March 29, 2011

Are You Kidding Me????

I was inviting R.A to visit the Marine festival with me in the city, thought, it could be another way to spend time with him and he said: OK LANG. Its not a yes or its not a NO either I assumed. So I told him, OK then lets go there later since both of us are off!

"I don't have enough money left, let's wait for the payday"

"oh come on, you still owe me a dinner hehe!" --me

"its true. i don't have enough to go out this week."

"I'm bored today, I'll take care of it. Just come with me" I insisted

And then he signed out on Face book without giving me a confirmation! he did it again! Damn him! I tried to call his cellphone but he wont pick up.

OK, fine. He's avoiding me.

I won't bother him again. As in ever again! asar na asar ako!

Magpapa-miss ako! tignan natin kundi nya ako hanapin!tse!

Many days have passed and we haven't seen each other. A good thing, I must say. Fate was helping me to move on. (parang nag-break up?LOL)

But not last Friday morning! We have the same duty! I spotted him as soon as I entered the ICU. He was busy with his documentations. I carry on with my job and pretend I'm not noticing him. I told my partner that I don't wanna go near him (he knew I like R.A) that he should help me to avoid him haha. sabwatan ito!

Everything works well until my partner got busy and I have no choice but to check the file of R.A's patient myself!

I quietly took and open the files while he was busy writing, he looked at me as soon as he felt my presence.

"uyyy, nag morning shift siya..." he said smiling.
(you're on morning shift)

"oo nga e..." (yeah) that's all I said to him. He's acting as if we're OK, hmmp! I still hold a grudge against him kaya. Pretending I was not interested in talking further and moved on to the next patient.

After a few minutes I was checking the medicines few meters away from him and he suddenly called me.

" think we'll have the salary tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe". and I continued on my work. And why is he asking me about payday tomorrow? Is he going to invite me out finally tomorrow if salary is available?


One time I was fixing the personal protective gown for the isolation patients when he jokingly pulled out its tie and I looked around and saw him silently laughing while walking away.

In my mind, I thought: Papansin siya huh. Tsk tsk tsk. (he's trying to get my attention since I'm not giving it to him on purpose) I smiled.

An evil smile!

I was bragging to my friends how successful my plan was on R.A! that finally he noticed it and he's the one making those efforts now for me to notice him this time. Yeah! Success!

On our second rounds around lunch time. I was on the phone and he was at the computer that we were so close and no one was around...I don't know what came to me and my emotions took over and I said the words that I have been keeping inside since last week!

"Hoy R.A! May atraso ka sakin". --me.
(hey R.A. You did something bad last time)

Damn! what happened to my plan????Shit! shit!

"Wala kaya... (I don't think so)" he said while smiling innocently. He knows what I'm talking about.

"Of course you know what I'm talking about...You left me at the chat room and you're not answering my call!"

"I don't have phone credits, that's why..." he continued and went back to his patient. But I followed him. I'm not finish with my interrogations yet!LOL

He was checking his patient's I.V but I kept on going: "you don't need credits to answer my call!"

"really?" he's still playing stupid.


"so tell me...why you're not answering my calls?"

He moved to another part of the bed. The patient was looking at us, maybe wondering what's the fuss all about haha. But I kept on following the moron (R.A).

"ano ka ba? nag tatrabaho ako hehehe" he said while pushing me a little to back off. He was still laughing at my persistence.

I'll go where he'll go. He cannot escape me!

He squat at the side of the bed and I squat with him too while he was checking the patient's urine bag and measuring it. I looked around and saw my partner smiling at us. Maybe he thought I was weird hahaha!

"You're avoiding me aren't you? tell me...that's why you're not answering my call?"

"I did not hear your call that's why...and besides I told you I don't have enough money left. Let's wait for the payday..." he explained.

"I told you too that we don't need more money to go the festival! Its free!"

"If we have salary tomorrow, maybe....and besides, I think the festival's finished since yesterday!"

