July 30, 2010

A Few Days More

6 days...

6 days left and I'm leaving again...

I want to stop the time, I don't want August 4 to come...yet.

32 days...a month of vacation, and is passing by so quickly...damn!

(When I think of how much money I spent, napapa iling nalang ako! haha)

Its giving me sleepless nights...

I tried to ignore it, but I'm really sad.

I thought I would be unaffected anymore since its my second time.

But I was wrong. So wrong.

Now, I'm showing a strong unaffected face towards my family.

Noticed my sister and dad becoming extra attentive to me. Great feeling though.

I am preparing everything, documents, stuffs to bring (yun mga sineyaping ko!haha)

All those "pabilin" and pasalubong for my friends at Doha.

And I'm also preparing my heart...I will be leaving a loving soul...

My baby-baby...hehe. I call him that. Parang tanga lang di ba?LOL

I never got the chance to tell Clayton that I love him yet...

Maybe this Saturday when we check-in again! yahoooo!

Or maybe on our last dinner ever this coming Monday...

We made a promise that we'll make it till next year when I come home again

...and the next coming year

...and up till the next. :-)

July 25, 2010

A Promise To You

I was talking to him at the phone last Friday, he called me late night, and we were just flirting and making some cheesy talks toward each other. I enjoyed talking to him, it was like I was just talking to an old friend. Swak na swak kaming dalawa. The chemistry is undeniably present. We threw joke towards each other most of the time, making the atmosphere between us very light. I like him. Really like him.

But I was unsure what to do next, I just broke up from a relationship a few days ago haha, it would be too soon to enter a new one! But I know deep inside that I want this guy, Clayton. I want to keep him. Call it selfishness. I can see and feel that he would be a good boyfriend.

I was totally honest with him about my last relationship. About my job abroad. He even reads my blog. He's making plans of how its going to be when I get back to the middle east. He asked if he could send me gifts on holidays and special occasions etc, it made me smile. No one does that to me. As if he's ready to have this long distance relationship with me already...

Let's have sex tomorrow...I said casually. When? what time? he asked.

"So, are we what? Are we boyfriends now?" I was thankful he asked that question after a while, I wanted to ask him that myself but I was hesitant to, I don't want those words to come from me. I don't want him to think that he is my rebound guy. You guys might think. But to me he is not, I don't know why, but I just don't have any regrets or pain anymore about my previous relationship at all! Was it bad?LOL!

"Yes sir..." it just came out naturally from my mouth.

"Really Mac? I do have a new boyfriend now?" I felt the excitement from his voice. Atat? joke!

I was happy when we ended the call. I know I'm doing the right thing. I could see a happy gay relationship with him.

We've met last Saturday again, this time, officially, as a couple. "So, you're really my boyfriend now?" he asked again as if I changed my mind overnight. I was so excited seeing him again, I felt like I was also 21 years old haha. Feeling????! We had our snacks...we had some casual cheesy moment at the dining area and we could care less about what people thinks! Keber!

"why you're so cute today? What did you do huh???" I teased him and pinched his cheeks after I gave him a long kiss when we entered the motel room. I don't know but he suddenly became very cute to my eyes!haha

"Are we going to eat or are we going to fuck first tell me? haha" he joked around!

"Libog mo!!! come here and give me a hug..." he sat in front of me and I hugged him tightly and I kissed him tenderly till it became so passionate and it took longer than planned....

"Mac, promise me...we will make this work please...."

"I promise..." and took his lips again and again...

Bit his earlobes...traced the skin of his neck with my tongue...

And back to his lips again....hungrily

As if I'm running out of time...as if its our last night

When in fact we still have 11 hours to spare haha!!!

July 20, 2010

My New Guy?

Clayton, 21 years old from Manila.
(he want me to change his name so I chose this haha)

A licensed pharmacist.



Sariwang isda! haha

I dated him today at Greenbelt, Makati.

Yes, I know I'm ten years older than him LOL!

I was hesitant at first, but what the heck!

We dined, we chat, we had a great time together.

Its was a great date.

I kissed him once...

He pulled me to kiss him again...

and again...this time I stick my tongue out

There would be a fourth kiss if I didn't stop him!

Why not! We're on the public bus!!!! Toinks!

But it was sweet and exciting at the same time.

See you again this weekend...I cant wait...

(baka may boom-boom-pow na nun! LOL)

July 17, 2010

My Newest Fantasy

Noontime today, because I was bored to death, together with my friend, sister and nephew we headed to Manila. Our destination: The Manila Ocean Park and Star City!haha. I never been there so I was as excited as my 6 year old nephew.

