April 27, 2011

Come Inside

My friends are funny, they are reporting to me every possible gay guy at the hospital they've met and would say: Mac, there's a new guy upstairs and I'm pretty sure you'll like him!

And me being so...curious! I'm about to say, slutty!LOL would go up and check him out!

Meet RJ. Pinoy, registered nurse at the ICU, 5'3'' in height,and cute hehe. I immediately have a crush on him.

My friends helped me to get a way with him, they did some strategy so that I could talk to him and introduced my self.

And yeah, after many days of talking to him I finally got his attention and we became facebook friends hehehe. We've been chatting for a while now, just talking about anything. There's one thing bothering me though...

He said he has a girlfriend.

"Hay naku, I'm pretty sure he just made that up!" my friends keep on assuring me. I had a hard time accepting that fact too, I mean he's way too obvious to me. He is one of us. And besides he kept on telling me we should go out sometime. I'm just waiting for the right moment to ask him out on a date.

The other day, I visited his patient assignment at the ICU, I was just hangin' around to have some moment with him, and he didn't disappoint me, he's too entertaining. He wanted to know things about me, he's way too curious on knowing me. Well, i might be wrong too, but I don't know. Im just enjoying this while it lasts.

You know what's funny?He's friends with R.A! whateva!!!

He asked for a mint candy because he saw me chewing one. When I returned he asked:

"Where's my mint Mac?"

"Oh here, i got you two...I was about to give you three...(for I love you) but I only got two instead!" Im not sure he gets what I mean haha but I laughed!

I was standing at the nurse's station waiting for my colleague when he called, he signaled me to come at his patients room. I didn't realize what he meant at first so I did not move. He called again, this time much clearer

"Mac, come over here...inside."

For a brief second, nalibugan ako! (got horny!LOL) its as if he's calling me to make out inside the private room with his patient inside! He look so hot while at the door calling!

I was curious what are we gonna do inside...

"come...close the door..." he shut the curtain close as I closed the door when I got in...taena talaga...tinigasan ako promise!LOL

"why am I here?" I asked

"nothing, just be here while I clean my patient..." he said while preparing his things


huwat???biglang lambot pututoy ko tuloy LOL! I was disappointed of course, but its alright at least we get to spend a little time alone, me and him solo on this room with a comatose patient! Things are getting better and better.

I moved closer to his side...so close that my body are squeezing his while he's busy with doing the oral care...I was rubbing my skin against his in a not so obvious way....well, maybe a little obvious, because he moved to the other side of the bed!hahaha I scare him off?! LOL

I wonder how it felt like making out in front of a comatose patient!hahaha.I was thinkin pa naman what if I kiss him right there or lick his earlobes! would he run off too?

Anywayz, we just talked. I noticed he's avoiding topics about his girlfriend. He was also asking about where I grew up, my family, etc, and he also shared some stories of his childhood, and how typhoon ondoy destroyed their house and properties.

Its a nice moment for us. So decent that my nose bled out!LOL

After a few minutes I told him I need to go. Because the other nurses might notice us spending so much time inside a closed room.

Baka isipin nila bakla ako!charr!

April 24, 2011

Magkaibigan Lang

Magkausap kami ni Brian sa cellphone nun isang hapon, overseas call, pinag uusapan namin un nalalapit kong bakasyon. Sinabi nya na excited na siya makita ako ulit at sa wakas matutuloy na siya makasama kaming mag anak sa Palawan.

Si Brian ang ex boyfriend ko na nakatagal sa kin ng mahabang panahon, siya lang ang pinakamatagal kong nakarelasyon, nag hiwalay kami 3 years ago na ata, pero naging magkaibigan pa din kami till now. In fact paborito siya ng nag iisa kong kapatid. Close sila!

Excited na ko sumakay ng eroplano!haha, bida niya.

Tanga, sorry to interrupt you, di na tayo tuloy sa palawan! baka around Luzon nalang tayo! sabi ko para matigil na siya sa pangangarap nya hehe.

May pangako kasi kami sa isa't-isa ni Brian na kapag pareho kaming single pag uwi ko ng pinas this June, kami nalang ang mag spend ng time together, somewhere, some time. Pero di namin pinag uusapan ang relasyon, although binibiro ko siya ng ganito lagi:

O sige ikaw isasama ko sa trip, pero ihanda mo katawan mo bilang kabayaran!LOL

Gago ka! - yan ang madalas niya sagot sakin :-)

Last year kasi siya talaga ang originally isasama ko sa Bora, kaso nag ka jowa naman ako bago ako umuwi, binawi ko yun imbitasyon ko sa knya at yun jowa ko isinama ko instead!hahaha

"E kasi naman, sana ako nalang sinama mo dun e di sana di ka nagsisisi ngayon!" tukso nya nun malaman na nag break kami nun jowa kong yun after Bora trip.