"No. its extended till end of the month. For us!". LOL. I continued on convincing him.

"really?" and he looked at his new female colleague and said:"you wanna come? the festival he said is extended..."

WTF????are you kidding me? I wanna scream that to his face! He wants to bring this new nurse with us? On our date?!

I just walked out on him and left the unit! F*ck him!

Hay...poor Mac, no one wants to love him...Charot!

March 26, 2011


Natawa naman ako dito! My friend shared a link and saw this funny video. Business as usual! Hanep!

March 22, 2011

Should I Give Up?

Its been 2 days since our last date. I haven't heard from him since. I did my usual routine at work at the ICU when Gil noticed me and said: wow, look whose here! I did not expect to see him either on duty that afternoon.

And if Gil is here, it means R.A is on duty too! (Gil is R.A's preceptor)


I looked around...looking for a familiar face, a face that I long to see....


at the station, he looked surprised seeing me too. I cannot tell if that look was from being glad to see me or for fear that Oh-oh-he's-here-look!LOL. Our eyes met and we smiled to each other. I don't know...after our date, it just felt awkward talking or seeing him again.

I kinda missed him. I wanna run into him and give him a tight hug.

Nobody from his colleague at the ICU knew that we had our date last weekend. For them, I'm still getting nowhere on my quest to win his heart!LOL

I didn't stay longer than I used to, I finished up my work and went back upstairs to our unit. I didn't chat with him like I used too. I was trying to read his actions. I'm still guessing if he likes me or not.

I feel so insecure after I noticed his indifference. I wanna scream to his face and yell: what now! But I didn't!

di ko keri hahaha!

On my second rounds. Gil noticed that I'm quiet while doing my work, I'm not like that. We usually have this moment of fooling/joking around and talking some silly stuffs while I'm trying to get notice by R.A at work.

I already had my dinner, but Gil and R.A just about to have theirs. Gil asked me if I wanna eat with them. I said thanks, that they should go and eat for I have things to do. I was waiting for R.A to invite me too, but he was just quiet as if he did not know that I'm there. But I'm sure he knew that I am.

It hurts me that after we shared a great dinner and some time last Saturday, he was acting weird. So I thought to my self, OK, that's it! that's my sign! I should give up whatever hopes I had with him!

I finished up my rounds and my documentation after 30 minutes when they came back...I was at the faucet scrubbing my hands:

"Mac, ganyan ka di ka sumasabay sa min kumain ha!" Gil said
(Mac, you really didn't join us for dinner huh!)

"Busog na nga kasi ako!hahaha"
(I told you, I had dinner already)

I saw R.A passed by but I ignored him. Pretending that I did not see him.


I looked around and saw him.

"Here...take this..." giving me a can of milk for patients on nasogastric tube for feeding!He was teasing me to have it for dinner instead. He was smiling like a small boy, trying to be funny with his super korny joke!

Tinignan ko siya ng matagal. Nakangiti lang siya ng parang engot...

"hmpf! ah ganun take it first!" I replied. I was smiling back at him. He was laughing when he left.

For a few seconds...that brief moment. Everything around us felt so quiet. As if we had our own world. I was looking at his eyes and he was looking at mine.

Yes. It was our moment.

I know. Mababaw ako!LOL

I was smiling on my way out. As if all the worries flew in the air.
hay, shall I stop hoping or what?!

Taena ka R.A! Ginugulo mo ko!LOL


Dahil jan kakanta ako ng:Chasing Pavements!hahaha

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March 19, 2011


picture was taken during my friend's b-day party 2 weeks ago na!haha

I do feel like I'm a walking zombie...(thriller na nga fave song ko lately e!LOL)

I wake up...


go to work at the hospital...

go home...


wake up again...

Waaaah! been doing double shift for a few weeks now!

