January 31, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire.I love It!

Its five in the morning and being an insomniac I decided to watch "Slumdog Millionaire" since I've been hearing a lot of good comments about it and after winning most awards at the recent golden globe and I gotta say this guys (with a Nora Aunor's accent) "Oh my god...Oh my god!" this movie is so great!I cant believe that I didn't watch it sooner!After watching it,will leave you a "feel-good"feeling if you know what I mean.

This is the ending scene,the kiss,where finally they are together.This is the part where they dance!

No wonder it won and now that I heard it got 10 Oscars nominations!This movie is funny and dramatic and got a little suspense in it.I fell in love with Jamal and Latika...the love story inside this movie is so moving.This is my first time to see an Indian Film and the ending is soooo intense!And their weird dancing at the closing was so fun!the music is great even though I can't understand the lyrics.(you can watch that dance here) I heard that Indians have these kind of dancing on all their movies.You got to see this film.

Meet Dev Patel,19 years old and he's the lead role,before the end of the movie I begun to have a crush on him,he's got this sexual appeal that I cant describe.He is so tall and thin and they say that thin guys tend to have a big "you know what I mean!"haha.(*balahura talaga ako)

January 30, 2009

Body Troubles

I don't know but i love to have a bird i mean beard and moustache..it gave me a sense of masculinity LOL my friends hated it they thought that I look like a rapist or something haha and this facial hairs are my kissing weapon they get delirious when I kissed their neck and back of their ears with these!Kidding!

I got too many veins in my hands it was not this visible before and I'm a little shaky/sweaty and "pasmado"huhu I got to lessen my porn session I think! or else I might have a problem extracting blood at work!

What is this thing???I got this rash at my left arm and my sister is scaring me that this might be a boil! (pigsa) waaaaaa yuckie!!I don't want this "pang mahirap yun di ba???!!!!hahaha

Wedding Day

I took some pictures of the altar before the ceremony starts

Finally,the day of my friend Mel's wedding,i just pulled out a striped pink polo shirt from my closet (syempre may pants naman hehe) and with my sis we headed at the venue,it was a garden wedding.According to the invitation,it will start at 3pm we arrived there at 3:20pm and we were worried that we might not see her march,but i forgot that we are in the Philippines..Filipino time and guess what time it start? 4:45pm!!!!we're starving before it finished!haha.But it was fun I got to see my long time friends and the food are great I'm glad I decided to go.

January 29, 2009

I Called It "Kiskisan"

I have been with same "top" guy before.Our relationship lasted for two months at that time it was already long for me since I'm only 23 years old then and all I did from previous years are having sex with any guy I like.Meaning: slut LOL! But that was in the past.I'm 29 now and I can say I'm done at that stage in my life,casual sex is a no-no already.

I met Mark from TV-chat where in you will post your number to look for a text mate at that time it was so "in" now I realized how cheap it was haha!But I gotta admit I loved it then I got too many respondent a 100 replies!My pre-historic Nokia 5110 phone almost exploded!He was one who passed for a text mate.We met and we instantly liked each other.He's cute and got a stable job.

We became boyfriends.And everything was beautiful for me.He seems so perfect.We were in love.But there was one problem.He's top too.Well,I'm his first bf and he was a virgin too but he didn't wanna be the bottom.I didn't want either.I cant forget him because his lips was so sweet (damn I love virgins) and he responded to my touchings very hungrily...and he always stare at my d*** i just pretended I didn't see him (napapahiya siya e).

Actually you might think that it was a lame sexual relationship,no one even do the blow job!haha.We kissed and touched each other,but I discovered one thing...we were both standing and I pulled off his briefs and mine and I pressed my d*** with his and it was so good!The sensation was so great...its hotness and the hair Oh lord it was heaven.Next thing we knew I was on top of him and I was humping and pressing my p***s on him real hard...I later called it "kiskisan" with the special help of lubricant and it was the only thing we did for the duration of our relationship.

I didnt know it was possible to have a wonderful sex life even if we are both tops.I preferred to do it standing with his one leg wrapping around my waist.I have nothing to asked for during those time.He's thoughtful,he checked me out at home,he was nice to my sister and he's in love with me.I could feel it in my boner I mean bones.

Why was it so nice to make your bf jealous?haha even if he tried to hide it, brought smiles to my face...

But I guess all things are not permanent,we broke up.I got really jealous to this girl he's with and when I look back I realized how stupid I was to let him go away.i mean he's gay why would he be interested in girls?he loves holding my d*** for god sake!I loved him so much.I asked for forgiveness a 100 times over and then he finally answered me and said "I don't know anymore,I don't think I can love you again.."

And after 2 weeks he texted me "I wanna come over at your house" I thought to my self,thank god maybe this is it,he finally realized he still love me.We talked but nothing about us and we went to bed and when I tried to kiss him he avoided my lips, "no kissing pls.." I was hurt by that,I didn't complain,beggars cant be choosers right?

We just had sex ate charo...haha.And he just visit me to have sex...he's punishing me.I felt so sad about it...what happened to us?I know its my fault but I already repent on all of my mistake and felt really sorry for it.

