September 29, 2008

The Hot John Mayer

I cant believe that this is John Mayer the balladeer that sings"Your body is a wonderland" and other of my favorite slow and wonderful lovesongs..when did he become this hotttttt????I used to see him like a nerdy-boring type of guy wearing his curly hair on MTV!

On the other hand I cant believe either that this guy is John Mayer!!!haha what was he thinking doing this???

Melamine Scare

A bi-friend of mine texted me this and I was smiling alone at my room after reading this:
"Avoid sucking chinese boy's dicks as the milk contain melamine!
Please pass 2 all concerned suckers"

Model Falling twice!

I was laughing at this video and at the same time I feel bad for the model!I could imagine her difficulty and how she struggles to walk straight with that super dooper high heeled shoes curse those designer for making them haha

September 28, 2008

The Young Madonna

I saw this video of Madonna accidentally at youtube when I was searching for MTV video Music Awards,and I saw her in this fantastic costume and she was very young then.. and before I knew it I was really enjoying watching it!haha.She's performing this very-super-gay theme song of all time "vogue"!

jonas Brothers..Burnin-Up

They are cute,they are young,they are popular and they are the"Jonas Brothers"!Its kevin,Joe and nick,they write their own songs and they are one of the most popular group in the US now with seven platinum and gold certified records outside the US, as well as a sold out European tour, and sold out 80,000 seat stadium shows in Latin America.
Who would actually believe that years ago they only sing at their house basement (thanks to their very supportive parents ) and now they are known by every girl and teens all over the world.They just released their new album entitled "Alittle Bit Longer" with a debut single "Burnin Up"which i like by the way I have it in my mp3 player hehe.and the only song I like from them,im not a big fan but they are cute who cares if their music is not that good hehehe just like Miley Cyrus (BOOO!!!)LOL

Shaggy saw a ghost??

Last night,as always I sleep at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, so im about to sleep, but I need to brush my teeth and wash my face with my favorite soap and cream on my "delicate skin"haha before i hit my bed,so I went to the kitchen but it was dark,so I turned the lights in that part of the house,but the rest of the house was still dark,then my dog Shaggy was awaken,and she stood there ears alert as if she’s looking someone behind I ignored her,and I continue to the bathroom,and then she started barking a little at first at the dark part of the house so I “shooo” her she stopped and I looked who is she barking at,but there was no one there but me! I looked if there was some rat or cockroach but she kept on doing that as if there was really some one there!Then I remember somebody told me before,that dogs can see beyond what we see with our human eyes..that dogs can see through some spirits…and with that thought..I just…just…just…ran as fast as I can back at my room!!!!!!haha Oh God Im like a chicken shit!

And this is Shaggy when she was a baby..I think she was only 2 months old here,and now she is a grown up beautiful poodle-terrier(it was a cross-breed) who is now 3years old.She gave birth twice but she stops getting pregnant after that I dont know why,we thought that maybe she was too fat,and we tried to loose her some weight and do some walking in the morning but still no result, so we just let her be,we still love her the way she is.

By the way this picture here is my old dog named "chester" he died 3years ago,when he was hit by a car by some asshole!!!He stopped and say how sorry he was at that time according to my sister,because I was not home then,I was at the hospital,I was on a morning duty,and she just texted me this very emotional message "si Chester,nasagasaan,Patay" I thought it was a joke my sister could've been a little considerate of my feeling s not just like she was a reporter at "Bandila"!haha.But anyway,we cried at her funeral at our background huhuhu

September 25, 2008

HEROES:Season 3 Premiers

One of my favorite tv series ever made from the states is Heroes its like x-men in a different time and people, I love watching series with special ability or magic and you put some drama into it..then you’ve got a really appealing hit show and I got a big crush on Peter and Sylar! Heroes deals with ordinary people with extra ordinary powers. Season 1 was really good,although the ending was a bit disappointing I was kinda expecting a really good and terrific fighting scenes with lots of superpowers involved from the characters,but theres only few. Season 2 on the other hand was just fine,I like it.And now the much awaited premier of Season 3 is coming this Monday in the states entitled “Villains” and it will be for 2hours! I cant wait to see it!