Some over time in between...

kelangan ko ng limpak-limpak na salapi!LOL
(I need to earn some more money)

been saving up for my upcoming annual vacation this coming June! I'm soooo excited! Just a few months left na lang kasi!

I feel so exhausted, but happy...

at least when I go to work...

I get to see...HIM

*landi-landi ko*

Aww! :-)

March 16, 2011

The Aftermath

The recent 8.9 magnitude earth quake and tsunami in Japan made headlines all over the world, the strongest quake in their history, its a tragic moment for the whole country. We pray that many will be saved and many will recover from this very sad day.

I have compiled many unforgettable pictures from the quake and tsunami last March 11,2011. These photos are overwhelmingly sad. Its truly unbelievable...

Collapsed House

The Swirls

Hundred Cars

Home Fire

The Big Wave

Destructive Force

The Old Man

The Victim

A Girl's Sorrow

The Lists
( I could feel this woman's fear, the camera captured her deepest emotions....really made me cry as I watched her urgency to find her loved heart's crying out for her...)

(last picture removed.

Ah, damn, its heart breaking...Its hard to imagine what these people have to go through during these dark and difficult time.

Lets help and pray for all the victim and survivor of this tragedy...

(Photos taken from here)

March 14, 2011

A Date With R.A

It was 3 in the afternoon and I checked my phone for the 3rd time if R.A left any messages, but none, I'm afraid he might cancel our date later today. Last night I've told him thru text that we're gonna see each other at 5 in the afternoon, but no reply, all night I've waited...I tried to go back to sleep but could not.

Eventually, di ako nakatiis...I sent an sms message:

"Why are you not replying my messages?"

I told my self, if he still not gonna reply, I'll consider it cancelled. Fortunately after a few minutes my phone vibrates:

"Sorry, I just woke up..."

I made a deep sigh of relief. I typed in and sent him a reply:

"I'll meet you at 5pm at the lobby and we'll go to the Villagio (a special mall here in Doha where the ceilings take your breath away, with its majestic representation of the blue sky outside. an a fake river at the heart of the mall.)".

"OK" his final text.

I ate my late lunch and think of something not too casual to wear for our first date, I don't wanna look overdressed or too casual, if he ever considers this a date after all! We'll, I do! LOL

I changed clothes 3 times and decided to go with my v-shaped Armani black shirt and topman faded gray skinny jean. I matched it with a black dog tag necklace from river island. I checked my self once again on the mirror and... danced with excitement!LOL

I waited for him at the lobby of our building, I was 10 minutes earlier. Atat lang? then I heard someone approaching, making annoying sound as he walk...and when I finally saw who it was...its Egay! my colleague!

"oh Mac! you're going somewhere??" he said

"yeah. at the villagio"

"with whom?" he noticed that I'm waiting for someone.


"you slut! who is it this time ha?" he insisted on knowing who it is.

"just go and do your own thing OK!"

"No. I'll stay and wait who you're going out with!"

Then R.A appeared and I saw Egay's wide smile as he tried to leave us. For sure he would broadcast it to our department tomorrow! grrrrr!

R.A was wearing almost identical clothes with mine! both black and faded jeans and we're both wearing the same dog tag hahaha! good thing I didn't wear my nerdy eyeglasses!

Inside the cab, I wanna hold his hand and give him light kisses on his lips..but I didn't. Or else he would jump out of the car or the driver might hit the break instantly!

I content my self with playing innocently and accidentally touching his arms and pasimple simpleng pag akbay...masaya na ko dun...hehehe.

I also found out he likes Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton! Yuckyyyy! asar talo siya sakin!

He did much of the talking, I just listen and laugh most of the time. He loves to share his stories. I think he's an old fashioned guy. We ate at T.G.I Friday's and had back ribs and steaks and chicken wings and shrimps and salmon. It was a nice dinner though. I love talking to him. He looks too childish with his eyeglasses and braces whenever he remembered something funny and laughed.