I felt like a whore a sex machine that if he had an itch he will have sex with me.But despite of all that I still love him.He just vanished all of a sudden,his number became unreachable.It made me cry.But anyway it was 6 years ago...

January 28, 2009

Top And Bottom:Which one?

Which role in bed do you preferred best?topping or bottomming? I have always been a top,since I discovered gay sex,I don't know,I just don't like being the bottom and my sweet ass is still a virgin till now!LOL. Its freakin painful one time I inserted my finger on it and i don't like it what more if a 6inches dick is on it?! I might break and bleed!kidding!

Since we have the same biological structure,this is usually an issue to most gays.I read from somewhere that the role in bed reflects one's personality,that gays who do the "topping" assumes the role of being the dominant one,he is the man in the house in a relationship and the "bottom" is the one that is more submissive,he likes to be dominated,he likes to be the "housewife".

But what about those gays who preferred to be "versa"?I think they are GOD!!!!hahaha.Imagine they could do both,this is the most flexible role ever,you wouldn't have a problem if you found a guy who strictly plays top and bottom,like me.Because for me,when I'm chatting and looking for someone to meet,the question of "are you top or bottom" are always there...and you would tell you're top and he's top too,then its the end of your conversati0n,goodbye Mr.Nice Guy already.

Its really a disappointment for me especially if the guy is nice and I like him and the only problem for us to be together is the role in bed.I've been with a top boyfriend too in the past and we did just fine.I'll tell you about it in my next post.

Its Missing!!!

Im sad...im furious...and Im confused!What happend to it?Its depressing to know when Im looking for it,its not there...

Why do they have to shut it down...one of my favorite gay porn site: masterbasian.ning.com
Fuck them! I love that site!

January 27, 2009

No-Gar Undies

I was watching today's episode of "Pinoy Fear Factor" and I had the loudest laugh of my life! the challenge was they have to lie in this container and this was divided into three portions,snakes on the legs,frogs and snakes at the torso and on the head:rats! Disgusting! The first two finalist Savanah and Janna requested that the boys will be in their briefs on the challenge.

This was a surprised to RJ and rather a big problem when its his turn...he was so reluctant to follow..he said something like "oh no,that will be a problem..." the host asked "why is that RJ?" RJ replied "I'm wearing a no-gar..bacon..underwear..."the ladies laughed they already had an idea what he meant!

no-gar/bacon-means "no garter.an overused and old brief that wear off for many times of use.

And it was hilarious because imagine how embarrassing it is, he have strip down and lie in there with briefs like that!Those girls are so mean for requesting that!hahaha.But I got to give it to RJ,hands down...he was so sexy and damn those crew they intentionally blurred out the part at RJ's no gar undies!!!shettt but I can see it at the side...bulging.hehe. maybe it looked so indecent that's why they decide that.

Check out Rj's profile.Click here

Brothers: Incest

I have seen lots of gay themed Filipino and international movie,so far the most stimulating and made me really horny was "Ang Lihim ni Antonio'(antonio's secret)!It even had frontal nudity and take note with erection hehe.Its has the complete TITI-lating ingredients (peeping,straight teen curiosity,oral and anal sex and of course my fave...incest hehe.But one thing I'm looking for is about more Incest!yah yah I know its totally immoral and carnal and all hehe but that will surely bring out the sperm in me Grrrr!LOL.
AJ Dee

If you've seen the old 70's hit porn movie "taboo" 1 and 2 you'll know what I mean,and by the way its my fave straight porn of all time.Anyway,the story will be like,two teen brothers maybe 14 and 16 years old and exploring their sexuality and discovering themselves in the process.Like for example,Brothers Enchong and Aj Dee or the Jonas brothers to play the role imagine how hot it will be!Aww! I hope writers can come up with a nice movie with that plot!paging Ricky Lee!hehe.

Enchong Dee (I love him better)

I have written my dream incest movie scene here

Nothing Much

  • Me and my sister together with my adorable nephew went st SM Sta.Rosa to buy a gift for my friend Mel who will be married this Friday,i don't know what to buy with just a 500 pesos budget!Don't give me the eyebrow's raising!You know I'm a bum so I don't have much hehe.We had fun choosing at the appliances area.I decided to choose the electric kettle.
  • Inside the mall was so cold!I'm shivering.And my contact lens are so dried up!I forgot to bring my lubricant,I immediately bought one at nearby optical shop.
  • I love "Gyudon" at Karate Kid,its the only thing I like about that fast food I love the egg on top of it especially if there's a lot of mushroom we had it take out then we headed at Chowking hehe because my sister wants chao-fan and siomai.We ate there.
  • I saw one of my ex's from 2007 I think and i don't have anything to say to him so I just avoid him hehe.


I gotta stop this sexual relationship!I'm tired of it!We've been having this lustful relationship since I was 12 years old!We've been doing this like forever.Why can't I refuse you?And you can't even share me with your twin brother,selfish!

You wanna do it every day every night shame on you!

You're draining me...you're making me an addict...and look what happened to you now!hah!You're shaking!and you're perspiring more than before!

