August 28, 2009

Desert Gay Stories

It's my second month in this foreign country, the land of desert and heat, a country served by different nationalities, more of Indians and Filipinos and some from neighboring countries. I must say this state is not a tourism destination, it's more of a workforce country, people are here to work.

There are few amusement parks, a few night hang outs, and gimikans unlike Dubai I guess, but the good thing is, you can really save up when temptations are less, right? Good thing that I'm a home buddy! And besides I have Mr. Italian to keep me company. He is my constant companion and my driver! LOL

I am able to gain new friends, which I'm proud of. I can honestly say that I'm enjoying my life here. Work is a thing that I need to get used to but I'm cool and confident that in time I will learn everything.

And being here for two months you can't avoid hearing many stories and rumors about gay Filipinos and couples being deported back in the Philippines. As we all know, homosexuality is forbidden and considered a sin here. In other words, my friends are scaring me and giving me warning too.

Let me tell you their stories:

The Policeman

Harry was in a relationship with this Arab policeman and only few knew about it, when he caught Mr. Policeman cheating on him, he immediately broke up with him, but  Mr. Policeman doesn't want to lose Harry, he wants to win him back, but after many failed attempts, since he can't have him, Mr. The policeman has the gay Pinoy arrested instead and within 24 hours he was deported back to the Philippines.

The Mall Gays

There are two discreet gay Filipinos inside the mall and they've decided to go inside this shop and noticed some fancy female dresses on display and  forgot that they are in a Muslim country that they started goofing around and putting the dress on top of their clothes, but not really trying the dress on, as if telling his friend that it looks good on him. An Arab saw them and reported them to the management and have them deported.

The Blackmailer

Nathan adored the Middle Eastern guys (like me! LOL) and when one approached him, showed interest, he immediately grabbed the chance! He felt lucky. Kilig. He dated him and had him as his fling, but when Nathan started losing interest and didn't want to see the Arab guy anymore, he started blackmailing Nathan threatened him to be reported of his homosexual activities if he still avoids him. So Nathan had no choice but to still see him until he finished his contract and went back to the Philippines.

The Gay Party

One night a bunch of Pinoy gays held an all out party where everybody was wearing drag clothes! Complete with make ups and high heels. But it's a private party, all Filipinos. They took videos and pictures using cell phone as remembrance. Unfortunately, one member of that group was caught by authorities after a few months with a complaint or a crime he committed that was not made clear to me by my story teller hehe. So this gay man was arrested and the authorities comfiscated his cellphone and there...they've found the videos of the group's party! All in the videos are deported as well...

The Happy Gay Couple

This one is different from the other stories, this is somehow good, and this guy was lucky. Why? Because Archie and his Arab boyfriend are going on their 15th years together! Oh wow! sweet!! It was said that they've met when Archie was still working in Saudi Arabia and when he finished his contract and decided to work in Qatar, the Arab boyfriend came along and moved here too! And he is using an expensive car given by his rich Arab lover! And Archie is living in a big house and all expenses are provided by his Arabian sweetheart! Take that!


Hmm, me and Eros (lets call my Mr.Italian by that name) I don't know whats our future, one thing we need to do now, is to be careful, and they've said as long as its inside your walls nobody cares what you're doing and you will be safe. We go out, we hang out, spend some good time together. And he said he will cook for me. I hope that day will come soon!

Greetings to my friends namely: Paolo from the Philippines and bleeding angel from Dubai. Ciao!!!

August 21, 2009

Who Am I To You?

We chat, we talk, we have dates, we go watch movies, things like lovers do...and oh, we love to kiss each other, except that we're not lovers, yet...confusing?haha. Well,guess what!me too!LOL

But I'm happy. I enjoy every minute of being with his company.

I don't wanna ask him,and he never ask me too. My friend told me to let it be,that i just go with the flow when I told her about it. So days have gone by that Idon't know what kind of relationship we have. Are we kissing-friends?or friends with benefits?or that I'm just a "fling"?