Then the pinoy waitress approached me and said:

"sir, please don't get mad if I ask you something..."

For a brief moment, I was speechless and nervous for what she might ask! Could it be she noticed that we're extra sweet to each other and wanna know if we are actually a couple????

"what is it?" I then asked.

"Can I see your wristwatch? Can I ask where you got it?"

Oh. That's my first reaction haha. I thought it was something else. I told her its from Toywatch and left us.

R.A don't wanna see a movie at the Imax, he said he don't like the films being shown. I was disappointed of course. I wanna spend more time with him, and my evil plan involved touching his hands on the dark corners of the cinema! LOL

We've just entered the amusement park and checked out their amazing rides. We've sat at the bench where we could talk a little. I sat so close to him and put my arms at the back of the bench almost on top of his broad shoulders...from time to time I was touching his shoulders sending him intimate carnal signals hahaha!

On our way out of the mall I saw my friend's Ric and his wife Reen and their closeted gay friend Al whom they are talking about! Oh Lord, he's cute!LOL

Ric was teasing me that me and Al look great together without knowing that R.A is my date! and placed us beside each other as they took us home. I was in the middle of Al and R.A! hahaha. Al was so nice and actually "gay".

When we got to our building towards the lift, I asked R.A if he wants to come up at my unit and spend some more time. He said "I think, I'll pass". I just smiled and said goodnight...

Now I was left confused and disappointed, I thought I'd get laid tonight!LOL. Maybe he found my invitation too fast? Kidding aside, I really like R.A, if I wanna be with someone, I want it to be him... insert bruno mars' song GRENADE:

I'll catch a grenade for yah...throw my hand on a blade for yah...I'd jump in front of a train for know I'd do anything for yah...I would go thru all this pain...take a bullet straight thru my brain...yes, I would die for yah baby...But you won't do the same...

Yeah, thanks Bruno...I don't know if he would do the same.

I still don't know whether he's just looking for a friend or what. I never ask him directly what his feelings about me, so I don't want to conclude yet. nakikiramdam palang ako kumbaga. Let's just wait and see...It's just our first date anyway.

I called up Ric after a few minutes and asked about Al!!! LOL

March 12, 2011

And Then He Said Yes!!!

For a few days I kept on flirting with R.A, I've been extra sweet, spending extra time talking at him even though I have nothing else to do at the ICU, been throwing jokes about going out and etc, I'm sure he gets it, unless MANHID siya noh!

Then I went to London for 4 days without telling him, and then when I came back Gil told me that when he asked R.A about me this question: "so how are you and mac?" and he told me, R.A replied with this: "he's always missing", that's the time Gil told him "tange, he's in London, you didn't know?"

It made me smile, so, he misses me after all!

And as I soon as I went online on Face book, he started chatting with me:

"Hello, bigla nalang nawala... Yun pala natuloy sa lugar na sinasabi niyang pupuntahan niya"
(hello, you've been gone, and found out you went to that place you're talkin about)

"hahaha, hey! I'm back!"

"walang pasalubong?" he teased
(no souvenir for me?)

"of course, I have! I'll give it to you later"

When we got to see each other, i handed him this big chain made of silver with a print on its heart: I love London. I bought it specially for him. Without him knowing that it has another partner on my keeping...hehehe! hindi niya alam mag jowang bear yun!

"aw shit! May puso pa talaga ha..." Gil teased me and pointed the red heart on the bear I gave to R.A. I knew R.A noticed it too, but I just played innocent. Deadma

I've been trying to hide my feelings towards him, as my friend advised me, that i shall not reveal my true feelings so easily to a guy I like, no matter how much I like him, that I should play hard to get too LOL! So days have passed that our scheds didn't match and we're not able to see each other but I sent an sms message on him once...

When he saw me online at FB he said:

"hello, anong duty? Di ata kita nakikita sa hospital a..."
(hello, what's your duty? How come I havent seen you at the hospital lately?)