"Yes,Im gay" this was the words that came out of Clay Aiken's mouth to everyone when interviewed after the birth of his son Parker Foster Aiken who was conceived through a in-vitro fertilization by a friend.He said he cannot raise his son in lie thats why he finally admitted it,its been talked about for years about him being gay and he indirectly denied it.You might remember Clay Aiken as a runner up at the talent show American Idol 2003,after that he became a multiplatinum recording artist and a broadway star.But even before then i already suspected him of being gay,I mean its obvious hehe,I dont know we gay people know or we have that kind of radar to detect whose gay or not even just by looking at them right?

September 24, 2008

The KFC Commercial

When I first saw this commercial on tv I was really laughing my butt out!!!Its so funny and I thought it was so original,whoever thought of this ad Im pretty sure he is gay and it must've come from his real life experience haha.A slight similar thing happend to me years back,when I was at the movie with some of my friends who didnt know that time about the real me(you know being not so straight)or maybe they have speculated but waiting for me to confirm it,the film was a horror thriller something I cant remember the title,and I was so into it,and when a surprising scene came Oh my God I shrill(napatili ako) accidentally!And I can see in the corner of my eyes that they looked at me but i pretend nothing happend,its was so embarrassing!After that I swear to myself that I will never never watch a horror movie with other people!haha

September 23, 2008

Parade Of Nation?

Yesterday,around afternoon, I was at my room in front of my pc,when my 4 year old nephew shout at me”ninong,ninong may parada!” parade?whats the occasion?then I went out to the door and saw,its really a Parade!haha.And to my surprise it was a gay parade,theres a bunch of them on their nice and colorful costume in different design that they were as if in the Miss Universe parade of nation competition! Then I realize it was part of our coming barrio fiesta which will happen at the 29th of this month.I grabbed my camera and took some of pictures some of them are camera starved OMG,I only take picture of those who catches my attention or some who have a really nice costume but some of the so-so still want me to take their pictures as well!But little they know I erase their pic afterwards hehe.I salute those drag queens,imagine they’ve been humiliated,laughed out,called them different names and yet they still have a nice smile to everyone hehe.

September 20, 2008

I like Hair All-over!

These guys are so hottt!The guy with the tattoo is so freaken sexy I've never seen a tattoo so sexy before!But both of them are.But did you notice the difference between the two of them?The first guy is kinda hairy...from chest down to the abs and down to the ahhhh...never mind hahaha and the other is smooth I cant see any body hair,but for me I go with the first guy I always wanted someone with bodyhairs,you know the feeling of being close to that hairybody all over you,adds a lot of sensations..and it leaves you a feeling of suspense everytime I see guys topless when you see those hairs going down inside their pants or briefs haha Oh my,im so lusty!What about you guys?what do you prefer?hairy or smooth?haha.Ciao

(images are from

The Spears

I saw a tv interview of Lynne Spears, the mother of Britney Spears this afternoon,she have a book coming out entitled”through the Storm” a memoir of her life and struggles as a mother. During the interview she talked about how it breaks her heart seing Britney, and all that happpend with her, you know the marriage, the pregnancy, the divorce, and the addictions, and Britney being put in the hospital in a stretcher, in a strap, and how people are asking where the hell is Britney”s mother now? What was she doing? all those questions. She said that she wanna forget all of that, and it breaks her heart when one time she was called by Britney on the cellphone crying that she almost fell on the street carrying her son and still the paparazzi are crazy taking photographs of her. And she said that nothing made her shocked than Jaime, her other daughter whose only 16 being pregnant. She said she thought it was just a joke. I was shocked too when I heard that news hehe, anyway she added that Britney winning 3 awards at the recent MTV Video Music Awards including Video of the Year,is what Britney needed, that there was something good happening after all. I saw her that time and I think Britney is looking good now, she looks pretty, and looked confident unlike last years VMA when she performed OMG it was a disaster did you saw that performance? Anyway even though Im not a fan of Britney hope she can come back and rule the world again.Ciao!