But out of nowhere,when we're chatting it slipped my finger and typed these words:who am I to you? and he said: its complicated. I was hurt.yeah I know,i shouldn't asked it.But I'm so stubborn. I don't like his answer,I could appreciate it if he said:yes we are friends or I wanna know you better.

By saying its complicated,its like telling me he got someone else back home,or he cant be in a relationship or something, or its a escape-pass from me!

So I stopped talking to him. When he went online I ignored him the first time, and he was waiting for my messages too. He broke 20 minutes of silence and said "whoa, you really are mad at me? he told me that he was just joking and that he's sorry that he hurt me with what he said." you know me, I'm crazy!I always joke around"

Mr.Italian answered the question: who am i to you?

"You are my new friend. And we will see what will happen. We just start a new relationship. I don't think we are boyfriends yet. But we are going to that become one...seems like one..."

Hmmm, not bad! I thought to myself.

"and besides you're the one who started kissing me!" he accused me

"OK i wont kiss you again!" I snapped

"why?(with a sad smiley)" he asked " if you don't, I will kill you LOL!" I smiled at his reply.I'm back to being fine again LOL!Everything is back to normal.

Yesterday, Iasked him if he want to come with me to the supermarket at the mall today. I'm not even sure if he will agree, since he have work,but he did. He picked me up at my flat and took me to the supermarket. I was holding his hand inside the car while he drive. If I let it go he will pick up my hand and hold it back...he drove with one hand.hehe

I was smiling and amused when I looked at him when we were inside the supermarket, he was pushing the cart while I pick the stuffs I need for a week's supply of food. I can't believe that this respectable guy while wearing his uniform, so tall, and so cute are here with me taking a break from work and pushing the grocery cart!hahaha

It just took us an hour to complete what I needed and he drove me home. He stayed at my room for another hour and I took the chance to "rape" him! Kidding! Well, he is a willing victim by the way!haha. He needed to come back to work since he only took a break to accompany me at the supermarket.

He said he will try to drop by before going home later.I said "OK,i guess I'm still awake during that time"

"Of course you will be awake, because you need to wait for me till I finish work" he said grinning.

Right now, I'm contented for what we have. I don't know when or where, but i am surely going to treasure every minute I spend with this Italian Guy.

August 17, 2009

My Sweet Visitor

I run to the door as soon as I heard the doorbell. Its him. My Italian guy. He was wearing a dark jeans paired with his plain white shirt. He looked so fresh and “yummy”? where the hell did that thought came from? LOL

30 minutes earlier I was chatting with him at YM and he said “ I am coming to your house and you cook!”.waaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It was a mixture of excitement and worry at the same time! Of course I wanna see him after last week ‘s date, but our flat is such a mess! We haven’t clean a thing since we arrived here last July 1!LOL

I dont know how I was able to clean the house in just 10 minutes!haha I'm the flash!

“I don’t wanna go to work later” he added

“you really are coming to my house now?” I wanna be sure

“Do you want me to?” –italian guy

“well, its alright with me, since I am bored right now…” I answered

“just for that?!because you are bored?” he said

“hahaha! Why, what do you want me to say, that I missed you?!” I said suddenly


“why should I missed you, you didn’t missed me at all” now Im like a demanding girlfriend!LOL

“How do you know that I didn’t missed you?” he asked

“well, you don’t find time for me lately” waaaaa I cant believe Im saying these things!

“all the time,as soon as I have a second,Im always looking forward chatting with you, but you were always offline…and you know I always have problems with connections” he’s explaining!wow!haha

When I saw him standing outside my door, he don’t know how happy I was that moment.I’ve been waiting the whole week seeing him again, we chat online after we dated last week but seeing him again now is another thing.”so what’s for dinner?” he asked me with his cute smile, and I said nothing yet and that he should wait while I cook.He had to leave for an hour because he was needed at work and told me he will come back.

It’s a good thing because I still have more time to cook. I decided to make chicken afritada, it’s my first time doing the dish and I asked my sister online about it. Thank goodness and I made it right!Im beginning to love cooking huh!