That's me,talking to my left hand LOL

January 26, 2009

I'll Convert To Lesbianism!

I think I'd like to be a lesbian.Yeah you heard me.T-bird.hehe.Why?Because I envy them,i mean look at them,they can HHWW (holding hands while walking!) in public!When we saw them,we just think "oh nice they are holding hands" but if gays do that "yuck naman!laki laki ng mga katawan mga jokla!"haha.

For the first time on my mega blog career LOL!I posted girl's pictures!My dad will be proud!Aww

And last time I was on a jeep and these lesbian couple sat in front of me and there it is..its like candy and chocolate...I could have a toothache!I mean they were hugging and like they just own the world! Gay's and Bi's cant do that!Its so freakin unfair man!If we do that people will surely say with eyes wide opened "por dios por santo!santisima!donde de esto de santa clause!"and will pull out their precious rosary!

And lesbian relationships last longer than us,haven't you thought about it?Well I did.And why lesbians are not being teased like gays?I mean some people are mean to gays,right?i know most gays experienced that growing in a man's world,But do lesbian experienced the same thing too when they are growing up?think about it.

Somehow people are afraid and much respectful of lesbians,they cant tease them,they cant call them names right in their face.Unlike us bi/gay they would call us: "bakla!bakla!" I wonder if we try it with the lesbians: "tomboy!tomboy!" ay parang ang pangit,di bagay hehehe bakla bakla na lang ulit!LOL


This is just another long and tiring day for me,I was already on the road at 10:00 am and have my picture taken,passport size and take note 20 pcs!I mean what the hell my agency will do with that tons of my adorable picture anyway?LOL! And then they asked me to photocopy my new passport,take note "new"meaning all the pages are blank..and yet they said give me a copy of all the pages!I don't know,but i just did it,whatever!

Then I headed for the bus station going to Pasay because I have to be at the Department of Foreign Affairs at 1:00 pm for the release of my authenticated documents.All seats of the bus must be filled in and I have this habit of sitting in the middle of the seats so that it will look like to those coming in that Im reserving it for someone,yeah well,I'm reserving it for someone cute!that might possibly looking for a seat when he walks in the bus and then when I spotted a target I will immediately moved to my original side and make the seat beside me so available!Nyahaha!

And a couple of time its works.I got to sit with guys that are looks so yummy I fantasized that we are some kind of boyfriends sitting together!yihaaaa!I'm sick!Gosh!haha the bus was almost full and the only remaining vacant was the one beside me and there he was.. a guy walking towards me..he walks slowly..and I pray...pls...god..dont make him sit beside me!!!He's old!A 60 year old guy!!!!Waaaaa!!!! i guess today was not my lucky bus-day huhu.

Oh come on!there's another seat at the back why did he chose mine?!And there we are sitting together..so close.. instead of sitting with my fantasy bf and now im with my fantasy death wish!LOL.Aww and damn it he's so close to me...his shoulders and arms are pressing with mine!I think he's gay!Oh God Grandpa pls!wag po! wag po!LOL I just focused my eyes on the road instead.Huhu

Well, going back to my story at 230pm I went at my agency's office and submitted those requirements ..hmm I spotted cuties but of course being the prim and proper me I just look and shut my mouth and avoid any word to come out like "uyy gwapo niya..shett!hehe

And by 430 I was on a bus again going to Alabang this time,i need to be at the Alabang Town Center for the DHL branch express I need my NBI clearance be authenticated by the Qatar Embassy,Ill let them deal with it so that I don't have to go there personally.

I got home at 7pm and I was so hungry!I'm glad I'm done with my requirements.

I Was a Shoplifter!!!

I mentioned on my post last year"Am I evil?" that I have done some terrible things in the past and I just want to share this to you guys,when I did some shoplifting not once but I think many times! I don't know maybe I do really have a twisted mind and I have the making of a psycho way back then wooo...scary..hehe.Well,this happened many years ago when I was in high school,I went to this small store at the county and I'm fascinated with those cute little stuff and I have no money to buy them.

I started with some key chains and later some appliances like refrigerator!Kidding!haha I stick to the cute things I'm afraid of course that I might get caught I slowly put it in my pocket and next time I came back I took another key chain haha I don't know why I did it!I want to have my first stole to have a partner maybe or make it like an earring that I could wear or something LOL! It only cost 15pesos my goodness!!!And then from key chains i evolved to pocketbooks...not caught again,I have this great feeling of success when I accomplished my evil task!Told you I'm twisted!hehe,but hey Wynona Rider did it too!

But the last time was not so lucky....I went to National Bookstore(a local and famous store here) and there I was just looking around,I have money then and I bought some notebooks and silly stuffs but still I'm teased to shoplift one item,a romance pocketbook by writer Johanna Lindsey (so gay!LOL) I wont forget her in my lifetime haha because of that incident.I hid it under the stuffs that I bought earlier and when I'm exiting, the guard inspect my plastic bag and saw that item and he asked me to come to their office!!!!