"Dirty Ice Cream"

I always wonder why is our ice cream,you know the one we buy from the street from the “sorbeteros” when we were young and some are still now(I stopped eating it because one of our pedia patients are admitted due to typhoid after eating dirty ice cream,maybe it was just a random chance that the patient got it, a 1:100 ratio maybe),are called “dirty ice cream”? Its not that its dirty or something,right?Then a friend recently told me,”because of how the way you eat it,you idiot!It took me atleast 10 seconds,Oh God Im too slow,then I got it,and I was laughing really loud!(can you see the similarities from the photos?haha)

(Images are taken from

My Fave Ulam

Adobo is my favorite pinoy food,but if its adobong atay (or chicken liver)with “balunbalunan” oh my will be my greatest ever ever favorite of all time haha.I don’t know why I love it so much,my sister cooks the best adobong atay,and even if its after 2days old from the ref and u reheat it on the microwave it becomes more tasteful you should try it!And if I eat it we have to have a banana!Its the team that makes it enjoyable for me.My usual 1 cup of rice each meal turns into 3 cups if its our main dish.On the other hand “dinuguan” is the food that I really cannot eat!yuck!!!Ciao!

September 16, 2008

Survivor Philippines

I never thought that I will love to watch Survivor Philippines at GMA,I have always been a fan of ABS-CBN reality shows,and now Im surprised they did it look exciting and good!So now Im hooked!haha

And I saw some nice and hot face in the show,especially that guy named JC,the one on blue shirt above,he is 23 a basketball player from San Sebastian University,u have to see him shirtless on the show!hehe.And this guy named John,the guy next to JC.He is 27 from bicol he is a model and guys,u wont believe this,he is an auto-mechanic!my..i wanna have my car broken everytime!hehe.

Survivor Philippines air at GMA channel 7 everyday 10pm hosted by Paolo Bediones after the non-sense Kim San-Soon hehe.Ciao!

Am I Evil?

I did a lot of awful and shameful things in the past,you know,I did some keychain shoplifting at a bookstore when I was 14,I didnt pay a jeep ride when I was 16,and the driver knew haha he kept on saying"o yung mga di pa bayad jan magbayad na"haha.But nothing can compare to what I did to my ex-boyfriend's boyfriend,I had sex with him to get back at him for not taking me back!Got it?

Lets put it this way,I'll name my ex bf as john,and the other guy is Joshua,before me,John and Joshua are lovers for a year,when they broke up I met John and we bacame boyfriends for 4 months,but Joshua kept on texting on John,how he still cares for him,but John didnt care at all,he's happy with me.And then we broke up,my fault I admit,but after 2 weeks I realized I cant live without John in my life that I love him still,so I asked him to give me another chance,he refused.I was hurt.This happend 3 years ago.

After 2 weeks maybe,I texted him again,and he said to me,"me and Joshua are back together dont text me",I felt my heart was broken into pieces,I felt betrayed,to think Joshua left him for another guy in the past that caused their break up then.And here I am showed him good things and loved him so much in our relationship,we fought big time that caused our break up,but I asked for another chance and yet he refused me,I mean I thought I didnt deserved it.

So I thought of a brilliant plan,an evil plan haha,good thing I had Joshua's number,I texted him,pretended I looking for a textmate,he didnt know me and had no idea I was John's ex bf.So he fell for my trap,we kept on texting without John knowing it,so I thought hes really not the trustworthy type,I was happy that Im having my revenge to John.

After a week of texting and chatting,I invited him to meet and he agreed,we met at calamba and we went to Festival mall alabang,along the way riding the van,we were holding hands through out the travel time.We ate and talk and I asked him if he wants to stay the night with me,he said,why not,so we checked in at Sogo Hotel.And OMG he's too hot and sexy!He is hairy all over,his chest,his groin,his legs,i cant believe im having sex with this guy,my ex-bf's current bf!I took some pictures and videos of us together,my proof that were together,in case John will doubt it.