As soon as he came back I prepared the table and we had the most simple and yet meaningful dinner together.It felt like he is my boyfriend while we’re having that moment except that he is not my boyfriend in real life!LOL

We sat on the sofa in front of the tv after dinner,I ate so much, wow my cooking is so good!LOL ( ako lang halos lumamon!)my housemate was inside the room the whole time maybe he’s asleep already.We just talked and had some good laughs together.

I feel bad for him, he looked so tired, and sleepless. He was denying it but its obvious.I told him to lay down and close his eyes.So he did. His head was on my lap under a pillow and he straightened up on the sofa. I was touching his hair slowly combing it with my hand and trying to relieve his tiredness, I hope it helped!haha.

I don’t know what spirit came to me and possessed my body and I slowly brought my lips down to his own lips…I kissed him!

And he kissed me back!tenderly!

Oh my lord…Its so sweet…he still kept his eyes closed. I wanted more, so I kissed him again, this time much longer. Im becoming delirious that moment… it was sweet and daring, the kiss was so good it felt like im kissing an angel…

And the kiss went deeper and deeper...and we wanted more...

Until my housemate came out and caught us!Ok…im just kidding LOL!

We have that moment for us alone, no interruptions and no commercial break…haha.i stopped kissing him when I run out of breath…and his eyes are still close…I watched his lovely face for a minute and maybe he got impatient for another kiss and he opened his left eye thinking I wont see him opened it haha!he looked so cute while doing that!like a small kid!

And we both laughed!He stayed for another two hours at my house and we just kissed and cuddled the whole time.until I said…im sleepy and he left after giving me one more sweet goodnight kiss.

August 14, 2009

Mr.Italian III

the souq

The next day,it was Saturday,around 2pm I just woke up, my day off, I opened my facebook and there he was online, I asked him how was he?and he said he just stayed home and ate cookies because he haven't eat anything since last night.I felt guilty.I told him to go out and dine in somewhere,but he said maybe he would go...alone.

"OK,I will go with you." I don't know where that came from!haha

"Really?You will come with me?we will go to the souk(market) and eat somewhere.What time should I pick you up?" --Italian

"Do you know how to get here at my place?"

"No.But I will check the map!LOL"

I told him how to get to my location, I'm a little worried because he said last night he always get lost on the road since he only got here for about ten days only haha. He even told me he was going round and round the roads for about one and a half hour trying to figure out which way to go to his condominium building!

He called me on my cell and i swear he has the most cutest voice i ever heard!LOL (OK that's exagg!)

"OK,If ever I get lost again i will call you haha see you in an hour" --italian

I prepared for our date!date?!Is this a date?haha No, this is just a friendly date.I guess.

Its 3:30 pm I walked through to where he should pick me up,i told him to stop by a bakery near our street because he might have difficulty finding my building so i sacrificed a little bit and walked in the 45 degrees heat of the sun!aghh!

I stand near the bakery and look for an Italian guy, I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.One minute, two minutes and exactly three minutes later I heard a "beep-beep" from a blue car and a nice smile from its driver and waving his hand on me...

Oh my...its him...i told myself.

I walked slowly into his car and opened the door and sat beside him, he was wearing his cutest smile and said "hi" to me.I shake his hands and said "did you got lost finding this place?" and he said no,he thought i might be at the corner of the road that's why he went there when i wasn't at the bakery at 3:30pm, yeah yeah I'm late for about ten minutes hahaha!

"So where are we going?"I asked him

'To the souk"

"Do you know how to get there?" me

"Maybe, we'll find it.I guess!" --I just laughed at his not so worried voice. he has this personality in him, that everything will be alright and his laughing and smiling is so contagious.I don't even feel nervous with his company.I felt that I've known him a long time ago,because he's so nice and friendly!And cuteeeee!!!!

We went at the souk,its my first time there, many Indians are selling anything, clothes, watches, scarf, figurines, Arabian arts, Lebanese products ,jewelries, perfumes, and many other great stuffs. We strolled through some restaurants and hang out place too, he said he's looking for a place where we could chill and have something to eat.

