May 22, 2010

A Celebration

Last Thursday was my birthday, I was waiting for my mom's greeting as what she usually does for the past years. But its almost afternoon and I haven't received a call from her at Dubai. So, I called instead. Apparently my cool mom forgot about it!

Imagine! She forgot my birthday! napaka-galing di bah?!

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday at a Chinese restaurant at a mall in Doha (its an eat-all-you-can!) Ten of my closest friends are invited, we ate, we took pictures, we laughed, and we had a good time especially when they surprised me with a cake with candles and sang the famous "happy birthday" toinks!

I was so shy because almost all the guest at the resto are staring as I blow the cake, I tried to keep my mouth pouting and poised !haha

"Potah, ang kipot ng if! ahahay!" I heard my friends joking LOL!

At exactly 8:00 o'clock in the evening, we went clubbing at Qube. We were expecting a live band but turned out its a DJ night, so the musics are all house remix! I hated it! By the way they have a brit artist named Sonique, but I don't know who the hell she is LOL!

Beers and alcohols poured in and we danced the night away! I was dancing like its my last night at that club haha. A guy danced with me and shook my hand and introduced himself, but its just a plain hi and hello kinda thing. Nothing special. Technically, I didn't have my birthday sex that I had been talking about!

Sorry for me!

Anyhow, my friends drove me home at 2:00 am after we had some trouble at the road, but gonna tell you about that on my next post.

I am now eating a riped mango, I am savoring each bite, its been a year since I last have this fruit, its my favorite! I bought a few after we went shopping, birthday shopping haha. I bought a new perfume, this time I have " the one" by Dolce and Gabbana. I also bought a new bag from Zara and few shirts at Jules. (yaman-yaman-an daw!)

Maybe its my way of moving on from our break up hehe.

"Lahat nalang nawala, pati ikaw...haist (all are gone now, including you...)" an sms message EDC sent me after a few days.

I don't know what else to say. But I do miss him though. Anyway, I'll go for now, before this post become an emo one!

Bye-bye for now!

May 20, 2010

Hey Shorty,Its My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

People show me your love today haha!

Anyway, I am 31 years old now, old but wiser I guess (wise daw oh LOL!) This is my first birthday in Doha, technically my first...alone. But I don't feel alone at all, I have too many friends who cares for me and I love them all.

Too bad we broke up and I'm single, but its alright...

Anyhoo, I will be celebrating my special day later at a dinner, in a Chinese restaurant and we will go clubbing immediately after. I hope I have enough budget for that LOL!

I'm still waiting for that birthday sex! haha. Pero mukhang wala talaga...sorry for me nyahaha! I will tell you about my party in the next post. See yah peeps!

May 19, 2010

Guess What!

Finally, the long wait and the suspense was over! My boss allowed me to have my first vacation!!!!


jumping jumping...


clap clap...LOL

My gawd, after 5 attempts, he finally said yes, and I will be coming home this July! Now i do believe in horoscope and astrology! haha it all came true wow!


My birthday is on the 2oth of May, two days from now, and I'm planning to celebrate it on Qube, a club here in Doha or we could have dinner and watch movies after, I don't know, I still have to decide till tomorrow. What do you think should I do?

I'm also requesting to my friends to have them hire some hunky gay guy to be my

"BIRTHDAY SEX" hahaha!

This is my fave video lately...

Anyway, me and EDC broke up today, we thought, we could be much happier if we just stay friends.

So that's it for now! See yah!

May 12, 2010

Erwin's D*ck

I was checking my Facebook and saw a familiar name on my friend's status update, where he made a comment, it was Erwin. I was excited seeing his photos or what happened to him after college. That's why I love these social networking sites, you get to see a lot of old friends. I had an erection remembering him nyahaha!

I cannot forget this guy because, his d*ck was the first thing I've seen in my entire life back then!

Well, let me take you back ten years ago...

*rewind*rewind*film getting black and white..!

It was P.E class, swimming, we were at this resort at Sta.Rosa, all of us guys went there to attend and turned out the class was postponed, but we all decided to stay and have a swim. We had the pool area just for us, no girls. (except me?LOL! that they didn't know at the time)

We were at the poolside talking about something until suddenly, I don't know why the topic shifted to sex...and pubic hair!

JP, was teased to show his pubes, he was reluctant at first, they teased him as coward and to our surprised, he pulled down his short and showed us a large portion of his pubic hair minus his dick haha. In my mind, oh my god, I am so enjoying this moment!LOL!

Chuck, on the other hand, wanted attention too, he was at the water, he pulled down his shorts and undies all the way and threw it on us! we could still see his thick pubes even if he's on the water, too bad I cannot see his d*ck clearly haha it was blurry! Rey, took his shorts and hid it somewhere he had to chase him with his hand covering his manhood running! it was hilarious seeing his dark butt!

Until its Erwin's moment, he likes to brag. He said "wanna see mine?" the guys teased him: Sige nga pakita mo titi mo...

