September 29, 2009

"Do You Wanna Do it Again Tonight?"

Its been 5 days since "that" happened between us, and he never failed to send messages to my messenger or my phone inviting me or flirting with me to do it all again. Which I declined. Part of me wanting to say yes, but I gathered all my strength to say no. We never cross path since then maybe its pure luck, I guess.

But not on one morning...

I went out of the building to wait for my driver to arrive to bring me to work and so as other employees, I saw a few outside too. Until one figure appeared on my left side. Wearing his uniform in full glory.Its him. Darkguy. I don't know what to do. He was a few inches away from me. He was talking to the other guy. I knew he saw me. I just looked away from him and prayed for my service to come right away.

I was relax again when I reached the hospital. Prayed so hard my boss wont assign me to Darkguy's area where he is on duty that day! I was so relieved when he didn't. Until before lunch, one of my senior staff who was assigned to the area where I don't want to go said : Mac, please cover my area for a while I need to go to the personnel department. And I was like "Oh nooooooooooooo!!!!"

I run out of good luck, one nurse called and they need me there. I had no choice but to go. Bahala na si batman.

I spotted him immediately as soon as I entered the room, he was busy. The nurse who called me was next to him good thing there's wall between them. But the nurse need one thing, which I have to get to the door next to Darkguy's .Shit! shit! shit! I walked passing over him. I knew he noticed me. I still didn't looked at him. It feels so awkward!

When I was fixing the machine and I was talking to the nurse who called me, he then appeared. Talking to the nurse I was talking to. Shit! I wanna kill him. He was teasing me by appearing in front of me.He knew I'm avoiding him and that I'm not comfortable. I turned my back instead and pretended busy with the machine.

But goodness, he look so hot and sexy. I suddenly missed the kiss. The feeling of his body towards mine.

Past 2:00 pm I received a text from him " do you wanna do it again tonight?"


I replied :"I will wait for you later" I don't know what was I thinking!


6:00 pm: He texted what time should he come. I said maybe 9pm since I was watching star trek on TV. I wanna finish it. He then said "can we make it at 8:30?" I said OK. Then he asked if I have porn, I said yes but all are man to man hehe. He replied "that will be alright, its my first time to see that thing". In my mind, hmm not for long I can convert him to the other side, I know he is curious and I know deep inside him he wants this, he just wanna be normal and "straight".

"Can we meet at 7pm instead since we're going to watch videos its nice to be early....and besides I have duty early in the morning tomorrow."
Oh my! Its not obvious he was not excited at all!LOL

After a quick shower I was picking my clothes when he sent a message on my messenger saying if I'm ready for him to come. He was so in a hurry to see me! "haba ng hair ko!"

When I opened the door its like deja vu. He was holding red roses and smiling at me...kidding!!! hehe. He was just smiling and wearing a sexy tight fitting sleeveless shirt and that shorts was the killer! it was tight and short-short and his d*ck was so visible on it...bakat na bakat LOL he's really teasing me...and it worked. I was on fire!

Its like our first time, he sat on my bed and we talked for a while and I played the m2m porn on my laptop. We both lay on my bed while he watch, I stroked his lips and his neck and his chest. He put his arms on my shoulders. It felt like I was his. Like we're together, as in together-together!

He look different that moment. I can feel it. Extra caring, extra-sweet, extra-horny...LOL! I kissed him while i was on top. He was hugging me too tight as if he would lose me if he ain't. His fingers are caressing, running lightly on my sides, on my back, on my legs while i was still wearing my clothes on...

I kissed him hungrily, he would kissed me back too as if he's competing with my kisses and my tongue...he just soooo different now...we're like an electrifying...I never been this excited! I don't wanna let go of his mouth as if we don't have tomorrow...

I took off his clothes and he took mine...


This is Laguardia of MTRCB and this part is censored!


Anyway, after more than two hours (tagal nun a!) we were both naked and breathless. He was hugging me and giving me light touches and kisses. Hmmm, now he learned his lessons hehe. It was so powerful. I never experienced it before. I like this moment, everything was so good and romantic in the same way. This doesn't feel like just sex, but it was lovemaking.