It was so scary like hell "what am I gonna do?will they put me in jail?will they post my picture at their shame wall and put some text:don't be like him!" waaaaaaaa!those are the thoughts that came across my mind,I will have a police record or something!I was walking behind the guard and I bet the people that I walked through already have an idea why I'm there...such a shame...I think I was so pale at that time I could not feel my face its like its so cold.

He asked me to sit on an electric chair! kidding!hehe.They are polite,I don't know,maybe in their mind I don't look like a classic thief or something (sosyal ata ako!klepto nga lang haha) he asked me to give him my ID and I said "what are you gonna do with it?are you confiscating it?" he said no,just going to get your name and ID number..."what if they report me to my school?" I thought so huhu for sure I'll be dead!

And then I said to myself I need to say an alibi or something not like this that I look so guilty,then I said "I just forgot to pay for it,I just had fun looking around and next thing I know I was still holding this book on my hand without paying for it.I don't know if he was convinced or what,I gave him the amount to pay for the book and gave me a receipt and let me go...It was like that's the only time I really breath!!!

After that embarrassing moment I said to myself enough of this shit! I'll pay for it next time!Lesson learned,don't wait for you to get caught.Avoid something which you knew from the start that what you're doing is not right.This is the first time that I tell this story,no one knew about it,and now many people knew,I don't know I don't care,it was in the past and I don't do it anymore and maybe its just a product of my impulsive teenage years.I just thought that I'll share it here in my blog.

I recommend that you read this too from last year post-->Am I Evil

January 25, 2009

Are You A Mama's Boy?

I just watched this movie "Ice castle" I remember this movie from my childhood days hehe I think I first saw this film when I was 10 years old with my mom and it brings back some sweet memories...we cried together with this movie and it made me cry once again.I mean Im so close to my mom,I'm proud to say Im a mama's boy hehe.

I dont know if most of us gay's and bi 's are this close to their mom,I mean are we mama's boys?Is it our mom's fault that we are gay?haha and that our dad is just out of the picture while we were growing up that there are no manly influence in our lives?(sisihin ba daw nanay niya!)

Are you closer to your mom than your dad?

Some Random Thoughts...

This is just some random thoughts that I think I'd like to share it with you,and I will say,this is just my thoughts,my silly opinion.Every person is different and for me I'm twisted!haha
  • I don't know about you but I think people using message tones on their cellphones such as cat that "meow-meow" or rooster that "tik-ti-laok" and dogs that "bark" are really annoying and sooo jologs!!!especially when I'm inside a bus or a van and all of a sudden there's a loud cat that made a moment!You just wanna say shut the fuck off!haha
  • I don't know about you but I think people that are not using their headset to listen to mp3 songs through their cellphone are just KSP-kulang sa pansin(just seeking attention) and only making me irritable!I mean hello why don't you just listen to your damn music privately?why you have to make it so loud???
  • I don't know about you but its annoying when someone near or besides you talks too loud on his cellphone and you could actually hear every piece of shit and word that come out of his freakin mouth!.Me,when I'm talking on the phone as much as possible I'd like my voice to be so low kaya!
  • I don't know about you but I feel so horny when a guy will scratch his crotch while still wearing his pants in front of me and thought that no one will see him!haha.Especially guys wearing those basketball shorts OMG!
  • I don't know about you,but it looks so gay when a Filipino guy is wearing a blue or gray contact lens when he's trying to be discreet and all.Its a total world announcement for me that you're gay if your wearing one!
  • I don't know about you but I feel so suffocated when there's so much effem gays around me (like 10 of them)haha its like I cant breath when they're so loud and so...gay (don't get me wrong I have nothing against them)
  • I don't know about you but its absolutely unbelievable when a guy say he's straight and yet have a g4m account or enjoyed chatting with gay sites! Oh and guys who called themselves Bi when infact haven't been with a girlfriend before or don't have any plans of having a girlfriend!Why are we so afraid to use the word gay?when infact we are all gay!
  • I don't know about you but I think Jed Madela,Erick Santos(both local singer) are gays!and David Archuleta too!!!(American idol)
  • I don't know about you but I think Starbucks becomes synonymous to gay hang out place. If you're at Starbucks,you're gay! tara na dun mga kapatid!LOL same as guys wearing folded and hung and people are people brands!haha andami kong FNH n damit LOL!
And lastly why can't we love the one whose right in front of us and yet we still rather chase the one who care less...

January 24, 2009

Older and Wiser Me

Its annoying when you received text messages from someone you don't know and when you asked them "who are you?where did you get my number?" and they would just answer you " someone sent me your number I don't know who it was" and all I can think of helloooo this gimmick is so pre historic! For sure they know who sent them my number they just don't wanna say it!

And one time I received something like "ah,I saw your number at friendster" and I would say I didn't even post my ym ID at my account there why would I even post my number!hayyy people just don't think of a better alibi or something you know the one worth convincing,why cant they just tell where they got it?

Well,I don't text them anymore, its so lame.