Nakaka-miss din siya, I invited him to spend some time sa bahay namin pag uwi ko. Para may maka-makasama lang ako pag gala gala saan-saan kapag busy ang sister ko.

Tutulungan ko din siya ipasok sa dating ospital na pinagta-trabahuhan ko dati sa Pinas. Kasi naman pinagalitan ko siya na sinasayang ang oras nya sa pagko-call center e nursing grad naman siya!

Malaki kikitain nya sa pag aabroad, kaya dapat nag sisimula na siya mag ipon ng working experience. Mas matagal na hospital working experience mas appealing sa mga employer!

Ayun mabuti at nakinig naman si Tanga! LOL

April 21, 2011

Nothing At All

Nakakadisappoint mga lalake sa buhay ko ngayon...

They would get your attention...flirt with you...talk and chat with you all the time for countless hours...make you expect that there's something...

and they would just disappoint you in the end...


Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo tse!

So, now I better listen to my FEELGOOD SONG nalang...and not gonna do anything at all...nothing at all!

April 19, 2011


When I came to our department on an evening shift, they told me immediately that the hospital activated THE DISASTER CODE...

I was like: Come again?

Disaster Code, they repeated. I asked why, what happened? We only activate this code during earthquakes, bombing, big fires, or anything which involves a lot of people being hurt. We already have standard plan for that, we already know what we're about to do in case of disaster like that.

But I haven't heard of anything, or news at all! that's why I'm confused.

The patients will be coming from Libya!


It all sinked in to my tiny mind! Due to the current situation and war going on in Libya, their own hospitals cannot accommodate their own patients. They need assistance to take care of their sick and unstable patients. They don't have enough health care providers left since many of them already flew back to their own country for fear on their own lives.

They'll be bringing about 5o patients. We don't know how many are critical. So everyone must prepare everything we need to assist in the emergency room. My senior staff continued.

5o people? Oh noooooo! I cannot imagine it! that much? we could receive many patients at our ER but not this much and all together at once! This would be chaos...I mean that's crazy!

and besides I'm not in the mood to be so busy today!LOL

On the other hand, I kinda felt excited, I thought, maybe this is what I'm missing, the action, the adrenaline, the craziness of the hospital when its too busy and too crowded when everyone was pressured to save more lives as much as possible!

parang yun napapanood ko sa Greys Anatomy! you know, yun may darating na sabog ang paa, labas bituka, putol ulo or puro tama ng baril. Nakaka excite un di bah? Its like we're inside the warzone!

They even asked me to join the team who would go take a plane to Libya and help pick up patients and bring them back here!

Huwat? me???? with eyes wide open pa yun ha! haha yoko nga! ano ko tange mabomba pa ko dun hahaha! Ibang bomba ang trip ko hindi mga bazooka!LOL

So, No way. I refused. yun lang! charrr!

The whole emergency room prepared for the worst, we brought many ventilators and bag-valve mask and all respiratory aids kit. I could feel the tension in the air. We are all first timers here. We don't know what to expect. We were oriented on what to do but its still nerve wracking when you're actually on the situation!

I saw CB. That flirty straight cute nurse that I have a big crush on.

Mac, you're covering our area?

Yes, I would be responding to all critical cases.

Good, but i want you on my bed. My bed only.

I wanna burst into laughters when he said his bed. He meant, the bed he was assigned to. That I should assist only on the patient to his assigned bed. It just sounded so dirty when he said it with eyes directly looking at me. That slut!LOL

Wag ka selfish! i-share mo ko sa ibang nangangailangan sakin haha!

He even helped me assembling my machine on his bed. "My hose is not fitting on the sucket, CB, this is difficult..." I continued.

"Maybe its still a virgin Mac...you gotta put some lube..."

I threw a pen at his face! good thing he was able to dodged it.

He came near me and took the hose Im holding and tried it himself, aww and sweet naman ni CB hehehe! Its been days that I imagined him on my bed. Every part of his body screams SEXY.

Taenang CB to! ang hot ng hayop!LOL

When everything was set. The time those patients are expected to come passed by...an hour...three hours... four hours...still nothing...

They even asked all nurses to stay till 12 midnight! e hanggang 10pm lang dapat sila!