He's asking me what to eat I said just anything that is not so heavy since I'm still full. he chose this cafe' and i ordered a piece of cake and a shake, while he had coffee. We talked, he was laughing at my jokes and we basically talked about anything. I love his company,I'm sure he will be a great friend to me.

He said he is a shy guy, he wont go to a bar and pick up on someone he met there. We talked about anything,had an ex back home, Well, I don't know if they are still together or what,but I'm not expecting anything at this moment but just having a new friend.

He asked some personal stuffs about my life,like boyfriends, family, friends and about my work.
"when is your day off usually" he asked, I said ''every Fridays and Saturdays"

"I have my offs every Saturday" he said after.

"how long you plan on staying here in this country?"--me

"I don't know,if i enjoy my life here I might stay for long.How about you "You think you can stay longer?" --italian

"Yeah i think so,I'm beginning to enjoy my stay here,I got new friends and a good job"

When I told him I wanted to move to Canada in the future and have my partner there and have a kid of our own he was laughing and told me I'm crazy!haha.

"Canada is so freakin' cold!" he added

"Have you been to the manila?" I said

"No,not yet, but now I think i might visit it..."he answered with a mysterious smile

"so where do you wanna go next?" he asked me after some time after he payed the bill.

"I don't know, you are the boss" I told him while laughing

"No,no, you are the boss,tell me where do you wanna go" he said

"OK i wanna see the water near the road..."--me. Its a place like Roxas boulevard in manila. Its a great place i only saw it when we pass by it going home from the mall.

He took me there and we just walked while talking.Other Filipinos are looking at us.Wondering or thinking " oh yun oh pumatol sa foreigner" LOL. he is so tall,he stands 6'2 against my 5'6 height!haha I'm only up to his chin when we're closer.

Its already dark and he said he will take me to the place where he works.

We cant come inside and give me a tour there since its a formal place haha and I'm wearing my old crappy jeans! We decided to have dinner somewhere and as we hit the road he realized we were lost! we just go with the flow and laughed at our ignorance on the roads and places here! We are two foreign gay guys who are not familiar with this country!take that!LOL

"Do you have any idea where are we right now"--I asked

"I don't have a single clue!" and we both laughed so hard!

After 30 minutes we found the right way where we supposed to eat, he took me to this Moroccan restaurant, the place is a little dark with only red light and lamps on tables, the music is a traditional Moroccan, i kinda thought its a romantic date after all!LOL or I'm just assuming, no, its just a friendly date!

We sat there and I let him ordered i don't know a thing about their menu!haha.He said its his first time there too.So we just made a wild guess which one to order and hoping it will be good.The cute waiter brought us a camel and a lamb dish.With bread that has a very spicy spread!Yuck!haha

We're just laughing at the food we ate,we don't like it,too much spices and sweets!We both swear we wont eat there again!

After that, I asked him to take me home because i need to prepare my stuff for my duty early in the morning even if i still don't want the night with him to end. He said he don't have anything to do at home I know if he has a choice he still wanted us to go somewhere and have a good night out.

We still had a hard time finding the right way towards my building, and a good thing because we had a little more time to talk. He asked me if I have no boyfriend left in the Philippines and I told him no more,but i like this someone I met at the bus haha."so are you two still chatting till now?" he asked,I don't know if its just my imagination or so that I sensed a little worry or jealousy from that question.

When we finally find the right building he stop at the side and wait for me to get out. i felt awkward a little bit,its goodbye time. What should i do?should i invite him to come for a while?what if he agreed to come upstairs?will i be in trouble that he might think its a sexual invitation?or should I kiss or hug him goodbye?

"So,goodbye for now,do you want to come up for a while?" I asked and damn!why my mouth said that!i don't wanna say that!LOL I don't want him to come up i still have a lot of things to do like ironing my clothes and cook my food for my breakfast at my duty the next day and I told that to him earlier(You see i cook my food at night because I'm too lazy to get up from bed too early haha)

"Should I park here?Is that alright?" he said smiling.And in my mind "oh no I'm in trouble!he wants to come up!" but he added in the end "oh, I know you still have a lot of things to do now,so maybe next time will be good"he added.*sigh* thank you Lord!haha

"yeah,so, goodnight..." i did the move to shake his hand instead of kissing him goodnight LOL good thing i had great control that time.

