January 24, 2010

Life Changing Moment!LOL

I have the same routine everyday. I go to work. Then go home.

Sometimes we go out. Then same routine again.

Yesterday night, I was out from work at 10pm. Our driver drove me home and I went to the elevator. I opened the lights of my big empty flat. I'm living alone on this 3 bedroom flat since September when my housemate had his ten days vacation to the Philippines and didn't come back.

So literally, this is my house LOL!

I already have a simple plan that night, I will eat something light, open my mails then hit the bed early! But after eating, my stomach asked me to deposit some wealth to the throne, so I went to my comfort room. I was in a hurry.

When I'm done, what a relief I said. Then I rotate my doorknob.
It didn't open. I realized, I pushed the door too hard when I came in.
I tried it again, still not opening.
I used the keys, but it was not lock at all.
I tried it again, I know it will open... I'm telling to my self
I'm starting to panic...

Door...please open....I whispered.
Still not opening....
Then, I gave up! That's it!
I'm trapped inside!Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I'm alone in the house!
No housemate!
I was on the top floor!on the 6th!
My next neighbour is on the fifth floor!
My phone was on my bed!
I have nothing to use to open the freakin door!

I don't know what to do!
I broke the doorknob thinking if I break it, the door will open
But it gotten much worst!LOL
I realized I made it much more impossible to open.

I used the keys to cut the wood and reach for the metal that's holding the door to close. But it doesn't help in any way. It will only take me many hours to finish it if I continue that. I'm perspiring already. I searched the bathroom for any thing that will aide me in destroying whats remaining of the doorknob. But there's nothing huhu.

Shall I shout for help?
But I don't hear my neighbor from below me. Usually I hear them talking on their bathroom windows below mine. But I'm thinking, if I shout for help, and if they heard me, they wont be able to help me right away!

They need keys to my main door! and;
Another keys to my room!(because I locked my room!)
The only people who has copies are from the personnel department!

They need to break in and destroy my door to get to me! I don't want that to happen! I know if they break my door, it will take them many days to rebuild it! I wont have a door for the next days!!!That's the system here!

I looked outside from my window, the rooftop is too high if I climbed it.( Ano ko, spidergay?) But what will happen if I'm able to get to the rooftop from the window? the doors on the stairs are closed there! i will shout from the rooftop?

waaaa that's nuts! Unglamorous too!

But just thinking I will shout: Help! Help! from my window or up there is giving me chills!

Its so Ka-Ka!


Erase that thought!!!Eraseeeee!!!

I wanna cry...I'm so helpless...I don't know what to do....

I tried to put back the doorknob that I just pulled on the door. Useless. I was already thinking many good things to do when I get out of here! This event is life changing, you know!LOL

I finally used the floor mop handle and pushed hard on the place of the broken doorknob!

It opened!!!!!That's so unexpected!!

I was so happy! I thanked God!

I checked the time, I was trapped inside for more than 3o minutes!

Hudas na pinto!hayop ka!LOL

January 22, 2010

Put Your Hand Inside

Its always hot seeing a guy putting his hand inside his pants and reposition or adjust his d*ck when they think no one sees them! such a big turn on!haha. I remembered when I was in high school most of my male classmates are doing it, for two reasons (1) they're having a hard on, and they called it kambiyo haha; (2) it got caught or was in an uncomfortable position inside their briefs. I just love it.

But I believe its not respectful when you guys do it with girls around. Did I just sound greedy?LOL

Especially when you do this:

And a bonus to all you perverty readers, just look at Taylor's Lautner's (Jacob of Twilight Saga) bulge here!!!! Its so cute!LOL

Yum! Yum! Extra rice please!!!LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

January 19, 2010

Top Grosser Film Of 2009!

Ever wondering which movie last 2009 made much money in the box office? I was surprised that Avatar beats the transformers!wow. Not bad, its such a great movie too and I heard it won some awards at the recent Golden Globe. James Cameron is once again King Of The World!haha.

Here's the list:
  1. Avatar
  2. Transformers:Revenge of the fallen
  3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  4. Up
  5. The Twilight Saga:New Moon
  6. The Hang over
  7. Star Trek
  8. The Blind Side
  9. Monsters Vs. Aliens
  10. Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs
I saw all these movies except for The Hangover and The Blind Side. But going to find time soon. Check out the runner ups:

11.Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel
12.Sherlock Holmes
14.Night at the Museum 2
16.The Proposal
17.Fast and Furious
18.G.I Joe:The Rise of Cobra
19.Paul Blart:Mall Cop


January 16, 2010

Something Else

It was past 10pm and my transpo is calling me already, I had a busy night at work and I'm not yet finished endorsing. So I was running at the lobby so that the driver won't leave me and come back after an hour! I wanna go home right away.

I spotted the van and I opened it, but surprised to see Darkguy inside already. I didn't know he was on duty too. I occupied the first seat. He was sitting at the back. Maybe he didn't know I'm on duty as well, I took a cab when I went to work earlier.

