January 20, 2009

Red Ribbon At DFA

Hayyy..Im so tired,sleepy and wasted!But its was fun and a pleasurable one hehe.To have an idea what Im talking about,I went at the Manila City Hall again for the release of my certificate of employment and training and seminar certificate authentication,I left our house at around 7:30am and I arrived there at 10:20am due to heavy traffic!And after that I have to rush it to the Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA) before 11:00 am its like Im in the Amazing Race just to be there before the cut-off.

I arrived at the DFA at exactly 11am and along the way I was thinking of what alibi I might say to the guards to allow me to submit my documents even if its the cut-off time already.But thank God,Manong guard was in a good mood and allowed everyone until 11:10!I found a friend inside while waiting for our turn her name is Alice a mother of 3 and her husband got a mistress haha I cant believed that she told me info that much!But atleast it made my time worthwhile while waiting.

The whole DFA Red Ribbon authentication was fast,at first we filled up this blue form and prepared one valid ID, even though its a long line,before lunch we are done but ofcourse I have to go back again next week for its release,I paid 200 pesos including my NBI clearance authentication and they issued a receipt,well done!

We ate lunch after because were starving to death I could eat evrything that cross my path if I dont get any food in my mouth. And at 1:30pm I was on a bus going to Megamall to meet my date...my new friend with benefits...Randall hehe.I'll tell you about the details tomorrow I got to go and watch the telecast of Obama's inauguration ok? promise!

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dabo said...

friends with benefits? hehhe i need to have one .. lol ;)