November 23, 2010

Sentimyento Ko

Nauunawaan ko minsan yung mga single na tao kung bakit ayaw nila pumasok sa isang relasyon...marahil, naisip nila, mahirap nga naman, madaming komplikasyon. Walang sakit ng ulo.

Bakit nga naman kasi, pag nag mahal ka, di maiiwasan na masasaktan ka. Minsan iiyakan mo pa ang walangya! (pero di pa to nangyari sakin!--defensive?)

Bakit nga naman kasi pag nagmahal ka, kadikit nito na umasa ka, tapos mabibigo ka lang sa huli...sasabihin nila wag ka mag expect, pero bullshit yun! Nagmahal ka pa kung wala ka naman aasahan sa mahal mo di ba? Taena!

Masarap mag mahal kung mamahalin ka din ng tama.
Yun makikita mo sa maliliit na bagay, hindi lang puro satsat...

Hindi porket lagi nag a-I love you e mahal ka nga!
Patunayan nya letse!

Bakit nga naman kasi pag nag mahal ka, matututo ka mag selos, mag set ng na kumbaga ang freedom mo, bawal na makipag textmate/chat, makipag eyeball, at makipag date sa ibang bading!

Aba sino ba namang tanga papayag nun! Jowa mo na tapos nakikipaglandian sa iba?! Haller ok lang siya?

Putol-titi gusto nya?LOL

Pero ang pinaka gusto ko pag nagmamahal ka, nagiging korny ka, nagmumukha kang tanga sa saya, inspirado ka at higit sa lahat, natututo ka mangarap, mangarap ng buhay sa hinaharap na kasama siya...

Yung papakasal kayo, mabubuntis ka, binyagan...

ay!!! potah di pala yan! LOL

Pwera-biro, ang gusto ko lang sabihin, sa hinaba-haba ng pasakalye ko e ito, masakit ipin ko! hahahha!

O ito na tunay na to:

Happy 4th month sa jowa ko'ng abnoy na si Clayton.
You know naman that I love you, ayt?

Though, may pinag daanan tayo lately, pero sana huli na yun kundi, taena ka, sa kangkungan ka pupulitin pag inulit mo pa yun! LOL (may pagbabanta daw sa buhay?hahaha)

"Love is just a word, until someone comes along and gives it MEANING"

November 19, 2010

Love Status

Clayton still managed to sent me these shirts even though we are on a time off...its been 5 days now and we haven't talk or exchange a single message toward each other since.

I'm not mad anymore, actually I was not really that mad at him. Surprised maybe. Surprised with what I have found out I guess. He told me he never dated or cheated on me. That it was just a simple thing out of boredom. In my heart I want to believe him. And I did.

Maybe because I know Clayton is good guy.

I hope.

But out of respect with my self, and to teach him a lesson, I asked for a cool off. Because I'm supposed to get mad. Right?

There are two shirts he sent me. This one has a print that says: Single. Maybe he wanted me to choose between the two. But I'm still thinking if this would be my love life status from now on...

After a careful thought...
finally, I listened to my heart and decided to wear the other shirt...

So I guess, I still have a boyfriend after all!

November 14, 2010

UnBreak My Heart

I fell in love

I was happy

We made a love story

We made a dream for us

He broke my trust

I am in pain

I am hurting

We need some time off. I told him. To think.
To see if I could still trust him.
But one thing is sure. I still love him.

Why do we always hurt the ones we love?

"Mahal na mahal kita...nagkamali ako, oo admitted ko yun...alam ko ang feeling ng mawalan, at ayoko na maulit yun. Siguro sa cool off na to, papayag ako...pinukol na din ako ng sarili kong bato sa ulo. Pero sana, mahanap mo sa puso mo yung mapatawad ako at ituloy yung kung saan tayo mapuputol. Kasi i love you. And i mean it."

