January 27, 2009

Brothers: Incest

I have seen lots of gay themed Filipino and international movie,so far the most stimulating and made me really horny was "Ang Lihim ni Antonio'(antonio's secret)!It even had frontal nudity and take note with erection hehe.Its has the complete TITI-lating ingredients (peeping,straight teen curiosity,oral and anal sex and of course my fave...incest hehe.But one thing I'm looking for is about more Incest!yah yah I know its totally immoral and carnal and all hehe but that will surely bring out the sperm in me Grrrr!LOL.
AJ Dee

If you've seen the old 70's hit porn movie "taboo" 1 and 2 you'll know what I mean,and by the way its my fave straight porn of all time.Anyway,the story will be like,two teen brothers maybe 14 and 16 years old and exploring their sexuality and discovering themselves in the process.Like for example,Brothers Enchong and Aj Dee or the Jonas brothers to play the role imagine how hot it will be!Aww! I hope writers can come up with a nice movie with that plot!paging Ricky Lee!hehe.

Enchong Dee (I love him better)

I have written my dream incest movie scene here


MC said...

Napanood ko na yung "Ang lihim ni Antonio". Tito Jo wag po.. lol ayaw niya kasi magpa ****,gusto niya blowjob lang ;)

Mac Callister said...

hehe virgin n virgin pa siya si tito namn kasi wlang ka gentle gentle hehe

sexconfessions69 said...

Gaga naman si Antonio, kung gustong makipaghada si Tito Jo sa kanya, pagbigyan mo na lang siya, no? Especially since daho naman si Josh Ivan, I'm sure hindi naman magko-complain si Kenjie sa size, di ba? LOL