The bed almost give up. I feel bad for it.haha

I turned on the light when he was picking up his clothes on the floor. He tried to hide and used the sofa to hid his nakedness.

Before me, was his dark colored skin and firm body...

"Oh, why are you shy?"

He was covering his manhood with his undies on his hands. He looked so cute...and childish.

I laughed.

I know I'm not doing the right thing here. I know you're judging me. But how can be something so bad feel so good????


I kissed him goodbye and left.

September 23, 2009

A Painful Start

This is a continuation of "The Lucky One..Or Not"

I run to the bathroom and took a quick shower! I only have 20 minutes till he comes. I'm so excited for what about to happen tonight...Its been a while since I did a one night stand like this. The last one was 8 or 9 years ago. After countless casual sex I said then that its enough, its time to get serious. A step which I didn't regret, I got to know and experience the beauty of having serious relationships which left some good and bittersweet memories that I will treasure for a long time.

My phone rang. Its him. Mr.darkguy. I sprayed perfume on my balls and run out to the door LOL! I opened it and asked him to come in, I don't know what to say at first. He was wearing a black sexy sando and shorts. He looked delicious. Ayayay!!!

When we reached my messy room, he sat on my bed and I was lost for words for a few minutes. I still cant believe we are about to do this. We talked about anything at first, casual conversations.

me: I wanna turn off the lights, is that alright with you? (but i opened the lights on the bathroom, so that it will give some shed of lights on the room)

When I came back he was already lying on my bed, waiting. I sat beside him and started stroking his forehead, his hair, his cheek. I lowered my head and put my lips on his. I tasted the sweetness of it. I want more. I tried to open his mouth by my own, but it remained close.

I said "why?whats wrong?"

darkguy: I'm not used to guy's kissing my lips...

me: open a little bit...

Which he did, literally! I kissed his neck, his earlobes...I felt that it tickled him...I tried to do more but he avoided my tongue. I kissed his nipples and his chest...

until I noticed something:

me: wait a second, so you'll gonna be like a statue there?!!!

darkguy: sorry...

He kissed my neck this time and my nipples but his mouth was still hesitant to kiss me full time. I cant blame him, its his first time doing this.

I know I'm doing all the work here, but I said to myself, OK, just now. Only now I will let this happen. Its my first time having sex with a straight (?) married guy. This is sooo against my rule which is to date only gay guys. But, as they say, there's always a first time to everything. But come to think of it, technically, I know he isn't straight although he is not admitting it, but i can feel it in my bones, he is gay,well, maybe around 40% hehe.

I mean he wanna do it with me, with the same guy, if he is so straight he could have chosen a woman instead. And that no matter how horny he was, he wont share my bed.

I did everything to his dark sexy body, he was moaning with pleasure. I went on top of him and rub my manhood to his. It was a great sensation. I was moaning too. His body was perfect for my body. I'm not used to the slapping though haha.I felt like a porn star!

darkguy: can I f@ck you?

me: I'm not sure I can do it...its my first time

darkguy: I will be gentle

I wanna laugh, I remembered that line before from somewhere! So gasgas na!haha But I don't know if he was hypnotizing me or what or in my mind I just like to experience it too, the questions that arises on my mind over and over again: why bottoms likes to be f@ck? was it really that good? does it feel better than topping which I always do?

me: you are so damn lucky that I will let you do me mister!

I was so nervous, I know it will be painful and he is a beginner too!Oh my Gosh! what does he know about doing this thing! he only knows the VA-J-J!!!!

I felt the coldness of the lube on my @$...his finger...I bit my lips...its a bit painful...then I felt much pain whats came in next. I wanna scream. I wanna push him back. I want to back out!LOL

He stopped. He knew I'm in great pain. He said I should relax. But his d*ck is so thick! for heaven's sake! We shifted positions. He was in front of me. He tried it again. Its still the same pain. I ignored the pain and tried to look and feel the pleasure that every bottom guy feels....but I cannot find it!!!