"Sungit mo kaya sa text kahapon.." I said
(you we're snobbish yesterday when I text you)

"ah, yeah, I was not in the mood. Work problem. I wanna transfer to another hospital"

"what! you're planning to leave me without going out on a date with me first?LOL!" I can't believe that I really typed the word DATE! waaaaah!

"LOL ka rin"

That's it! that's his fuckin reply to what I just said! Grrrrr!

He's been chatting with me every now and then when ever he sees me online, which I must admit gave a wide smile on my me hope, that maybe, maybe...arghhhh! I don't wanna expect anything! F*ck!

But his message yesterday almost made me fell on my chair:

"hello, kelan ka manlilibre?"
(hello, when are you gonna treat me for dinner?)

Pakshet! I used to say those words at him! And this time, he's throwing that line back at me!!! taena! I wanna scream and shout to the world that R.A is finally asking me out!!!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

"Ikaw lang naman ayaw e...kelan ka off?"
(I'm just waiting for you to say yes.When is your day off?)


"Ok, saturday then..."


March 8, 2011

Let's See It Together!

I was on the hallway about to enter the ICU where I am assigned and the voice of Mel kept on playing over and over again to my ears when we had a conversation at his car earlier:

"ask him out already...ang bagal mo!"

He was referring to R.A his new colleague and my new crush-crushie hehe. I kinda like his nerdy-virginal-soft spoken-character and dark skinned too! Damn! I have so many adjective for him!hehehe.

I like him. As in so much that I'm almost thinking of him every day. I'm just not sure if he likes me too or if he likes straight guys or gay guys too! Its hard to read him!

Its been a few days since I showed interest in him. But I still haven't gone far at all! All I did was to make smile and make-pacute at him and invited him at my face book and had a few chat!

I took a deep breath and spotted him immediately at patient number 3...its his patient I assumed. I didn't go at him yet, instead I went to check on patient number 1...took my time till patient number 2 and when I'm about to see his patient number 3, he's already facing me and was giving me something on his hand....

"hey, here's the pen that I promised to give you..." he said smiling. Oh my gosh, I was about to melt. I mean, I almost forgot that i asked for that same pen like 4 days ago, but here he is still honoring that promise...*kilig*

"thank you! you remembered!" I said and kept the pen to my pocket. and thought: I won't use this pen ever and will kiss it goodnight everytime! Chos!

"of course". he said and went back to his paper works.

I continued on my rounds and Mel whispered "did you invited him out already?"

"not yet! atat ka?sasama ka sa lakad?!" and we laughed together.

When I finally got the chance to approach him alone, I took a deep breath and started a conversation:

"you know what, I hated my friends..."

"huh? why is that?"

"I was asking them since last week to see a movie on I-max, but they didn't say yes, but I found out they saw it yesterday when I was at duty! Imagine!" this is actually a true story haha I didnt make it up, but decided to use the situation on my favor.

"wow I-max. What movie you wanted to see?" he asked.

"The Green Hornet."

"hey that's still new! I've heard some good reviews about it."

I saw the excitement from his eyes. Hmmm, I think he likes the idea of going to see a movie. This is good. I took a deep breath once again and said the magic words:

"Come with me, lets see it together..." I nervously laughed and tap his shoulders for some reason that I don't know! LOL and I just walked away from him and see other patient's chart without knowing his answer!

Grrrrrrr! Stupid! Stupid!

When I calmed down and back to my relaxed self again. I approached him once again and sat in front of his table. Tutukan ko na toh! LOL

I saw Gil, his preceptor (his teacher since R.A is only new to the job) which is my friend by the way. I secretly sent him away from us so that I could have R.A for myself alone!

"so R.A, what now? come lets watch The Green Hornet this weekend"

"where do they have the Imax here?"

"At the villagio".

"How much is the entrance?"

"not that much... I think around 55 riyals"


"kuripot mo!"