I have an issue with him the other day, that's why I'm not on a talking mood at him. He asked the driver about me, its funny instead of asking me, he asked the Nepali driver.

"How come I'm alone earlier when u picked me up but now, we have someone else?(referring to me)"

"He took the cab, he would be late, he said" the driver answered him. I didn't react. Pretend I was busy listening to my mp3 player.

Until I felt he's touching my shaved head. Rotating his hand over my skinhead. I took his hand off. Telling him, to stop it.

The 20minutes travel time from hospital to our accommodation was like an hour due to our silence. There's only the two of us inside that dark van. I moved out of the van first. I felt my backpack heavier, he put his hands on it. Papansin ha...

Until I felt his arms on my shoulders, he wanted to make "akbay" while we're walking towards the elevator, but I took them off, I don't want anyone seeing us like that!Waaaaa!

"why?" he said referring to my resistance for him to put his arms on my shoulders.

"just don't..." I just said and walked fast to the elevator.Pakipot ko noh?LOL!

Inside the elevator, he's almost hugging me, but I'm not contented with it, I want him to kiss me and have sex with me again!LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Its the first floor, he get off and it closes again.

I sighed.

I just reminded my self: he's married, its better this way.

January 14, 2010

Forever Young

Is it just me or what but I think day and time passes by so quickly! I go to work, have fun, go home, eat, then hang out a while then sleep again and start again to the same routine and before I knew it, I've been here 6months already!

Waaaaa, another 6months and I'll be going home for the first time! I cant wait! I know I don't have to wait very very long. Even on my day off, it felt like a whole day is not enough for the things I wanted to do.

For all I know, I'll be old and weak, gray hair, wrinkles, erectile dysfunction...(LOL) etc. in the coming days...sometimes I wonder if we could be forever young... to live forever, I want to be this way, I mean my age now, 30, for ever, its just so right...haha I know I'm not making sense.

But that's not how life is, if only Edward Cullen is around and make me his Bella!kidding! I mean if he could make me a vampire, so that I could live forever young...why not!

Quick time, means getting old too...and getting old means being alone and lonely...maybe this post is what its all about...I'm afraid of being alone when I grow old.

Mom told me, you really wanna be gay? Being gay means you could be alone when you grow old, no wife, no children, are you willing to go through all that?

So I'm hoping someone will come along and know me, love me, share my life with, and we could grow old, not alone, but...together.

Until we could both have problems who's topping and bottoming, since...for sure there will be erectile problems!LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL! But I cant imagine myself being so old like 80 with my gay partner and be still soooo horny!haha.

January 11, 2010

Friends Again

I was silently watching him sleep and snore on my bed

hugging my pillows

I was on my couch beside the bed in front of my laptop

He is contagious I felt sleepy too, but stopped myself from joining him, it might lead to something i will regret later!

he's just lying there a minute ago and talking to me

In just a short moment...


Just like the sound of a truck that wont start its engine!LOL

Its not Darkguy. But its Aldwin.

Wait! Wait! before you react and say I'm so slutty, well, we didn't have sex OK! We're just...friends!LOL

Anyway, as I was saying, as I watched him sleep, I remembered what had happen in the past month...we had a misunderstanding and we didn't talk the whole December (remember this entry?click here) I erased all traces of him on my network , on my phonebook, on my messenger, on my facebook etc. I was mad at him and no plans of remembering him at all.

But what I hate about myself is, I'm too kind!LOL...Am not kidding, when I get mad on someone, next day or two, my anger will just banish to thin air! true! of course I still remember what happened, but the feeling of hate or anger is no longer there. I don't know, maybe its weird.

I continued on my life here, new year came, I received a text message greeting me on that day, and I didn't know who it came from, I said "Hey,thanks. You too have a happy new year. But wait, you forgot to put on your name, are you wowie?" and I don't receive a reply. It made me curious. I let it passed, but when I'm erasing messages I run on it again and was so curious who it was from. But my instinct was telling me. It could be Aldwin. Besides he's the only who is not listed on my phone list that greeted me this holiday.

Its him when I asked. He asked if I'm still mad at him, and Isaid not anymore and its all in the past and its the new year. So that's it, we saw each other last week and we watched Avatar at the cinema here at Doha. We didn't talked about what happened last month that led to our bitter separation, or point fingers whose fault it is, we just go on and continued what we had from that point.

A week after, its my day off, he texted me and here he is. On my room. We had lunch at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon after we ordered bulalo and sinigang na hipon. Its a non stop conversation and laughter and I can say, there is good chemistry between us...and I pray that we won't have to get through another misunderstanding. I need him. I don't have a friend like him here. It gets lonely at times, you know...even though I have many friends at work, but having him is much different...

we are the same...

gay...both alone here in Doha.