Been gone for a while so I never noticed na may pang girl portion na sa LRT! Mega dun pa naman ako ride-ride!LOL! Feeling girl????!

Anyway, I love the Ocean park, the oceanarium was awesome, tons of fish (siyempre!) but the whole experience was kinda short and when you finished the tour you'll kinda have this comment like: thats it????? that's my 400 pesos already???LOL buti nalang super picture taking kaming lahat!!! they also have this musical fountain show which starts at 7pm with rate of 250 pesos/person, but we failed to come back, nalibang kami sa rides sa star city,sayang!

We went straight at Star City around 3pm. We had the ride-all-you-can ticket for 300 pesos each. I heard so much about their fantastic rides. So we started from the simplest to their wildest! But we were not able to ride all other attractions because of the heavy rain huhu.

Buti nalang may shooting, nakita namin sina Ogie Diaz, jeffrey Santos,Glydel Mercado and Ej Falconnnnnnnnnnn!!! ayun since my sister is super jologs...nagpapicture-picture siya...e ayun sumama na din ako! hahaha.Hmmm, bango ni Ej, siyet na malagkit!

We were invited to watch a show at their theater and OMG! Its a valey show... este ballet show pala! haha. The opening number made me so speechless! Tulo laway ko...

There's 6 hot guys shirtless and wearing only red sexy pants! and doing the ballet-ballet ek ek with their bamboo sticks!!!! I swear I love ballet na haha.

Its breath-taking. We had so much fun watching them. The group is called Ballet Manila with non other than Miss Liza Macuja. I immediately spotted 3 good looking guys in the group!haha kilig to death!

Thanks to whoever invented that tight thingy pants the guys are wearing at their show! Bulginggggggggggg! I told my self as soon as I get home, I will wank with them on my mind! Kidding!!!!

Libog alert! libog alert! Wang- wang-wang!

We got home very late and I was tired and hungry as hell! So ayun lamon ako!

Since I still have the Ballet Show hang over, I'm gonna be walking and dancing like a ballerina for a while now...hope my dad won't catch me if I did that from my room going to the toilet across the living room! Toinks!!!

July 15, 2010

Mac <---- single

Its official, I'm single once again...

I guess there's too much disappointment on both parts...

Too much differences....

I hope someone comes along who can kiss me as often as he like...

Someone who can be sweeter...

Someone who I can have a decent conversation with, minus the fighting...

Someone who can love me just like they promised to....Someone I can have a future with

Someone who can make love to me as passionate and as tirelessly as possible...Libog?LOL

I know someday... he will come...

Its just not you...

You will always be in my heart...

Though I still love you...but I guess I have to say this after all...

Goodbye EDC...

Hmm, I wonder who would be my next boyfriend? hehe)

July 12, 2010

Lovers At The Beach...

Boracay moment with EDC...

We've spent 3 days and 2 nights with my sister,nephew and a friend

It was a lot of fun, the activities, the foods, and the scenery

A bonding time for both of us, a time to know more about each other

We had our fun and we also had our share of bad times.

I will never forget that argument we had there. It was interesting.

Too many differences. Too many stuffs I cannot enumerate here.

And I will not also forget in that 5 days,

I never felt that I was desired at all.

Too bad.

I don't know, maybe its just a compatibility issue.

Maybe we are not meant to be lovers...

I'm confused now.

I will wait for a sign, maybe...something might come up and help me decide...

For now, I'll remove the ring, which is same as his, and put it in the box...

I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my vacation with my family and friends.

July 5, 2010

Finally...Me and You

I fell asleep for a while and I felt that I was sweating, I opened my eyes but noticed the ac was open, and I'm perspiring. I don't know why...its odd.

I wasn't using the pillow, instead my head was under an arm of a guy next to me. He was also asleep... I noticed that arm was wet...not with my sweat...but with my saliva...

SALIVA?????!!!! yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I drooled on him that much? OMG! I removed his arm because I know it will be difficult for him. Mangangalay siya...I turned my back on him to change my position. But that woke him, he hugged me from my back instead.

That put a smile on my sleepy face. It felt so good. He don't want me to be out of his warm body. kilig ako...hehe.

People...meet EDC.

My EDC. Beside me. Loving me. Kissed me. Hugged me. Licked me. Fucked me. Ano daw yun? LOL!

After almost two years here we are, together at last. One of the happiest day of my life. A loving guy who traveled 5 hours to meet me (last Saturday). I remembered when I saw him inside at gateway mall, waiting, on his back, but I know it was him. My heart can never be wrong. Even there's a big crowd around him.