"hahaha I haven't have my paycheck yet Mac. So technically I'm still poor!" and we both laugh at his remarks. When I looked around I saw Mel, Gil and Ate Luz watching us with a giant silent teasing smile on their face! natawa ako sa itsura nila!

I was about to say that the date is on me, that's when his monitors started alarming. He got so busy that I was left hanging again!


When I approached ate Luz she said: "o ano, napasagot mo na ba?" (did he say yes?) with a voice so loud that R.A might hear at the other side!!!

shhhhhhhh!!! wag ka maingay!!!

March 6, 2011

My UK Experience (part 2)

I was awaken by my phone's alarm the next day. It was 7 in the morning. I slept very well on my hotel room, thanks to the heater which works perfectly on this cold weather. I lazily took a shower and get dressed. Yesterday, I was wearing black, but today, the theme of my white...snow queen... I told myself and laughed on my reflection on the mirror. ganda ko!

And when I looked outside my window, it was raining real hard!! Waaaah! not now! I'm wearing my white outfit! I cannot change now, I have no back up plan, so panindigan ang pag puti-putian hehehe!

We had our free breakfast: eggs, ham, toast bread, butter, and tea, which was the same as yesterday and the next and the next!LOL. I mean come on! They served the same thing every f*uckin day!

I feel good and excited today. My 3rd day to London. Our plan is to visit as much as many places as we can that we failed to do yesterday. Since it was raining, me and ate Eliza, the Filipino nurse I was with, she's 53,same age as my mom, shared her umbrella, unfortunately after a few minutes her heavy black jacket got soaked in the rain that it started to mess with my white outfit! nahawahan ng kulay ng jacket nya un suot ko! waaaah!

Not only that, she started complaining about walking. That her jacket was so heavy. That her boots are painful. That her legs are not cooperating. Her bag is too small and that white bag also got broken, that we need to find a new one blah-blah. At first I tried to understand her, but eventually I run out of patience! She totally annoys me in the end!

I told her to get rid of that outrageous jacket! its ugly anyway! her boots? I told her not to wear it anymore, she's complaining about how painful it is on her foot since yesterday but she still wearing it today! Maygash! Her legs? because she's wearing three layers of tights underneath her skin tight jeans! for pete's sake how could she really move with all of that?! She c0mplains about everything! hayyyy!

We found her a shoe store and she did bought a new pair of boots that will comfortably make her walk. I found myself a pair of sunglasses too from Italian designer, Trussardi and Laura Biogiotti! they're on sale!!! ang saya ko!

there's a tomb inside this church, some duke or earl or something hehe

Our first destination was the church near Hyde park which I forgot the name, sorry, I'm not religious kasi!LOL. Then we checked out Kensington Palace and gardens where Queen Victoria and Princess Diana used to live and other Princess. Then walk walk walk...Hyde Park, with its breath taking view and lake with swans and birds...walk walk walk again, and ate Eliza was breathless! LOL

OK we paused like every 3 minutes! hellooooo!

The Albert Memorial at Hyde Park

It was so tall and high, I wonder if its true gold...hmm

We also saw the Princess Diana memorial gardens, and the Albert memorial. Ate Eliza asked me to stop for a while for her to sit and rest...I just sighed and tried to understand. One piece of advice: don't bring an elderly person on your trip next time! LOL

pa-cute at the Kensington Palace

at the Kensington garden

at the lake at Hyde Park

royal albert hall

On the way to the subway, we passed by the Victoria and Albert museum, I got so excited that I left ate Eliza somewhere and let the arts consumed was fascinating. My favorite part of the display are the jewels and the crowns for royalties. Too bad pictures are not allowed on that room.

This is an actual tomb of husband and wife

Part of our plan was to visit Buckingham palace, London bridge and the tower of London, but due to ate Eliza's condition I decided not to go on with it, and besides its already dark and we won't be able to appreciate them anymore. I was too disappointed. But what else to do. She cannot walk anymore and I cannot leave her by herself. I just thought of my mother who is the same age as her hehe.