So that's it.I had great time with him, he is a great guy. The next morning he left me an offline message saying he had a great time and hope I had too and that he would see me next time.Lets see whats next!Ciao!

August 12, 2009

Mr.Italian II

We had a great chat that night.I want to share you this guys.If he found out I made an entry about this, Im sure he'll be embarrased haha.

“actually Im hesitant to go out with a stranger…”-- me

“oh what, ah ok, now Im a stranger…” --italian guy

“and besides u only known me just now,what if Im a thief or I might rob you,and you want me inside your car?LOL” --me

“uhhhh,I like it! Haha. ” --Italian guy

I told him that arabs bring Filipinos in the desert to rape them.

“Really?where?I wanna go!Is it free or I need to pay?LOL” --Italian guy. I was laughing when he said that! And I said you wanna be raped?he said “always” and I laughed harder!

“just kidding.Lets go somewhere tomorrow…”

“where?” I said

“desert,or the beach!I love the beach,or see other cities”

“waaa I don’t want to go so far with a stranger!Im afraid!” --me

“ok lets go out now so we can meet, and tomorrow we can go somewhere, so that I won’t be a stranger anymore to you…”

“you see, I heard so many stories about foreign guys,that’s why im reluctant now”

“Ok fine,tomorrow we’ll go to the mall with many people and we’ll see the fake sky intead! and we’ll freeze to death”

“Im sorry if im like this, trust issues haha”-- me,but im starting to like this guy he seems nice.”or maybe I’ll find you someone to go with you next time or introduce you to someone..” I added.

“No!forget it. Why you want to do that?” --Italian guy

“ because im such a killjoy,I feel guilty and I want you to have company” --me again

“No don’t worry, be happy ,I don’t want to push you to do anything.” --Him

I said Im eating muffin and if he wants some haha.

“Because of you I didn’t eat dinner, usually I eat at work and nothing on my fridge, I left work early I was in a hurry ready to meet you ,trying to get home at a decent time for you” now he’s making me feel really really guilty with that haha

He told me that he never likes cooking at home,I found that hard to believe that he's too lazy to cook his own food haha. He hates driving too. We talked about basically anything and im glad that I diverted the topic away from our meeting that night haha.I think this guy is cool, and he is jolly and nice. Its really late and I have work in the morning so I said goodbye.

“ok,have a good night”

“you too, wait you never give me your name yet” I asked

“Im ____”

--to be continued

August 11, 2009


I opened my mail on the night of August 1,2009 and this is what I read:

Hi I am new here and I found your website.
Hope you can help me find some friends and places to go out and meet gay guys

My reply:

Are you a Filipino too?

His second email August 3,2009:

Sorry for the delay, I still have some Internet connection problems.
No I am not Filipino, I am Italian.
Ciao Bellisimo


oh hello!how u doing?is gay scene in Italy not that open?u having a problem getting a date there?

--because stupid me,I thought he is still in Italy haha!

He replied again August 4,2009:

I've been living in the____ for many years and absolutely no problem to get dates there.
The problem seems here. As I told you I just got here and I have no clue about anything. I tried to surf Internet but a lot of web sites are inaccessible. Where gay people go? There is any place where they meet? Or is completely no no. Please let me know. I will be off this Saturday maybe we can meet somewhere if you want. Un bacio e grazie

I copied his email address and added him to my messenger, after an hour he accepted and the chat begun...

I found him interesting to chat with, I never noticed the time spent talking to this foreign guy.I had fun, I was smiling and giggling most of the time....especially when he told me he got lost every time he drives his car to go home from work since he isn't familiar with the roads yet.

"How you doing?" I asked

"I'm doing good,but lonely" he said

We asked for each other's picture and...he is so cute haha! (flirty me!LOL)

"Let's go somewhere tonight! have a drink on one of the hotels, if I don't get lost haha" he said out of nowhere. I don't know what to say to him after that, because the invitation was so sudden, caught me off guard!haha.