(I love you so much...I know its my fault, I wont deny it...I know how it feels to lose someone, and I don't want that to happen again. I may have agreed on this time off, but i do hope that you could find in your heart to forgive me. Because I love you. and I mean it.)

His last words.

November 11, 2010

Toyo Ko

We've all encountered some kind of hardships and troubles in our lives...mine was something about money.

I remember when I was in grade school, when dad quit his job abroad and stayed with us since, mom forced herself to work to get something on our plate every day. Its a moment in our lives that will always stay with me. I cannot forget how tired my mom was like during those days...

She was a food vendor in front of the school gate (like isaw, hotdogs etc.)
She even put up a small eatery at a tricycle terminal with a capital borrowed from 5-6.
She wake up so early in the morning and sleep very late at night.

I usually gets very emotional when I think about it till now. My mom did everything she could for us to survive.

I remember having only one pair of shoe for school. It was very old and torn down. My mom cannot get me a new one and she would stitch it up and glued it together so that I could use it again. But I'll cry and asked her to get me a new one.

Yeah, I was a brat.

How many school outings and excursion did I missed? How many school projects did I struggle to pass due to lack of fundings?

Jollibee was just a dream for us during those days.
Our television set was terrible, you have to kick it first before I could watch my fave show.

I don't wanna go back there again. I just dont.
Now that I'm earning enough for myself here in Doha, I have to stop spending so much on unnecessary stuffs.

Its funny when I was working way back in our country, my ten thousand pesos salary was not enough, and now that I get paid many times over that, its still not enough!

Maybe its true, you get higher pay, you also get a higher lifestyle.

I've been a material "girl" for a while now. (Girl daw talaga e noh!LOL)

bakit kasi naimbento pa yang shopping!hahaha
More than a year na ko dito la pa ko ipon.

This have to stop.


Today as I was getting a bottle of soy sauce from the grocery store,

I smiled and thought to myself:
I used to eat rice with just soy sauce in it for dinner...

November 8, 2010

Daddy Is Gay!

He's a great provider...

A good father of a 2 year old cute girl and another one on the way...having a kind and patient wife back home in manila. He is also a good friend to you. You could always rely on him...

But you found out something...

He is gay.

Not just gay, but he is having affairs from one gay guy to another...

He's doing it discreetly, but you still found out.

What would you do as his best friend?

Tell his wife?
who by the way is very dear to you...

Talk to him and ask him to stop?

Would you just walk away?

Or pretend you don't know anything?

I don't know either.

A friend asked me these questions and seeking advice about his gay friend and I don't know what are the right words to say...

Its not wrong to be gay...
but what if you're married?
What if you have a loving family?

You guys, what would you possibly do in this case?
What's the right thing to do?

November 5, 2010


When I die...

Don't put "R.I.P" on my grave

Instead you'll write:



November 4, 2010

Our Song

Me and Clayton have been arguing for a theme song for some time now! I know, its kinda cheesy, but I love to have our own song. Something that will remind us of each other. But we just couldn't decide which one. I even asked my friends on facebook and was only annoyed with their suggestions!

Anak--by freddie aguilar
Multong Bakla--by whoever!
My way--Frank Sinatra
Jumbo Hotdog--by whoever again!

I mean my friends are all dicks! LOL
I'm serious when I posted that question on my page and instead they made fun of it. Grrrrrrrrr!

I suggested "love song" by 311 --Clayton rejected it!
I suggested "head over heels" by Digital daggers--rejected too!
I also love "the only exception" by Paramore--but he hated it!

But when he suggested the song "Everything" by Michael Buble' and watched it on youtube...



I told him its ugly!

When in fact I know I found our song! Its perfect! I love it! I just can't admit that to him yet. I wanna give him a hard time just for a while to convince me...hahaha

But I know its the One.

Listen to our official song...

Hopefully, we could sing this together on a local videoke bar some time some where in June next year when we go to Coron, Palawan for my yearly vacation. (see the pictures here)

Fingers crossed!

How about you guys, what's your song? :-)