January 26, 2009


This is just another long and tiring day for me,I was already on the road at 10:00 am and have my picture taken,passport size and take note 20 pcs!I mean what the hell my agency will do with that tons of my adorable picture anyway?LOL! And then they asked me to photocopy my new passport,take note "new"meaning all the pages are blank..and yet they said give me a copy of all the pages!I don't know,but i just did it,whatever!

Then I headed for the bus station going to Pasay because I have to be at the Department of Foreign Affairs at 1:00 pm for the release of my authenticated documents.All seats of the bus must be filled in and I have this habit of sitting in the middle of the seats so that it will look like to those coming in that Im reserving it for someone,yeah well,I'm reserving it for someone cute!that might possibly looking for a seat when he walks in the bus and then when I spotted a target I will immediately moved to my original side and make the seat beside me so available!Nyahaha!

And a couple of time its works.I got to sit with guys that are looks so yummy I fantasized that we are some kind of boyfriends sitting together!yihaaaa!I'm sick!Gosh!haha the bus was almost full and the only remaining vacant was the one beside me and there he was.. a guy walking towards me..he walks slowly..and I pray...pls...god..dont make him sit beside me!!!He's old!A 60 year old guy!!!!Waaaaa!!!! i guess today was not my lucky bus-day huhu.

Oh come on!there's another seat at the back why did he chose mine?!And there we are sitting together..so close.. instead of sitting with my fantasy bf and now im with my fantasy death wish!LOL.Aww and damn it he's so close to me...his shoulders and arms are pressing with mine!I think he's gay!Oh God Grandpa pls!wag po! wag po!LOL I just focused my eyes on the road instead.Huhu

Well, going back to my story at 230pm I went at my agency's office and submitted those requirements ..hmm I spotted cuties but of course being the prim and proper me I just look and shut my mouth and avoid any word to come out like "uyy gwapo niya..shett!hehe

And by 430 I was on a bus again going to Alabang this time,i need to be at the Alabang Town Center for the DHL branch express I need my NBI clearance be authenticated by the Qatar Embassy,Ill let them deal with it so that I don't have to go there personally.

I got home at 7pm and I was so hungry!I'm glad I'm done with my requirements.


Exceptional said...

OMG! Parehas pala tayo ng strategy sa bus! Everone, try it. It really works. Though not at all times. Ang sarap kasi ng feeling lalo na pag didikit yong braso nya sa braso mo and you will feel something na di mo maiintindihan na ano. Siguro libog lang...LOLs!

Anonymous said...

nakadaan na pala ko dito eh.haha.btw,thanks for dropping by my humble site.add kita sa blogroll ko ha. :p

Mac Callister said...

ang sarap kaya ng magkiskisan...ng braso hehe wag green!

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil salamatpo ang dami mo readers a penge naman!hehe