January 16, 2009

A Day at the Manila City Hall

Another working abroad requirement:Going to Manila City Hall.Authentication.I set the alarm at exactly 7am but to some reason my alarm clock never made a single noise to wake me up!Damn!So what happened instead of 7:00 am I accidentally woke up at around past 8:00 am haha good thing my dad made some noise outside.My sister accompanied me since she don't have anything to do today.

The weather still as cold as before we have to boil water just to survive bathing! Its like taking a bath in the morning is the greatest challenge of my life!haha its so freakin' cold! my balls are shrinking to death!Well,anyway,going back to my story,I have to go Manila City Hall for the authentication of my employment certificate and my seminars and trainings certificate before submitting it to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for another authentication this time with a red ribbon in it.I wonder why red ribbon?they could choose pink.. and call it "pink ribbon" haha so gay!

The old building was so fascinating outside,looks so old but magnificent,the lobby is nice and bright,it is our first time to get inside the city hall we only see it from outside before.But too bad after the lobby,the walls and the rooms needs renovation...We went straight at the 4th floor,where the fat lady put some notes and asked us to go to the 2nd floor room 226,I believe for notarizing my papers and there another lady attended to us put some seal and signed my documents and asked us to go back at the 4th floor where we've been first and asked me to pay 300 pesos!50 pesos per page,mind you ha,no receipt!haha

Back at the fat lady at the 4th floor,she typed on something attached it to my papers and voila!another 25pesos and of course no receipt again! Asked us again to go to the window outside, Its already 1:00 pm and the lady inside the window isn't opening yet lunch break was over and she could see people are waiting for her majestic return to her post(nagmamaganda) and still she managed to take some time to chat with her co-workers without being considerate to us since we haven't had our lunch yet!

If I'm not mistaken it is window 6,there we paid another 70 pesos for the authentication and this time thank God with an official receipt!All we could say was"Hayyy(*sigh)...Filipinos...Filipinos..."But hey,I still love my country maybe there's still a chance for us in the future..hmmm..maybe 100 years from now!LOL!haha

When she haven't been making any signs of returning to her post we went straight in front of her window to show her and make her start to attend to us,and we're making a face in front haha and finally she sat down and took off the "closed sign" but we could actually feel her irritability in speaking to us "I don't have a change to your money yet pay only at exact amount" haha and I said "I don't have the exact 70 pesos" we just smile knowing that we annoyed her haha! "haller its your damned job !"she's such a bad employee,drop the attitude lady!

We returned my documents inside room 401 at the fat lady but this time she passed us to this old guy instead and make some notes again and called my name and gave me a slip and told me to return on Tuesday for the release at 8:00am!yikes too early! hayyy this preparing of my documents is making me tired!So my schedule at Tuesday will be this : 8:00 am manila city hall,then I will submit it at DFA before 11:00am i just hope its not a "blockbuster line" when I get there LOL .

I wonder what is the result of my medical exam...I'm fit to work or not???haha.


Anonymous said...

that's sad. red tape is all over the place. public servants should fix their act.

Richard the Lionheart said...

Naks naman...

Goodluck sa applications mo...

Well, ang hirap talagang gumising ngayon at maligo... Ang lamig kasi talaga!