We've decided to go back to Oxford street to finish our unfinished shopping spree and souvenir hunting. Ate tons of Filipino foods with pork once again and went back to the hotel for tomorrow afternoon is our flight back to Doha city.

This is me, waiting for some British guy to pick up and to take home! LOL!

March 1, 2011

My UK Experience (part 1)

I felt the cold air rushing through my face as soon as we got out of the plane, it was cold. I have never felt this kind of cold air before. The weather forecast said it would be 6 degrees today. It was really cold. I was so excited, I could not wait.

Those hundred years old buildings, the people, the fashion, and that kind of accent that's too difficult to understand! LOL

Yes! I am indeed in the city of London!

After we left the hospital where we transferred our 3 month old patient for a series of test and procedures, (gonna tell you about my experience transferring our patient from one country to another some other time) a driver from our embassy picked us up and dropped us to the Oliver hotel at cromwell road, kensington. We booked ourselves for 3 nights and paid 5o pounds/night ( its like 3600 pesos per night)

The hotel was just fine. Don't like the staffs, don't like their foods, I only love its location where its very near to the subway and the stores are all over the place.

Jebs na jebs na ko nun dumating sa room ko...nun makatapos..taena! walang hose or tabo man lang! LOL. buti nalang nakakita ako ng baso sa lababo.....hahaha. Di ako sanay ng tissue noh!

Anywayz, we've found some filipino restaurants across the streets and they served pork! eat all you can pa!(8 pounds lang! wagi!) nagning-ning ang mga mata namin nun makakita at makalasap ng BABOY! LOL

The next day, we headed to oxford street (shopping district) where we did a little shopping! pakshet andaming mura! I mean, most shops are having their sales! Its like my heaven on earth! hahaha!

After a few pocket money was cut into half instantly!

The coins are confusing here! I mean every cents counts! Kalokah! bobo pa naman ako sa tuusan!

mura ng GAP dito as in!

Bought some souvenir items for my sister and my friends

I easily learned how to use the underground trains (tube) where a voice recording always says: MIND THE GAP...(maynagap daw!chos!) Its amazing! we could easily go anywhere we like to go!

This city is so easy and friendly to tourist even if its your first time! Hindi kami nawala promise! Andali matutunan at mapuntahan mga lugar as long as you have your map, as long as you could read and know how to ask!

I also noticed people here loves to wear black! its like a fashion runway on the streets! Nakakalibang!

We saw the London Eye (tallest ferris wheel in europe), but ate Eliza, 53 y.o. was too afraid to ride (so KJ!), we took pictures with the Big Ben (clock tower) at the back. We were having fun but at the same time walang tigil ang tulo ng uhog ko dahil sa punyetang lamig na yan! tagus tagusan sa tatlong patong na damit ko!hahaha!

After taking countless pictures and buying souvenirs, I asked her if she would like to come with me at the abercrombie and fitch branch at Burlington gardens. One of my mission to London is to get an original shirt from that famous brand.

We had a hard time locating it, but when we did, I was so surprised that a shirtless model wearing just a tight fitting jean is in front of the store! I soon realized he's a model and saw his face on the brand's paper bags! I tried to get as much self control I could not to throw my self on his arms and lick his pinkish nipples! LOL

muntik na ko labasan sa kanya!chos! He's so fuckin sexy!

The store was jam packed with people! We could hardly move around to check each items! they spoke different language too! international na ito! My gosh! This brand is really that famous that its the only store in the area with this much shopper!

This place kinda reminds me of a scene from a koreanovela I saw few years back hehe

It was much colder at night..nangangatal nga ko... I could not believe how some people I saw on the streets could actually wear shorts and mini skirts with this kind of weather! malamang kulubot na kepyas nila dahil sa exposure sa lamig! LOL