Till now I cant forget how it feels,its really awesome!One of the best I had haha,maybe bacause it was a stolen moment and I had a hidden agenda with it,or that hes so sexy or maybe due to the hair!I dont know!haha.By the way he is a bottom!Anyway i'll skip the details,ok,I dont want my blog to be labeled some adult rated site.We spent the whole night together and he still dont have any idea who I am or what Im doing till we went home.

After a week I texted John,I asked him I still want him back that Joshua dont deserve him,I said he's not honest with him and that he cant be trusted,he said I only want to destroy their relationship,I told him what if I have some proof that he spent a night with me?He said Im just bluffing,then I MMS him our picture of Joshua together,then,He said"damn you!Get lost!Fuck you"..I dont know what to feel then,i cant feel happy,all I can think of is,I'm a bad ass!What am I thinkin when I did that??Well,had been said and done,regret is an understatement.Then Joshua texted me he cursed me and said Im a loser!He said he and John are over thanks to me.And i said to myself,mission accomplished!

(Above are Joshua's pic at the room,his hairy body that I cant forget hehe)

Al Noor Hospital

This is the Al Noor Hospital at UAE,the hospital that im applying as a respiratory therapist,they already did an interview with me,hopefully i passed hehe,im scheduled for a written exam this month,im waiting for the date,it was delayed due to their "ramadan"im kinda nervous i really want this job hehe.But im prepared,Im currently studying and reviewing my notes in college(ahm..that was ages ago)
A little trivia:Al Noor Hospital is a Medical-Surgical facility located within the heart of Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates. Created in 1985, the establishment has evolved from a polyclinic into a full-fledged hospital, equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities managed by well experienced multinational, multicultural health care providers, and has since achieved remarkable progress in the health care field.

September 14, 2008

Queer as Folk

Finally,after less than a month I finished season 1 to 5 of Queer as Folk hehehe,i know some of you would say,oh its an old series you only watched it this time?well,all i can say better late than never hehe,i dont have the time to watch it before,you know,my work,always night shift duty at the hospital and..boyfriends hehe.but now im a bum i have all the time to do so.

All I can say is,this is so far the best gay themed tv series I ever saw!It is sexy,its straight forward and the love scenes are OMG!hehe.I fell in love with the characters especially michael and Brian and justin!It made me cry made me laugh and dance!Speaking of dance,the soundtrack are unbelievably fantastic I immediately downloaded it on my mp3 player and im hopping and bopping my head to it now!hehehe.

Now Im currently watching Boston Legal,by David E.Kelly.I'll tell u about it when I finished watching it.


September 10, 2008

Are u Bi or Gay?

Question:Are you bisexual or gay?whats the difference?Well,according to the dictionary ,you know,I did some research of my own,a bisexual refers to a sexual behavior or attraction to both sexes.While gay or homosexual is characterized by a tendency or direct sexual desire or sexual intercourse towards persons of the same sex.

But in our country,our beloved Philippines,we gave it a different definition hehe,I saw this on the chatroom most of the time,they usually say they are Bi if they are not too gay,meaning,they are not too obvious,that they are manly,and not an inch of a sign that they are gay ,and they say you are gay if you are the opposite!But this I say,what ever it is,it all sounds gay to me!haha

But they say bisexual are those people too afraid to show who they are,that they are homosexual in reality.Closet Queen in other words.But who cares its their choice!

Maybe the best way to understand this is,we are all gay,its a matter of how we present ourselves to the world.Whats important is we know who we are,we know what we want,we know what will make us happy.Whats sad is,if we cant accept who you are,that you still deny who you are,that they did everything to make themselves appear who they are not supposed to.I know some people do.(Those who say they are tripper and those who say they are straight curious?OMG they are gay!hehe)

Before what i know about gay is those who wore make up,wear women clothes,you know the "parlorista"type they say.And some people still do think of that way,they dont know about bi and gay guy.They dont know that gay can like the same gay guy!Like me!hehe,My sister cant believe me when I told her my partner is gay too!haha.She thought that if one is gay,he will choose a straight guy for a boyfriend.Now she was enlightened thanks to me!

