January 5, 2009

Let Go Already

I fulfilled one of my new year's resolution today : I will reconcile with the people that I hate,cursed,made me feel bad,or anyone that I have a grudge on and vice versa by sending them messages of Peace!WOW!haha. The message said:

"Hi,its the new year,and I wanna start my year right by not having any bad feeling towards anybody in the past.Happy new year to you and have a nice day!"

It came from my heart.Really!Seriously! I don't have any bad feelings anymore with those people that I thought hurt me including friends and ex boyfriends. I don't talk to them due to bad history but it doesn't mean I still hate them or something.I'm not like that,because I don't wanna have a heart ailment soon or something!haha. Yun bang mamatay sa sama ng loob! By this message its like telling them I'm fine with them already. We can be friends again.Or have a simple conversation with you already blah-blah-blah.

And if they don't reply and acknowledge my way of doing the first move to talk and don't feel the same way towards me,I don't mind.These stuff are for me.For my own personal peace of mind. It's like letting go of the bad feelings and start anew. To feel light.I ts like flying without carrying heavy baggage. If they want to carry those heavy things inside their hearts,then let them be.hehe.Ciao!

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