But there was this time that I cant forget,it happened around 8 years ago,someone texted me and said "hi I saw your number at the CR of Starmall,care to be my text mate?" OMG this is totally absurd! I couldn't believe it at first imagine mall CR!!!!and starmall!!!and when a second text and third came from different persons who told me the same thing I was convinced someone was messing with me!Or someone might have a grudge on me and this is his way of getting back at me!

Then it strike me,there was this guy that I supposed to meet,my text mate I never saw his picture then,because at that time texting was your way of getting a date or to meet someone of the same sex unlike now Internet is so popular and you could see the picture of your date beforehand,we decided to meet at this mall and he described what he was wearing,he said he's in a red shirt and khaki pants with a small bag,I was first to arrived there so that I will have the first look at my eyeball hehe and I said I'm wearing blue but in reality I was wearing a white shirt.

I'm so immature then,when I'm thinking about it now, I'm so inconsiderate and bad.When I saw him from a distance coming,I freaked out!He was so out of what I'm expecting..he looks old for his age,and dark you know dark-dark and rough skinned...big belly just like the policeman,come to think of it he looks like a policeman in his civilian clothes! My eyes wide opened when I realizes he was my date!and I said to myself I cant face someone like that I don't like him!So I flew away and get out of the mall as fast as I can!

He texted me and said where I am I just said "oh I got to rush home my sister texted me!" and he didn't believe it, me myself couldn't believe that lie and he said "cursed you!you just don't wanna meet me!Fuck you!" I cant blamed him,i mean what I did was so mean and unfair...and I know he was the one who put my number with a message "text me I'm a whore" at those mall comfort room,I immediately changed my number after that.

I regret that thing in the past,now I can say I've grown and become mature in meeting my dates and eyeballs...and considerate too,Of course it happens to all of us,I mean there will be guys that we don't like when we meet them,and there are guys that we like but don't like us...rejections...its part of gay life...

Now whenever I meet someone that i think is not my type,I just go on with the date,I dont say Oh,I changed my mind I gotta rush somewhere else...guys its immature.I'm telling you hehe.I still spend time with him,and talk,I mean he is a human being too,he deserves that,and if I'm in his position i wanna be treated good too,not like a trash that if doesn't match your standards you just leave and on.I believe in karma.

Of course the after-date-text is important...Its like "oh no will he still text me?.he's not texting me..." I just text them and say,thanks for the time and nice knowing you.We could be good friends.That's it,he got it already that you only like to be friends with him.Unlike guys who would not text at all!That's rude!

I guess its true that when you become older,you become more mature and wiser.

Grabbing No Regret!

I just watched this wonderful gay movie and Oh My God!This movie took my breath away!Its like my new greatest gay love story of all time!!! The title "NO REGRET" it was release in 2006 and the actors are Koreans and I really thank the blog that gave me the idea of watching this movie I just forgot what's the name of that blog I'm sorry!hehe.But who ever that author is thank you!!!!

This is a scene where Jaemin paid Sumin for one night as male prostitute

This movie is a classic two gay men falling in love and the other is poor and the other rich and getting married and everything but the execution of the story was so interesting.I've been wanting to see a movie like this,you know,more romantic moments between the lovers,the kissing was wonderful and who would forget the love scene...it was so perfect not too much and not too quick!So horny people out there don't worry there is enough butt exposure here hehe.And best of all this movie doesn't have a tragic ending like most gay themed film I've seen which only make you depressed at the end!

The surprise ending is as uplifting and as it is bittersweet...this is the most weirdest and funny ending I have seen!He grabbed the other guy's dick and everything was understood!

Lee Young-Hoon as Sumin

Lee Han as Jaemin

The cast are Sumin(the poor guy) played by Lee Young-Hoon and Jaemin(the son of a big company and rich)played by Lee Han.Here are some of the awards it received: Best Independent Director of the Year, Director’s Cut Awards Korea
Best Film Award, Ansan International Next Film Festival
Best New Actor, Critics' Choice Award Korea

Here is the synopsis of the movie click here
Check out its official website here
You can watch it online here
It that don't work click here
Or at YouTube just click here

January 22, 2009

Destined To Be Alone?

"Mac,pls meet me this Saturday,I'll give you my wedding invitation.Miss yah!

I received this text earlier and I don't know who it came from,I called the number and found out its my good friend Mel! OMG I didn't know that she's home already.FYI,she's working at Saudi Arabia as a therapist,if you noticed most therapist are working in the middle east,well,I think we are so in demand in that part of the world,but I don't want to work at Saudi hehe I preferred country's that are more open and less strict that's why I choose Qatar or Dubai.

Going back to my story,Mel is one of my closest friends way back my college days.There's actually six of us in the group,and come to think of it,Kat got married 2years ago,then Jason and grace last year and now Mel...they are all finding their own happiness and settling down building their own family...this suddenly hit me.I kinda felt sad in a way,that I'm still single...I'm happy for them of course but,what about me?

I have relationships in the past,yes,but still I'm single.When is the time I'm going to settle down too?When will the time comes that I am the one whose going to text and call my friends ,not the wedding of course and say this:"hey,I'm settling down with this amazing guy that loves me so much,we found our own place and I'd like all of us to have dinner" or we could do our own wedding vows even if its not legal in this country,its just a piece of paper anyway,all that matters is what we have and what we feel with each other.I'd like that thought...