Some of gays I know they want to be a bi for a change,they said they cant find a boyfriend unlike bi's,they saw them with another bi and looks happy.But I asked them,can u like someone who u know is gay too?They say I think I'll be a lesbian instead!haha.Anyway thats all for now!Ciao!

September 9, 2008

Van Of PDA

Isn't he adorable or what??hehehe.He is one of the main reason why I watch Pinoy dream Academy from a local television aside from the fact that he is hot,he is a damn good singer and he never made me feel annoyed or irritated while watching the reality show unlike Laarni and Bugoy!But i cant deny Laarni made a lot of improvement these past few days and Bugoy too,But I think Van can win this contest he's got the appeal and the making of a star.
I have the same feeling before,when Robi Domingo's time on the teen edition of Pinoy Big Brother, it really made me sad when he didn't win the grand prize so I hope this time Van can win hehe.


Did you ever feel that you wish you could turn back time and this time make it right?Or that you wish you didnt do those things and instead did what is best?Well,I do.I always feel this everytime my relationship now that me and Jaireh are over,I always remember John,my 3rd boyfriend,3 years ago.(Brian one my ex bf was always jealous of him)

I dont know why,if its because I still love him after all this year or that I regret the lost true love that I felt for him or that I know that its my fault that we broke up..i really dont know.
For those four months that were together he showed me love that I never felt and saw with any of my other relationships,he was so genuine of his feelings.

Thats what I cant forget about him.He always sent me his MMS videos declairing how much he loves me how much he misses me..I still kept those videos on my old memory card and keep it secret so that no one can see it..I watch it everytime I think of him.

The last time I talk to him he said he's on a relationship and that they are on their first could have been me i thought to myself hehe,but theres nothing I can do with that,I could only pray and wish that they will broke-up!Kidding!!haha I mean I can only pray that they will be happy.

But anyway life must go on and I need to find my own gay guy hehe.

September 7, 2008


Today at around 5pm me and my boyfriend Jaireh are on cool-off status,im not happy anymore,we are having troubles with each other,and I dont wanna continue like the way we are now.He is so passive and Im aggressive,Im always the one deciding,I want some one i can debate to,not agree with me all the time,Im the one bringing down the topic to talk about,if I dont say anything we wont have a conversation at all!Im looking for someone who I can have a conversation spontaneously,a fun talk you know the one that I wont notice the time because were having so much fun together you know what I mean,even in bed he's so lousy..Im not actually looking for a hustler type of guy in bed but someone who would flame the fire you know..hayyy as much as i dont want to be alone,i have no choice but to tell him what i feel,and so I did,but he didnt like it,he felt that Im being rude to him..but I said im only telling the truth i dont wanna lie or pretend that everything is fine.Maybe its the difference in personality,I just didnt recognise it coming from the start.
Somehow Im expecting him to say ok,Bhe i'll try to be a bit talkative or try not to be a bit too prude in bed,but instead I didnt heard anything like that,or maybe its how he really is,but i cant be with that type of guy anymore,maybe after a few days I'll officially end it,i'd like to think it a little more time.And so the more than two months relationship is now gone...
Maybe I'll try to be single for now..for a change...

September 6, 2008

Sasha's not so late b-day celebration

Yesterday i went to ____ City its a two and a half hr commuting from laguna including the traffic to meet my friends,its a late birthday celebration of my friend Sasha last sept 1,she was in singapore at that time so we set the date yesterday instead.

It was so good to see all your old friends,so its was all about catching up with each other and we ate at yellowcab,i loved their ice cream OMG it was so good hehe.Berna told me that she wants me and my ex boyfriend brian to be back together that it will make her happy(she was so close with him when were still together because I used to bring Brian at the hospital when Im on duty)

I told her that I have jaireh already,she asked me if I miss Brian,I didnt answer hehe.A little trivia guys,me and Brian used to be a couple for more than seven months and we broke up last april,I felt a little taken for granted so I broke up with him.

Well,anyway to summarize everything,our little celebration of Sasha's b-day was one hell of a happy and stomach-full day hehe..Happy b-day Sash!!!Ciao!