really care much for signs but according to horoscope Scorpio and Taurus makes a strong couple
Mac: so Scorpio ka?
RR: oo

RR:Land line?
Mac: wala e globe lang at smart na walang load LOL
RR: gusto ko sana ikaw makausap sa phone or something
Mac:I want someone older sana for a change,I'm tired of the one in charge,wanna know what its like to be the other way around.
RR: kaya ko rin naman na alagaan kita ah mukha ba akong alagain,kidding aside, i can take care of you Mac
Mac: lets take it slow ok haha wag tayo magmadali

RR:where in laguna are you?
Mac: sa --------
RR: lapit lang pala
Mac: layo nga e
RR: di naman walang malayo pag type mo...

O?O?walang kokontra!LOL! Kumontra magkaka-pigsa sa pwet!haha

April 8, 2009

Summer at Home!

I feel like a loser when everyone else are at the beach and having fun while the pitiful me is here at home, in front of my computer and sulking!LOL.My mom said that we shall not plan any outing or gimmick this summer till she gets home from Dubai!(inggitera talaga Nanay ko haha) My mom will be having her month long vacation leave this end of April so hopefully the sun is still shining if that day comes!

I cant go out without my Mom's monetary help hahaha.So i really feel the Lenten season this week.I might as well do the "pabasa" with my own version: rap.LOL and we are having fish and veggies all week long!I saw our fridge!full of tilapia,galungong,and bangus!My sister literally follows the tradition!

But I'm secretly organizing a swimming event with my friends next week at Batangas.Been texting here and there about the date and venue hehe.Hopefully we can make it happen.My escape plan on how am I be able to escape home to go there is not yet planned!

How about you guys where are you heading this summer?

April 4, 2009

Graduation Day

I'm so proud of him.My nephew...today is his graduation.After studying so hard,he deserved it.Now he's ready for the world,he has all the knowledge and tools to accompany him into his new life...oops!sorry I got carried away!He's just in nursery.LOL! We were at SM city event center for the commencement exercise.It was a combination of nursery,kinder,prep,grade six,and high school students since its a small private school.

I'm not taking it seriously since he's just in nursery!My sister was so anxious and all!OA!(Over-Acting,an expression of most pinoys when we find something exaggerating and unnecessary) haha.And besides,I didn't know that nursery do graduation.I thought it is the kinder level who does.So this June,he'll be in kinder and next, prep, both will have graduation from their school.So most probably every year for the next two years my nephew will be attending a graduation.Again...OA!

It was so boring.The program was so long.I dont know anyone there.I almost fell asleep,this is a great discovery! Since I had a hard time sleeping,now I know what can make me sleep!Attending graduations! LOL!.I just enjoyed myself looking at people and decided to make my own version of fashion police like in E!News.When I saw someone,I'll just smile to myself and say..that's a worst dress nominee...and that's my best dress nominee.

My winner for what-the-hell-are-you-wearing award, an award I made specifically only for her, the lady who wears this satin white dress with matching pearl earrings and necklace who looks like a Muslim princess and feels like attending a wedding.I wanted to give her a veil to complete her getup.Again...OA!Im glad my family have me and I wont allow my sister or my mom looks like a funny thing on these events just like how I was laughing secretly at those unfortunate clothing disaster individuals today!kidding!haha.

Well,I remember when I graduated from high school,Im worst too.My fashion sense was like flat zero! So baduy...so jologs..It was 1996,I was wearing this blue long sleeve polo with violet stripe on it,and I paired it with a red super loose pants!When looking back at those photos I was like "what I was thinking???!" good thing there's no bull in there,for all I know he might have killed me with his horns!I even look like a Philippine flag!Sooo Yuckie!I wanted to shake that memory off me!

I find some special awards given to the graduates amusing too,there was the award for most generous,most friendly,and most cheerful!It seems that they gave those to each student,so that everyone will have a medal,the only thing missing was the award for most daring student LOL! My eyeballs are rolling when the male high school salutatorian made his speech and said: "and lastly I would like to thank my very special someone..for giving me inspiration,without you I will not accomplish all of this,thank you,Rina..." at the end and everyone was like "wooooooh.Again..OA!

What I enjoyed most was looking for cute and sexy dad who attended instead of their wives.I'm surprised though,that i found "dads" sooo mouth watering too! Or maybe I just don't have much of a choice to put my attention on,so I settled for them?Whatever!hehe.When finally the very"exciting program" ends, we saw the in-laws of my sister waiting and I was like "Oh no!"haha we didn't invite that many, since this graduation of my nephew was just like a charade!

Of course we didn't have much of a choice but to treat everyone, one said "lets eat at Max's" and my sister snapped "we'll eat at jollibee!"(the cheaper fastfood) and I was laughing my ass off when she said that haha.We decided to dine-in at Shakey's instead.We ordered the cheapest combos.LOL!There's 12 of us so our bill was kinda painful still,since we thought there would be only 4 of us celebrating in the first place.And com'on guys its recession!(palusot haha)

We ordered everyone their "bunch-of-lunch" combo and two large pizza to be shared by all.

We tried this "Greek salad" but wasn't happy about it.

Anyway,at least we had fun and my nephew had his new toys from McDonald's,you know the toy figures from "monsters vs. aliens".


I saw "wolverine" last night when I heard it was leaked through the Internet,I was one of the fortunate people to download it using a torrent!It was an awesome movie!Loved it!Enjoyed it!It even surpass the first three x-men movie.Gambit was there and even cyclops on their pre-X-Xavier days and I didn't know that saber tooth(don't know if I spelled it right haha) and wolverine are brothers!

April 1, 2009

Looks Like Insomnia

I always envy my friend Berna when it comes to sleeping...I mean the minute she lie her back on the bed instantly,that very moment,you'll hear her snoring!She could sleep while doing her thing at the toilet bowl for all I know!While the unfortunate me,it took me a while to have my most awaited sleep.I cant go to wonderland right away no matter how sleepy I was.I have to beg for it to come to me,so many shifting of positions,adjustments,etc.I've done it all.

I've done counting sheep's jumping at loops, counting cows, even counting pubic hairs!I even tried to not to think of anything,but still the same,everyday its like this.I think I'm a bit of insomniac.But just the a minor case I guess hehe.It'll take me about more than an hour before finally get to sleep.My eyes are closed but my mind are like so awake!I hate it!Tried sleepings pill,but stopped later.Dont wanna have an addiction.

And when I finally got my sleep,with a slight noise- bam!I'm awake already!then I'm back to square one!Then I discovered: Cotton balls.My new ear companion!LOL. And when there's no external interruption,my own body will try to wake me: full bladder!Waaaa! I just cant ignore it.Then I have to pee.Our bathroom is located at our kitchen like 20 steps from my room!Peeing likes bothering me for about three times in my eight or nine hours of sleeping time.

Of course "the spirit of sleep" that I've been dying to possess me will go away the moment I stepped out of my room! Good thing I discovered my new friend,saved me from those 20 steps, thanks "piknik"

Such a useful thing..my new "arinola" I love you!