But are we,gay or bi or whatever we call ourselves now destined to be alone?That we cannot have what straight people have? That someone to build a future with for a long time? Are we prepared to grow old alone? This fears me...I guess this is the fears of all mothers or parents who loves their son's so much who came out to them...

This is the fear of my mother...

I love you MOM.I'll be alright.Who knows.I might find my forever

...and you'll gain another son

...and you will love him too.

January 21, 2009

Nice Friend At Nice Motel

This is the continuation of my post yesterday,I arrived at Megamall at 2:30 in the afternoon,Randall was waiting,and I saw him inside Giftgate and I smiled at him and said "Sorry for making you wait" he said its alright and we headed to our destination:Motel room.haha.You might ask who the hell is Randall,well he is a guy I've dated last year around June before Jaireh became my boyfriend.

Our date then was just fine,but I didn't think we can be together because there's some incompatibility issues I've seen.He sure like me to be his bf but I said being friends is best for us right now and he understood.To think that he came from Cebu city to see me then.He is an Occupational Therapist by the way.He moved to manila to work last September and we kept on communicating since our date.

He's constantly teasing me about how good he is at bed and how he wanted me to kiss him again (well,yes,Ive kissed him on our first date then,you know,I feel guilty that he came from Cebu, a far city and he got nothing from me! so I kissed him.hehe) he said it was one kiss he cant forget,I felt proud I already know that I'm a good kisser LOL.(Yabang!)

I'm not taking him seriously then because I've been to relationship here and there so I was busy with my pathetic love life,and he knew that,but we keep being friends and texting and chatting.But lately,I'm considering his offer,I'm not seeing someone now,and my last sex was with JL(my last bf last December) and its been a month now!

So i asked him "are you free tomorrow?can I fuck you?hehe"I added the word"hehe" to make it sound a bit less serious I'm kinda unsure if he will agree,and he said "OK,but you bring lots of condom,you wear rubber?" I said "yeah sure,but you're in charge of bringing lube" haha,"and he added "are you a good top Mac?can you do three rounds?" I got so excited I even had a hard on thinking about it!

So we agreed to see at the afternoon after I'm done at my appointment at DFA,that we will meet at megamall and we will check in this motel "nice hotel" that's the name of the motel hehe I kinda felt silly about the name,I mean I'm not sure if its clean and comfortable I only been to sogo motel many times and so far sogo was my choice of motel rooms.
Practice safe sex guys

It is located at cubao near the mrt station and Araneta Center.I bought a pack of condoms at a near 7-11 branch and I cant find them at the display,so I asked the cute guy at the cashier and I whispered "where are your condoms?" shettt hahaha "ah,its here sir you have to asked it here at the counter"he said.Damn them why didn't they put it in display instead and save us horny customer's face of buying them?LOL

We headed at the Nice Hotel,but too many by standers at the front entrance,that's the big disappointment for me,in fairness it is really nice,the lobby is decent enough but not like sogo motel that the waiting customer can sit with privacy with the division on every chair.They only have couch and bench in there.We paid 400 pesos plus for three hours only,we shared the bills of course.But 5 hours stay is only 495 pesos!We could choose that but I cant stay for 5 hours I have to go home to catch Obamas inauguration hehe.

Our room is quiet big and neat,the air con and the beddings are clean and so far it passed my standards.But the shower sucks they don't have hot and cold!But anyway I immediately took my shower since we only have 3 hours to fuck LOL!Time is Gold! after we're done we jumped into bed and kissed him hungrily like he wanted me to,that's what he's longing for in the first place next to my d%c*!hehehe

And OMG!His tongue never missed a single area in my body!That tongue and mouth is so powerful it never got tired haha.All i did was moan here and there and here again and there.All I can say is he's a pleasure giver.I'm so impressed by his performance haha I'll give him perfect ten!a round of applause everyone clap clap clap!he drained me!Every position of we can think of was performed on that bed I felt sorry for the beddings its was so soaking wet haha

I've never been with that kind of bottom guy before,and I will definitely invite him once again!After the wonderful moment I just hug and kissed his forehead and rest while he's still inside my arms.We only did two rounds haha yikes I'm such a weakling!

I found a list of motel addresses and numbers here

January 20, 2009

Red Ribbon At DFA

Hayyy..Im so tired,sleepy and wasted!But its was fun and a pleasurable one hehe.To have an idea what Im talking about,I went at the Manila City Hall again for the release of my certificate of employment and training and seminar certificate authentication,I left our house at around 7:30am and I arrived there at 10:20am due to heavy traffic!And after that I have to rush it to the Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA) before 11:00 am its like Im in the Amazing Race just to be there before the cut-off.

I arrived at the DFA at exactly 11am and along the way I was thinking of what alibi I might say to the guards to allow me to submit my documents even if its the cut-off time already.But thank God,Manong guard was in a good mood and allowed everyone until 11:10!I found a friend inside while waiting for our turn her name is Alice a mother of 3 and her husband got a mistress haha I cant believed that she told me info that much!But atleast it made my time worthwhile while waiting.