Where the hell is the pleasure????? hello any body there?LOL

But in fairness, maybe he didn't noticed but he was kissing me torridly, hungrily this time. I wanna smile. So my pain made him forget that he is not use to kissing guys huh!

After a couple of attempts, its still painful and he felt bad for me.

darkguy: I will stop now, I don't wanna hurt you anymore...

Wow, nakaramdam din!LOL but honestly I appreciated that. In my mind I need practice so I said I'm gonna buy a couple of banana and shove it to my ass tomorrow LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!

I again went on top of him and applied a huge amount of lube and rubbed my d*ck to his, this is my favorite position, did I tell you guys that?haha I called it "kiskisan".When he was about to shoot he asked me to do the hand job instead.

He finished. He was breathless. I'm dead tired too. Actually I didn't have much erection due to pain. I didn't come. He didn't bother to make me come. In my mind, Savour the moment darkguy, this is your first and last.

me: hey, didn't you know, after the sex you have to hug and kiss your mate?

He laughed and hugged me tighter and longer. We were talking and laughing for a while on that position. He asked me if I have a boyfriend, I said none. He added if I have one back in manila, I said before but not now. He wanna see them, I allowed him to see picture of my ex's. I can sensed that he was curious about my life about my gay life or maybe I'm mistaken. I don't know.

When we cleaned up I walked him to the door and said our goodbyes. I was surprised seeing a message from him after an hour saying "what now?" I don't know what he meant. He didn't elaborate. He was asking, if I was satisfied, I said no. And he was explaining like if I allowed him to do these and that I will have fun eventually, as if he was guilty and wanted to make up for it.

darkguy:so you don't like me? you don't want to do it again?

me: I will think about it. Honestly I didn't enjoy it. You don't know how to do it well.

darkguy: okay if you don't wanna do it again, its alright...

And besides, I don't wanna be a home wrecker if you know what I mean, once is enough, at least natikman ko ang crush ko hehe.

When I went to bed, his smell was still on my pillows and linen...

September 22, 2009

The Lucky One... Or Not?

An instant message hit my screen asking how am I doing and if I don't have work. I said none, and the usual stuffs. He is not a constant chat mate of mine. But we have a common online friend. That friend sent to him my YM I.D and added me. So now he is on my list. I see him at work. And I have to admit he is a hottie. Dark and sexy. I love those eyes...

So I was surprised that he is on a chatting mood now, unlike from our previous chat that only lasted for a few exchanges of messages. Let me give him a nickname: darkguy. Jonget a! pero hayaan na!la na ako sa mood mag isip.As the chatting continues he asked:

darkguy: what is your interest?

me: I'm an Internet addict and I love to eat and watch movies.

darkguy: it doesn't show on your body that you love to eat. you go out most of the time?

me: not really.I just love to eat out with my friends.

darkguy: who's with you?

Hmmmm, I'm a little curious why there's a sudden interest from him on what I do. Its not like him. I found it strange but I'm a little excited! What is he up to!

me: friends. sometimes my date. (he didn't know I'm dating an Italian guy recently since he is not a reader of my blog nor a close friend)

darkguy: who are you dating? (kiliggg ako!LOL)

me: secret!what about you, what's your interest?


me: whaaaat! well, you look like a womanizer to me!
be careful that your wife wont catch you OK!ha ha

darkguy: it depends

me: really?

darkguy: yeah, many. but I refused. many would like to share my bed, both men and women hehe.But honestly most of them are gays.

He told me that a married gay guy even asked him to show his body on cam and he showed a little. Just a tease.

darkguy: asked me to show him my dick. I showed it to him just for a sec.

me: me too!me too! (I joked around)

darkguy: me too? you wanna see it too on cam? why just on cam ,when you can go here at my room and see it live now....

Oh! Oh! now he is really up to something! he is flirting with me!Oh my gosh!!!

darkguy: I'm open to anything as long as you're discreet.

darkguy: yeah, I can give you anything especially if I'm that my wife is not here...

