January 30, 2009

Wedding Day

I took some pictures of the altar before the ceremony starts

Finally,the day of my friend Mel's wedding,i just pulled out a striped pink polo shirt from my closet (syempre may pants naman hehe) and with my sis we headed at the venue,it was a garden wedding.According to the invitation,it will start at 3pm we arrived there at 3:20pm and we were worried that we might not see her march,but i forgot that we are in the Philippines..Filipino time and guess what time it start? 4:45pm!!!!we're starving before it finished!haha.But it was fun I got to see my long time friends and the food are great I'm glad I decided to go.

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MC said...

Ano ba yan! ang layo ng 3pm sa 4:45pm LOL filipino time ika nga...