The whole DFA Red Ribbon authentication was fast,at first we filled up this blue form and prepared one valid ID, even though its a long line,before lunch we are done but ofcourse I have to go back again next week for its release,I paid 200 pesos including my NBI clearance authentication and they issued a receipt,well done!

We ate lunch after because were starving to death I could eat evrything that cross my path if I dont get any food in my mouth. And at 1:30pm I was on a bus going to Megamall to meet my date...my new friend with benefits...Randall hehe.I'll tell you about the details tomorrow I got to go and watch the telecast of Obama's inauguration ok? promise!

January 19, 2009

"Rustom IS Now Bebe"

Oh my God!This was my reaction when I saw the news about Rustom Padilla's changing his name to Bebe something and I forgot the surname he want to use for his new personality,this is actually a total shocker for me I mean I just thought he wanted to just come out of the closet and be gay,a discreet gay,you know still wear men's clothes and act manly but being a drag is not in my wildest dreams!
Rustom Padilla after coming out

My sister and I were laughing about his look at the news,he looks like Rupaul,wearing a wig and make ups and the shoes OH my Lord,we cant imagine the former hunky good looking matinee idol who was once married to Carmina Villaruel is transformed to this lady like person.His brother Rommel said he just fell down on his seat when he saw his brother like that haha.

Rustom Padilla when he was a straight guy

But anyway he said he's happy with it and who am I to judge him we are all gay here,we just differ with the kind and level of gayness within.I chose to be discreet and he choose that path,I guess we cant do anything about it.I'm just so disappointed,and kinda felt sad,how can he find someone now that he looks like that?

Carmina Villaruel,the woman he married many years back

Will he find a gay partner with all those get up?Or will he look for a straight dude as partner instead?That's what making me sad for him,no straight guy can really love a homosexual like the way we wanted right?This is just an opinion.Well maybe,for his money...

Naruto All Weekend

My weekend is pretty boring,since I just stayed home and rest after a week long of preparing my requirements for working abroad,usually Saturday or Sunday is my date-day but since I'm not seeing anyone right now I just laid back at my bed and stare at my computer and spend most of my time watching Naruto at YouTube!I've watched episode 195 to 213!.

I already watched Naruto Shippuuden episode 92 last week after I downloaded it at utorrentz.com.Because I started backwards haha I started with the Shippuuden then I went back from the beginning way back season 1. I only discovered Naruto to be interesting to watch recently after ignoring it for 3 years on TV.

So far I'm catching up real quick,and you might think "huh?Naruto,what is that?!haha.Its an action packed-ninja kid-adventure animated TV series originated from Japan and it is shown at the US since 2002 I guess,and now that Naruto has grown up I think I got a crush on him haha now that he is 15 years old.Aside from Naruto I already finished "Avatar:The last Air bender" which is by the way my all time favorite cartoon in the entire universe hehe.

After I finish Naruto I'm thinking of watching "Bleach"next, another animated action series,I heard its a pretty good one too, not the washing chemical ok! LOL

Youtube is pretty irritating lately,they took out most of Naruto episodes due to copywright claims of the makers hehe,so I searched other website and I found some at Veoh.com,narutoget.com,narutoofkonoha.blogspot.com and tailedfox.com

January 18, 2009

Settle For An Ave Guy?

I read from another blog that his friend was on this bar and staring at this guy he liked and later approached him and next thing you know they're flirting with each other already.I envy those guys hehe.I mean I'm not that courageous and confident about my self to approached a guy I like at a bar or somewhere where gays and bi's hang out,its just not my style and it doesn't suits me.I don't know about you,maybe some or many of you are like that.Good for you.

My way is the Internet haha.The gay sites and chat rooms.And only 10 percent are from friends referral.That's my market place.My sari sari store.Its like I'm pushing this cart and I just stop by a certain section and I choose which item to pick! I'm confident at that.I just message or let the guy notice me at the net that I think looks nice and looking for a dating buddy or someone to get to know more...if he replies"good" if not,I just go to the next section and choose again!

I have a different style,I know,but this saves me some hardships and disappointment.I don't go for guys that are out of my league or too beautiful for me.I'm careful at that.I choose guys that I think are at my level,the average looking guys.Sometimes those that are not good looking are the ones more trustworthy and might make you happy.And they tend to be the one looking as what you too are looking for.A happy and serious relationship.And I proved that to be true.

Because I believe,cute guys are for cute guys,and no cute guys will settle for an average looking guy.And those average looking guy who wants cute guys are just looking in the dark!But its their life let them be.But of course I'm not generalizing,I've been with a cute boyfriend before and we did just fine.But this is my way and I have been happy in my relationships so far.I literally follow the song "humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay" haha I just changed it to "humanap ka ng di masyadong panget at ibigin mo ng tunay"LOL

I just have some issues to settle with my self that's why I always broke up with my boyfriends before.Or maybe I don't find what I want in them yet...

