January 15, 2009

Parting Time Sucks

My sister is a little down today,though she tried to hide it but I can still feel it,why?because her husband is going back to Saudi Arabia tonight his flight is scheduled at 1am,after more than a month of vacation it will be another 2years before she could see him again.I hate parting time! My sister even joked around and said "he is so busted I have my period now!"haha too bad for him!

But at least they are together last Christmas and new year and I know my sister is so happy about it.I love my sister she is the only one close to me,next to my mom,since there's only two of us we don't have many siblings to play with when we were young.And she's the first person I told that I'm gay.At first she couldn't understand that how could two gay like each other haha.I mean she thought if one is gay he will only like straight guys and not the same third sex.She kinda cant imagine whose blue and whose pink in the gay relationship and I said I'm definitely the blue one!haha

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