One in the morning, they arrived...I was ecstatic.. I checked the room...one...two...and three...not critical...

more came...one by one...some are comatose and burned... some are victims of gunshot but stable, some are intubated already...and that's it!!!


that's it???? where's my crazy-chaotic-warzone-scenario????LOL

Anywayz, I was so disappointed big time, as in to the highest level of disappointment haha but I still helped managing the patients though, till my 16hrs shift ends in the morning.

hay naku!

OA yun nag inform na disaster code yun! tanga siya!LOL

FYI: di po ako nurse. I'm a therapist :-)

April 15, 2011

In Just Two Months

are you ready for me?

For two weeks, I've been harassing my boss to allow me to go home this June first for my annual vacation leave. But he always say NO. His reason: too many staffs already going. He's giving me July, but I said NO-NO-NO! LOL

No one to blame but himself. He shouldn't allowed those without request to go. I made my request as early as December last year. I am legitimate to go. So I know, I am right to fight for my June vacation!

That was end of march, he said we will talk again this April when 15 more staffs from the Philippines arrived (grabe andaming hiring sa'min ngyon!). So I held his words, I calmed down and wait for those new staffs.

But 3 days ago, my friend Cher called me up and said that my boss signed Mina's vacation request this June 5!

Huwaaaat????? Just like that without a word he signed it!!! what is this? some kind of joke! Di talaga ako nakatulog nun gabi dahil sa kabuwisitan! LOL

I went to the office the next day and argued with him. I wont rest until he said yes! tse! I asked for back-up with other senior staffs from our department to point out how unfair it was to me. After a few minutes of debating. He finally said signed my papers.

So today, i woke up with a terrible sore throat and colds! LOL (not connected, just saying!) I got my forms and had it signed by everyone who supposed to sign it and went to the airlines of my choice and had my flight scheduled and ticket!

Yes, I am ready to go home this June 1. hangsaya-saya! its only 35 days, but its alright, I'm gonna make the most out of it.

I'm planning to meet some of few bloggers I'm following in between my busy days, some are them are:

the wholesome Nimmy and Leo, why? because they inspired me, they've been together for a long time now and still as cheesy as they could be. I wanna get to know them, they seems to be a lot of fun, ask them a lot of things and stuffs, they might give some advice on my ever hopeless love life!

Nishiboy--why? because he happens to live in Laguna too! uber lapet sa bahay namin hehe.

Jepoy--why? known him for more than a year na thru his blog and chatting na din. He has this great personality and it intrigues me :-)

Ceiboh--well, must say he became an friend online. He visits and leave comments on my blog most of the time. So its just right to finally meet him in person and tell him to eat! maygash ang payatot nya! char!

and HIM,

and HIM,

and finally HIM!...LOL

Anywayz, it would be memorable if Im able to meet them. Of course if they have the time lang naman da vah!

Hay how I wish tomorrow when I wake up, its June 1 already!

April 14, 2011

Happy For Sis

care to join my umbrella?

Seeing my sister's pictures with her son and husband at face book ,who just came home from working abroad by the way, makes me really happy for her. They make a really cute couple. And I thanked her for giving me a very cute and adorable nephew. he calls me Ninong (godfather), gosh how I miss it!

My brother in law like me is an OFW who comes home every year. Finally, after a long time, at least even for one month they are family. A complete family.

The happiness from my sister's face is priceless...I love her dearly.


eto na, syempre eemote na naman ako!LOL

how I wish I have my own someone too...you know, a sweet partner to come home to.


April 8, 2011

Sa 'Yo Nga 'To!!!

Hi Mac. Kamusta na yun nililigawan mo dyan?

Ayun basted. Ikaw kasi e...

Bakit naman ako? Wala naman ako ginagawa a...

E kasi kaw, di mo ko sineseryoso, naghanap tuloy ako ng iba dito, ayan tuloy nasaktan lang ako....

Hahaha! Ako pa talaga ang may kasalanan!

Oo ikaw hehe

Wala akong ginagawang masama. At tsaka ang daming nakapaligid sayo dyan...

Wala kaya!

Huh! Nagbabasa kaya ako ng blog mo!!!

Add na kita sa facebook dali! Sabi mo add mo ko . Dali na para di na kita masyado mamimiss kapag magka FB na tayo:-(

Talaga lang ha! I'll think about it.

Ikaw, lagi mo nalang ako binabalewala...

Chick boy ka kasi...

Chick boy ka jan! Naghahanap lang ako ng someone who could make me happy...

Kaya nga di kita ma-add e...kasi andami mong nagugustuhan

Crushes lang naman yun a...