January 16, 2009

A Day at the Manila City Hall

Another working abroad requirement:Going to Manila City Hall.Authentication.I set the alarm at exactly 7am but to some reason my alarm clock never made a single noise to wake me up!Damn!So what happened instead of 7:00 am I accidentally woke up at around past 8:00 am haha good thing my dad made some noise outside.My sister accompanied me since she don't have anything to do today.

The weather still as cold as before we have to boil water just to survive bathing! Its like taking a bath in the morning is the greatest challenge of my life!haha its so freakin' cold! my balls are shrinking to death!Well,anyway,going back to my story,I have to go Manila City Hall for the authentication of my employment certificate and my seminars and trainings certificate before submitting it to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for another authentication this time with a red ribbon in it.I wonder why red ribbon?they could choose pink.. and call it "pink ribbon" haha so gay!

The old building was so fascinating outside,looks so old but magnificent,the lobby is nice and bright,it is our first time to get inside the city hall we only see it from outside before.But too bad after the lobby,the walls and the rooms needs renovation...We went straight at the 4th floor,where the fat lady put some notes and asked us to go to the 2nd floor room 226,I believe for notarizing my papers and there another lady attended to us put some seal and signed my documents and asked us to go back at the 4th floor where we've been first and asked me to pay 300 pesos!50 pesos per page,mind you ha,no receipt!haha

Back at the fat lady at the 4th floor,she typed on something attached it to my papers and voila!another 25pesos and of course no receipt again! Asked us again to go to the window outside, Its already 1:00 pm and the lady inside the window isn't opening yet lunch break was over and she could see people are waiting for her majestic return to her post(nagmamaganda) and still she managed to take some time to chat with her co-workers without being considerate to us since we haven't had our lunch yet!

If I'm not mistaken it is window 6,there we paid another 70 pesos for the authentication and this time thank God with an official receipt!All we could say was"Hayyy(*sigh)...Filipinos...Filipinos..."But hey,I still love my country maybe there's still a chance for us in the future..hmmm..maybe 100 years from now!LOL!haha

When she haven't been making any signs of returning to her post we went straight in front of her window to show her and make her start to attend to us,and we're making a face in front haha and finally she sat down and took off the "closed sign" but we could actually feel her irritability in speaking to us "I don't have a change to your money yet pay only at exact amount" haha and I said "I don't have the exact 70 pesos" we just smile knowing that we annoyed her haha! "haller its your damned job !"she's such a bad employee,drop the attitude lady!

We returned my documents inside room 401 at the fat lady but this time she passed us to this old guy instead and make some notes again and called my name and gave me a slip and told me to return on Tuesday for the release at 8:00am!yikes too early! hayyy this preparing of my documents is making me tired!So my schedule at Tuesday will be this : 8:00 am manila city hall,then I will submit it at DFA before 11:00am i just hope its not a "blockbuster line" when I get there LOL .

I wonder what is the result of my medical exam...I'm fit to work or not???haha.

January 15, 2009

Parting Time Sucks

My sister is a little down today,though she tried to hide it but I can still feel it,why?because her husband is going back to Saudi Arabia tonight his flight is scheduled at 1am,after more than a month of vacation it will be another 2years before she could see him again.I hate parting time! My sister even joked around and said "he is so busted I have my period now!"haha too bad for him!

But at least they are together last Christmas and new year and I know my sister is so happy about it.I love my sister she is the only one close to me,next to my mom,since there's only two of us we don't have many siblings to play with when we were young.And she's the first person I told that I'm gay.At first she couldn't understand that how could two gay like each other haha.I mean she thought if one is gay he will only like straight guys and not the same third sex.She kinda cant imagine whose blue and whose pink in the gay relationship and I said I'm definitely the blue one!haha

January 14, 2009

Friends with Benefits

Remember my ex-boyfriend Brian that I mentioned here before? The nursing guy I was with for 8months? yes! him. (trivia:he is 21 y.o studied nursing at manila but hails from the province of Isabela, we were together from august of 2007 to may of 2008,we broke up cause he have to go home at the province after graduating and he's taking me for granted later on our relationship)

Well, we remain friends after some heartache and not talking for a while,and we constantly texting each other even when I'm with a new boyfriend before ,and I'm always teasing him about getting back together and I think there's a better chance of that now (since I'm available again) that I can read between the lines for each conversation we have everyday,and besides my feelings for him are still there somewhere on my heart.

And I think I might convinced him of going to manila and spend a week or two at our home since he is the only boyfriend that my family ever approved of haha,I remember he used to cook for us carbonara and did a great graham cake which my sister and nephew loves.And my dad asked for him,maybe he thought Brian is still my boyfriend that he's just vacationing or just busy to visit us hehe.My dad never asked me about it,he respects my love life and other affairs.

Hmm,but i never expect too much yet,you know "expectations kills" according to my ex-boyfriend JL hehe which I agree.But if our current situation is best for us, I don't wanna ruin it by taking it into the next level and besides I'm going out of the country I don't wanna be unfair to him,But one thing is for sure when he come here I will seduce him take him to bed that he can't refuse!LOL it will be like friends with benefits thing hehe "uso naman yun ngayon a!