"Hello, are you still there?" he said after a few sec " so are we going out tonight?I haven't been out since I came here".

I made an alibi and said I'm too lazy to go out and besides I'm too afraid to go out with someone I just met online!haha i have heard many stories about foreigners doing bad thing to Pinoys or Pinoys being rape!LOL

"Or we could go to the souk (market) to have a drink like refreshments somewhere.So we are going out or not?or you want to come to my place?or you want me to come to your place?"

I almost fell off my chair!haha he is so fast!Now I'm thinking he wanted sex! I told him I can't, and chat is so much better at this moment. But he insisted on going out and that he has no one to go with...he made me feel guilty that he hasn't taken his dinner yet thinking we will go out.

"or how about tomorrow?I want to go to the beach!I want to see the desert"he said. And I almost became hysterical when i heard the word desert haha that's where they rape those Filipino guys!LOL

"What are we going to do tomorrow?are we going out for lunch?tell me what time should I pick you up"

---to be continued!haha

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August 7, 2009

I'm A Year Old Blogger!

After 256 posts, some are worth reading and some are nonsense
After many nights of non stop blogging
After countless blog hopping
After many attempt to get noticed LOL

After some thoughts of closing it down
When I'm frustrated that no one reads my entries
That I begged my friends to fuckin' read it
And threaten to kill them if they didn't LOL

I still remember when I started that no one pays attention to what I write, when ever i look at my site meters there's only zero or one person reading for the whole week and just stayed for less than a minute hahaha! Imagine that.

Now I'm celebrating my first year in blogging
Its my site's anniversary!Yippee!
I never thought I would enjoy the blogosphere
There are times that I don't wanna sleep and just stayed all night reading other people's lives!haha or I'm just naturally "tsismosa" (gossip girl?LOL)

Now I would like to thank every one of you
For visiting my blog, I know I'm not the best blogger out there
But I'm happy that whenever I see my site meters
and found out that some people from all over the world are reading, appreciating my entries, so thank you!

To those 24,713 Total Unique Visitors from
To those 27,171 Total Visits from and many of my monitoring sites
I know its not much, but thank you people for paying attention
And pausing your life to stay a few minutes and or hours
and leaving your opinions on my humble blog.

To those who emailed me, to those who add me to their instant messenger. To my readers from all over the world (yabang!feeling sikat LOL!) Thank you!

Now I would like to thank some blogger friends : my ever loyal chat mate from Indonesia tizzy of tizzz-persona, Rik of animal factory,Mico of mybleedingangel, Vin of world of starfish, Michael of stainedheart, Kris jasper, rye of flamindevil, MC of house of MC, turismoboi, chronicler of the daily grind, summer of a writer's den, bluguy, citybuoy, jimg of kapitbahay, pikey of simple tofu, joyo,and if I forgot to mention anyone sorry haha you already know who you are.

I'm looking forward for more blogging years with you guys.

So before I go i would like to share to everyone my very first blog entry exactly one year ago...

"I am me"-- August 7,2008.

I hope I'll find someone special to love here in Qatar!May ganunnnnnnnnnn!!!!hahaha

August 3, 2009

This Is My Prayer

Dear God,

I have been here in Qatar for a month now

and I wanna thank you for all the blessings

But I think I'm about to go crazy

In this freakin' hospital

So, I'm asking for your guidance and help...

Please help me oh lord...I desperately need it

Everywhere I look, every where I go...

There's always...always...

Good looking guys around!!!

At the ward, there's cute pinoy nurses

There's this X-ray tech, this med tech,this ultrasound guy,

at the MRI,at the ICU...OPD, canteen,

at the HR department, at my building, at the elevator


They're all around me,I don't know if I can suppress this urge to...

To grab their...their...hand!LOL

I smile alone, I was happy, I was in cloud nine

When I walk pass them or be near them

I was daydreaming...

This is so insane!

They are so cute and sexy and hot and..big!!!

Please bring back my sanity,

This is my prayer

so help me lord...