I knew it! he is bisexual!!!But I don't know what to say to him!I can sense it that he will be topping me. I'm not ready to be a bottom guy on bed!yet!

darkguy: that's why, if you like doing it, I will be a willing guy...

me: so, you gonna do it all the way?everything?

darkguy: yeah, whatever my partner wants me to do...I will satisfy him like I do it on my wife...

I'm a little doubtful, I mean he is straight, although I can feel it that he is bisexual, what if he will be like a king in bed, meaning: the typical straight guy who would just sit and let the gay guy do all the work!I don't want that.

darkguy: This would be my first time doing it with a guy, if you like it, i wanna try it...

So I'm the guinea pig huh...I said to myself. But dear lord I'm shivering in front of my computer! Am I dreaming? The guy I'm lusting is talking to me about having sex with him!!!I asked myself: will I let him do me? I'm a virgin for Pete's sake! (well, my ass is!LOL)

me: Did you ever have sex with anyone here?

darkguy: nope. just all with my left hand! they're asking me, but i refused. I don't know them and they are far from here. So if ever you agree. You will be the first one...

So I'm the lucky one huh!hehe. Shit! I have a hard time deciding! But will I let this opportunity to pass?

me: can I see you on web cam?

darkguy: hmmm, OK wait.

He showed the "package" to me! Now, I don't wanna think anymore, I want him.Tonight!LOL

darkguy: so, you wanna try me? I will go to your flat. You can do anything on my body.

me: okay..

Shit! Shit! Shit!

darkguy: wait for me. I will take a quick shower...

---to be continued

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September 20, 2009


I don't mean to offend anyone on this post.But what can I do, this is a true story!LOL

Working in a different country is hard for me at first, since its my first time working outside our beloved Philippines LOL! Anyway, handling the machines/ventilators are one of them, i studied them and manipulated them until I get familiar with the knobs and controls, next is, I always get lost!haha damn,its a big hospital with lots of hallways and turns and everything!!!

And the biggest challenge for me: the Indians!


Because I cannot understand them quickly when they speak to me. They have a strange way of speaking in English, they eat the words and they have a unique sound. Its a big issue since most of them are nurses and I have to communicate with them almost all the time!And there are more Indians here than Filipinos!

One time I was inside the isolation room, the Indian nurse came to the door and asked me:

nurse: Why is salami?

Me:huh? ( my mind:WTF is she talking about!)

nurse: salami!

Me:I don't know what you mean with salami?( is that the food?LOL i thought.) sister,please say it s-l-o-w-l-y...

nurse: why-is-it---a-l-a-r-m-i-n-g....????

Oh my gosh!hahaha I almost laugh so hard after I realized what she meant!

I have to ask them to repeat what they are trying to say 3 times before i could understand. That's why i have to focus my eyes on their lips when i talk to them so that i could read their mouth.

For my third month here, I guess I'm improving, I can get what they mean for asking them to repeat for only 2 times now!LOL

September 14, 2009

Blessed andThankful

Finally after two months of working here in the desert, I got my first salary for two months!yahooooo!!!first payments, first money, it felt so good when it came out of the atm machine, a fruit of my labor and hard work(?)!

Since I'm very rich!LOL! I rushed to the mall and bought 6 t-shirts, a pair of pants and shorts, a perfume (Burberry Brit) and these two lovely shoes from Nike and Lacoste!its shopping to the maxxxxx!!!!my sister will kill me once she knew about the total amount I spent!!!(plus my N97 phone!) good thing the mall is closing and if they didn't, i might spend half of my money from clothes!maybe its God's way of saying...ENOUGH!

nike - free everyday 2

Lacoste- tourelle BP

The next day I bought a microwave and a rice cooker. Since I badly need those. I treated my friends at Ponderosa as I promised them before, where in there is a buffet and the best thing about the restaurant, its eat all you can!I wasn't able to breath when we finally decided to go home hahaha.

It's just frustrating that some brands are not available here like in Manila, only UK brands can be found here. Honestly I dont know some of them hahaha! Jologs kasi!

Im thankful for all of these. My work is good, my boss and co-employee are nice and approachable, I have a good housemate, I have many new friends and I can buy things that I like now, I am blessed. I must say. I promised my self this is the last time I will be spending this much. Next month I will start saving up money and avoid going to the mall.