I was teary in anticipation on one corner and praying: pls show it to me...LOL!

He stood and pulled down his shorts and revealed the monster inside...he was starting to have an erection and I could see it growing slowly and pulsating...I swear it was so mesmerizing! Damn, my first d*ck....I cannot believe it! Its beautiful!

I wanna touch it, grab it, and kiss it... but I cannot, I am still at the closet at that time. That sight haunted me for a week haha. But Erwin didn't stop there, on our next class, we were all at the shower room together having soaps on when he started masturbating in front of us using the soap as lube!

I simply stared at him while others are laughing and yelling how pervert he was. He didn't mind, he continued until he came! I saw how high and how far it went on LOL! I forgot how many days I wanked on my room with him as my visual appetizer.

After that, whenever I talk to him, I cannot see his face, all I see is his p*nis! Toinks!

May 7, 2010

A Time To Kill...

I am still hoping and bugging my boss to grant my request to have my first yearly vacation this coming July...I have been talking to him, begging, and almost kiss his ass everyday to allow me to leave!LOL Today his answer was promising unlike the other day that he's saying: "We will see..." now I got: "OK, I will consider it..." hehehe.

I wanna go home *sigh*. Been planning a lot of things on that 30 days of vacation. They are:

1. Of course, I wanna see my sis and my cute nephew who by the way I'm wishing won't grow like me!Toinks! I want him to be straight. But damn, there's signs and symptoms!

2. I wanna see my EDC...kiss him, hug him, and f*ck him!LOL

3. Need to do a lot of shopping, stores here sucks! Mas up to date pa din tayo dun! especially the shoes!

4. Will go to Boracay for 3 days and 2 nights! yahooooo! Don't care if its rainy season by the time I get there! At least mura ng konti hehe. I haven't tried having sex in the water or in the sand! definitely gonna try that! Nyahaha!

Anyway, been so horny this past few days, can't believe been wanking everyday! And recently I tried something so shameful huhu so shameful that I cant believe I did it! No, I wont tell you what its about! I'm such a pervert!LOL

I wanna forget about it! Erase! Erase!

(But been considering doing it again!Toinks! sarap eeeeeeeh!)

Lastly, my solo days on my flat is almost over, after a year whew! two Filipino guys, they are nurses, moving on the two vacant rooms of the house. They're nice though, I just hope we all get along well.

OK peeps, bye for now. Wish me luck on my coming vacation, if my boss wont grant it, I will have him assassinated! Kiddingggggggggggggggg!

May 3, 2010

I am Not OK

I was at the mall this afternoon, I sent money to my sis to help with the bills, and also to my mom...sigh, I've been thinking about her for some time now, our plans of getting her here with me was canceled. She just cant be, she has a financial obligations there, its too big that I don't know how she can settle it....the bank wont allow her to leave.

Amounts she used to save my uncle's ass from being put behind bars. (Don't wanna bore you with the details) She was confident she could pay little by little, but recession plagued Dubai and her salary was cut to half, she wants to resign from work and move here with me, and that's where the problems came in....

When I spoke to her, it seems that everything was alright and under control but I know deep inside, she was troubled. She cant sleep at night thinking and trying to figure out a solution...I know her, she's my mom. Always like that. She always spare me the worries even when I was small.

She stood up for me when someone teased me due to my weak personality while growing as an insecure gay kid...Fought with my dad whenever he tortured me emotionally for suspecting I am going to be gay...which by the way turned out to be true LOL!

She took a risk applying for a job abroad to support my studies through college, I mean, everything that I am, all that I have, is because of her...So why can't I find a way to help her now...I did everything I could, but all seemed not cooperating...I am so useless....

shit! shit! shit!

Anyway, excuse me for being so mellow dramatic today, she's not going to prison though, its just that, it will take her a long time to pay all those sums...and she wont be able to go home...they would hold her back. I want her to retire and spend her days worry free...

It all has to wait...

The annoying part of all these is, my aunt, who by the way I think never understood the sentence: Walang pera si nanay anu bah! (my mom have no money) she kept on calling my mom for financial support, she's telling she will die if my mom wont send her money! and naturally my mom being so kind to her siblings, would send even if there's nothing left to her!

I wanna yell at my mom and tell her to stop being sooooo "like" that already!

I strolled the mall, entering from shops to shops, but didn't bought anything, I thought I don't have the right to spend or splurge on anything when my mom is saving every penny at the other side of the world. Even went to a Chinese eat all you can resto alone, didn't stop until I felt like vomiting!

I went to the supermarket after and took some basic stuffs I need at home.

...canned goods powder for my face (sooo bading LOL)

...soaps, hand sanitizer, tissues

...Durex condoms

waittttttttttttt!condoms?! I don't know why I picked it up and put on my cart haha! I mean, EDC is not even here and there's no other guy!

I remembered I have a cucumber at the fridge! *wink*

Just kidding!!!!