So I think we need each other.

"I thought you're going to watch that cartoon for only 20minutes and you'll take a shower?" he suddenly asked that brought me back to my body from wandering elsewhere haha.

"ooops, sorry got carried away, but I thought we're not going out? and just stay here and watch Fame" (haha soo gay!LOL)

I took a shower and when I came out the moron was busy watching my collection of broke straight boys video! and after sometime, we're both staring on my laptop and watching porn!!!!

We even talked about our own penises!LOL

His phone rang and he needed to go home immediately, someone interested to rent his flat.

"I will jerk off when I get home haha!" he said before I closed the door.

In my mind: kala mo ikaw lang ha!ako din noh!LOL

January 4, 2010

Cloud 9

Two days before the new year, Egay asked me if I want to go with him at the supermarket, I already had plans to go even if he don't ask me, so I have no choice but to say yes, I don't wanna say no and then he would see me there, it'll just look stupid.

I was on my laptop when Darkguy sent a message :"what time you two will go? can I come?" Egay and him are flatmates. He must've told him.

Its unexpected, its the first time he asked me if he wanna come and if ever this would be the first time we will hang out to the mall. Except that there's the annoying Egay with us LOL! I said yes, I wonder how will it turn out. Would I enjoy his company? or would I be bored? or will I be floating on cloud 9?LOL!

Im just wearing shorts and rubber shoes, casual and fun!(may ganun!) At the van, I occupied the first row, Egay at the second at my back, and when Darkguy arrived he had no choice but to sit at the last row. Every row is for two person, I don't wanna sit beside Egay, that's why!LOL

"I wanna sit beside you, Mac. Moved!" Darkguy said after a few minutes. Before I could make a protest he's already standing and pushing me to move so that he could sit beside me. I cannot believe it! He wanna sit beside me and I'm a little worried Egay might get some clue between us.

"Mac, treat me to dinner ha?" he said while laughing and he held my hand. My eyes was wide open!

"Kapal mo!" and I shook his hand off me. "sige na treat mo ko ha.." He held it again and I took it off and he held it again. Gosh its electrifying! I was afraid Egay might think of something else between us and I wanna be careful and this Moron is so comfortable!

He kept on bugging me about treating him to dinner, we all just had our salaries that day, and I know he can treat me too to dinner LOL! there are times when he's not holding my hand he would touch my hairy legs and said :" are you a relative of the monkey clan?"

Batukan ko nga !

If i know, he's enjoying holding my hand and legs! and me too!hahaha. At the mall, I bought a new oakley bag and I persuaded Egay to buy a new Caterpillar bag after I said many bad things about the bag he's currently using!

Egay had to fall in line at the money transfer booth and that made me and Darkguy alone. We continued on going to shop to shop, and it made me smile whenever he says: "this will look good on you". In fact he's too nice and fun that day. I'm glad I'm having this time with him. But I could sense trouble deep inside. I think I'm a masochist of first kind!

It felt like we're dating...it felt like we're just alone at the crowded mall..it felt like...cloud 9!LOL I was laughing when he asked me if I could take a picture of him at the Christmas snow display on the center of the mall! Parang bata!

When I agreed, and I prepared my phone's camera but he insisted on taking my picture first! whaaaat! this is your idea why i go first! I told him! so then he took my picture and I took his picture too. Finally I have a picture of him, a remembrance for me! We even took a picture of us together. Hay parang si Bea at John Lloyd lang! ako si Bea?!waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

My fantasies was like flushed on the toilet bowl when we entered a shop for little kids...for his 9 months old daughter. It felt like I was slapped on both face. "this would look great on my baby" he said.

I smiled and put on a poker face. I asked him to go elsewhere. He would try some clothes on and would call me for opinions. I noticed when he tried on a shirt that there's a big improvement on his body, he's been working out 3 times a week, he really did go back to the gym afterall. I remembered when we're on my bed and he said "OK, I'll go back to the gym for you..." and I thought he just wanted to flatter me with words then.

Finally Egay came back and we went at the food court (haha kuripot!) I wanted to pay for his order but he refused and told me he's just joking when he's insisting on I treating him. In my mind: So you just wanna have a reason to hold my hand at the van?

Egay was at the counter when both of us are waiting for the food when he said that he's tired of dining at this restaurant and blah blah blah.

"I only eat there when I'm on a date" I said. I don't know it just came naturally!

"How come you never asked me for a date?" he answered.

"Huh?" I was speechless. I don't know how to answer it, I was surprised by the accusation on his question.

"So, who are you dating there? Can I see who he is?" he continued.

I said I don't have a pic at my phone. But he didn't believe me. He's insisting that I have one and that he wanna see him.

Good thing Egay came for the rescue. We ate and he never asked me again about it.

January 1, 2010

New Year's Greeting From Qatar!

Happy new year everyone!

Have a great and fantastic blessed year to us all!