I slowly approached, without him knowing. He was still looking at something when I said :

"Hi, waiting for someone?" and he faced me and smiled so wide revealing those cute dimples as soon as he recognized my lovely voice! ( chos!!!)

"Ang tagal mo..." he said. (you took so long).

"Im not late, you're just early." I smiled and hugged him...It felt good having his body so close to mine.

We had lunch at Max's since I am missing a lot of pork! haha. We started the long casual conversation over, catching up to the lost moment due to our long distance. We fell in line to watch Eclipse, it was a long line, tons of people at the ticket booth, occasionally I would hold his hand in discreet, and he would hug me when he thinks no one noticed.

And of course, at the movie house, he held my hand! and whispered: Mac, I love you..."

I smiled and continued watching, when Im into a movie I don't want talking. So after a while he said: "you still haven't said I love you to me..."

"Oh I'm sorry baby...I love you..."

We bought some stuffs for our boracay adventure this coming Friday after. Sana di umulan nun haha!

We had dinner and we stayed the night together, our first night...I know you're waiting for the big event! You want details!

But to tell you honestly, it was a disaster! Its embarrassing! waaaah!

At first it was so romantic, we took a shower, we dimmed the light, he was kissing me...I discovered he tickles on almost every part of his body! Its so cute and I felt relieved, it just means he's not as experienced as me!

Sabi nila pag wala ng kiliti, meaning, gamit na gamit na katawan nun! haha I don't know if that have a scientific basis or what! But with my body, I know, when I'm starting to have sex, I have tingling sensation all over my body. But now after a decade the only part remains is my earlobes! LOL

He gave me a sensual massage. He was good. He was on top of me...I could feel his manhood on my butt as he moves to reach my shoulders....

Nag-aalburoto na etits ko nun!

It was perfect at first, I was on top on him, riding...grinding him LOL! We shifted position, he was on my back, but then I felt uncomfortable, I needed to use the toilet! nyahaha! I'm having a bad stomach for about 3 days now! It felt awkward. Poor EDC.

I don't know why my body was like that, at times I wanna pee! I thought I'm about to come but its not, its literally pee! haha.

I told him its painful on my part already and I cannot continue. I never see a disappointment on him or was he just good on hiding it?

"You could wank if you want?" I told him

"No, come on...let's sleep...I know you're tired." he said instead.

"kalabitin mo nalang ako kapag nililibugan ka ulit..." he teased.

(if you feel horny, just let me know)

What's wrong with my ass LOL! I did some training prior to this, I prepared "him" for this moment! I shoved a pen, the next day I used the phone, then the TV remote, and recently I used the fire extinguisher!

But why it still hurts????! Maybe I should've trained with the fridge! LOL!

I fell asleep with his arms around me. I can feel his breathing. I slept with a contentment on my heart. All the worries and insecurities banished in thin air.

Until the sweating awakened me...

In the morning he was teasing me how my saliva drooled all over his arm!haha. I was hot as hell that moment and I moved on top of him and started licking him. This time I wanna do my favorite: KISKISAN. No penetration. Just two dicks together with lube till we cum. But we never did! hahaha.

Things just gets better and better for us! Damn! The lube is not actually a lube, its a lidocaine gel, used at the hospital with some chemicals to relieved pain.

We used it earlier since its my first time again after 7 months of no sex! So as we used it on our kiskisan, it creates a burning sensation on our penis!!!! I have to stop!

Ayun nag jakol nalang kaming dalawa! shit!

(we just wanked together)

We spent another day (Sunday) together till 4 pm and he walked me to the bus stop and waved goodbye. I went home with a big happy smile. It was a lovely feeling having my EDC around.

"Even if the sex part was bad, having you with my arms the whole night is much more important to me, because I love you Mac."

His last words.

July 1, 2010

Yeah! This Is The Day

Water still dripping from my body after a cold shower...

I tiptoed and wore my faded navy blue skinny jeans on the bed...taking my time since it was still early...

Tying the lace on my high cut DC shoes and took my black shirt off the hanger

I cant believe that the day finally came.

I checked my looks on the huge mirror and told myself:

"Ganda ko.." LOL!

I saw a guy who is happy and contented...

I saw someone who couldn't ask for more...

Oh, I forgot, I could ask for more money! Toinks!

My phone rang, its kuya Dan, he will take me to my destination tonight...

I took my backpack, laptop, and my luggage and headed to the door.

I'm on my way to the airport :-)


And now after 9 hours, and 3 hours of socializing with family and relatives, I am currently in my room and writing this blog entry! I will see EDC this Saturday for the first time after almost 2 years...we will be spending a whole day together and gonna check in to a private place and explore each other's wonders the whole night...

Libog na libog na ko e!LOL