Mr.Italian is asking for a dinner, ofcourse, my treat this time since he knew I got my first paycheck.
I will hide!LOL

September 7, 2009

Another Goodbye

For all those times you were with me
For all the good laughs and fun moments
For all the foods especially the pizzas!hehe
For the times you brought me to the supermarket

For all the great pleasures!LOL!!!
For all the great chats we had
For making my boring days a little exciting
For all of this,Thank you.

As we come to the part where we realized
That its not working out...
That its not possible for us...
That everything will be better if we remain...
Just friends.

I remembered the song with lyrics like:
"When i tell you goodbye,it doesn't mean forever..."
Ewwwwwww,so cheesy!

I will surely miss you
I will surely be sad...and depressed
Well, for an hour maybe!LOL
Take care Mr.Italian Guy.

Anyway!To raise my spirit high
I bought a new phone! The Nokia N97
Now, I'm so much into it! my new toy!hehe
kinakarir ko talaga ang manual!

September 1, 2009

The Sleep Over

this is the actual beach where we went

I heard the familiar sound of our doorbell, but unlike before, I didn't rush out to open it, I knew who it was...I took my time and I opened the door and there he was again standing on my front door for the 6th time?was it 7?10?crap I lost count!haha.

"pizza delivery sir!" he was wearing his cutest smile while holding the box of pizza he promised me to make.

"wow you really made me a pizza!!!" I'm so excited, finally i will be able to taste the works of this crazy guy that I adore.Its was so good I ate 8 slices and kept the other two for my friends to try it the next day hehe. (mang iinggit lang ako na iginawa ako ni Eros ng pizza hehe)

He took me for a ride and we went to the night market because I told him I needed to buy the longganisa haha, I don't know what has gotten into me that I'm craving for that Pinoy food for the past week! I know what you all thinkin', I'm not pregnant morons!

But to no avail, I cant find it. And for the 8th or nth time travelling together in the street of Doha, he said the famous words "OK, we are officially lost" haha and I will reply it with "what else is new?!just drive and we will find the right way soon,hopefully. LOL" and we will just both laugh about it.

Its my day off that day and its our plan that I will be spending it at his place. Its 1:00 in the morning, he parked at his spot and he guided me to his condo, its my second time here. I checked my pocket to see if I brought my pepper spray in case he do something. Kidding!!! of course I will be a willing victim LOL!!!

He offered me vodka but I refused, I don't want to drink "gasoline" I told him. I went to his bed and lie there and wait for him to join me. Oh wag muna kayo mag isip ng advance di pa kami magsesex!LOL.

We talked and have some nice laughs through the night, we watched some stuffs over the net.Its 4am when we finally decided to go to sleep. Its cold in the room and I was already inside the comforter hugging the big pillow on my side."so you going to hug that freaking pillow over me?" he said teasing.

"i cant sleep without hugging a pillow"

"you can hug me." he said protesting

"no, you're too big to hug!" I continued teasing

He hugged me from the back while I was hugging the pillow at my front! that looks like a threesome to me!

He started kissing me from my nape and towards the side of my lips and I willingly respond, his hands are traveling everywhere, on my arms, on my chest, on my belly and finally down to the land down under and to my tree of life LOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

I cannot control the urge to moan and I faced him and this time I responded to his every kiss and every touch. He undressed me and...


(he will kill me if he find out that I'm sharing every details of it.)

Anyway moving along, haha. The next morning we went to the beach and we stroll and have some pictures together. It was a lovely day and we came back at the city past 4 in the afternoon, he bought some food at the groceries and I cooked rice and we shared a simple and heavy dinner hehe. Did I mentioned that he is too lazy to cook at home?!I mean WTF!

He slept on my side while I was watching "trueblood" on my laptop, I let him take that time to rest I know he is tired and not having enough sleep this past few weeks. I was struggling to understand what I'm watching because the crazy bastard was snoring like a dinosaur!LOL

I woke him up at ten and drove me back home. I have work the next morning.

(see i learned one Italian word already!)