Weh di nga?!LOL

Nalulungkot kasi ako

Ikaw kasi ma-L!

Ikaw nga jan nakakatiis na ilang araw na di ako nakakausap e. Pano pag bf na kita?kawawa naman ako pag nagkataon!

Bakit sinagot na ba kita ha Mac! hahaha

Kakainis ka naman e! Umayos ka nga! :-)

I'm always OK

I mean, ano ba kasi gusto mo sa kin? Tagal mo naman kasi magtapat! hahaha

Gusto ko sa yo? PERA. hahaha

Sapakin kita jan gusto mo?!

Pwde din!

O sige, ano ba gusto mo? Yun di na ko manliligaw ng iba?


Bakit ba parang ayaw mo na lumalandi ako dito? umamin ka na....uyyyyyyyyyy!

Basta. Just OK

Hay naku!

Mac, wag atat! LOL

Matagal na naman kita kilala e....matagal na din kita gusto....hindi ko tuloy alam if seryoso ka or what...

Im just making sure of myself before i enter into a relationship. At saka hindi ka din naman sure din sa kin e...

E ano na nga? para maka move on na ko sayo haha

Gusto mo naman kasi Mac bigay agad e...hay...

Kasi I thought, we have something...something I could look forward to when I get home...


Anong OK?


OK what nga???!

Read between the lines. OK. Bye.

...And He signed out. Just like that.


Alam mo bang nakakainis ka? Bakit ka ba ganyan? Don't you see I miss you and everyday I've been waiting for you to talk to me...you left me last year and now you came back pero ganun pa din...

andamot mo...

kahit konti lang... konti...sana bigyan mo ko ng chance na mapasali sa buhay mo. If you could just let me in.

But then again. You have no time.


April 6, 2011

A Day Off

It was my day off and I was just at home still on my bed at 12 in the afternoon when my friend called me and asked me if I wanna go out. I have nothing else in mind to do, so instead of sulking all day long, I said yes to her.

The sand storm didn't stop me from going out haha kever! I picked her up at their building and we went straight to the place I've been wanting to visit for quite some time now. Its a great timing since I bought a new digital camera I might as well do some test shot.

Adik kami pareho sa picture taking and posing-posing kaya nagkakasundo kami!LOL

The fire Torch during the Asian Games held here years ago

The Stadium

La lang, pacute lang. Mejo napabukaka a! muntik na ata sumilip betlog ko hahaha!

Check out my other photos nalang sa face book account ko. Chos! (secret yun!LOL)

We're having a great time when my stupid camera run out of battery!Taena! So yun, we just went inside the nearby mall and ate some mexican baked potato, ang sarap!!!

At dahil over sa over stress ako, naisipan ko nalang bumili ng relo!

Jusko, dumugo bulsa ko dito!LOL

Does it look good on me or what?!I love it!

At dahil may konti akong kayabangan sa katawan, ipaparangya ko siya agad sa ospital bukas!!! bwahaha

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April 4, 2011


All signs leads to only one conclusion:

He's just not into me.

He's hiding on face book and if we're chatting, he would just leave, and won't take my calls every time I tried to talk to him. He's saying no indirectly on my invites to go out.

Yeah. I think R.A is rejecting me. I'm rejected. Lets say it all together now. Rejected.

Sa madaling sabi: Basted ang Mac...(insert hysteric cry...)

I wanna die.....


So, I thought to myself. OK, fine, go on with your life and hang yourself when you can't take it anymore! hahaha.

Henywayz, due to stress, I've gained weight, slight :-) been eating too much lately. Been becoming emo lately too. Pero I know this shall pass too. All I need is a good porn! chos!

For 5 days, I've been avoiding R.A na, kung ayaw mo wag mo ang drama ko haha. Yes! Ampalaya ako! nuknukan ng pait!

Well, I'm trying to avoid him. Just being casual and polite towards him. I don't have a choice, I don't wanna be way too close with him and get hurt, right? So, I have to keep my distance and keep off the grass!LOL

Its funny seeing Darkguy and R.A and me on one ICU, working together...my past and my supposedly future! Toink!

(wala silang kamalay malay that Darkguy and me used to f*ck! take note: USED TO.)

My colleague told me that R.A asked him:

"galit sakin 'yang kasama mo noh? (refererring to me)"
(your partner hates me, isn't?)

O, di ba atleast kunyari affected siya!

Sigh, my love life sucks! Can someone just come along and save me? :-)

Jan na nga kayo makakanta nalang sa videoke ng I just need somebody to love ni justine bieber LOL

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