January 5, 2009

Keep It Up!!!

I've submitted my blog for review last month at "Our Blog Review" and Im glad they find time to check on my blog.I did it because I saw some of the blog they featured and I want to know what they can say at my blog too and to add some traffic if I get a nice feedback.This site makes a professional reviews to any blog submitted to them on all category and I personally check it from time to time to find some interesting blog to read,their reviews make it easy to pick which blog to look at.And this is what they say on mine:

Living The Expectations is a personal blog so has blog posts about life, love and almost anything really. I liked the conversational and friendly style of the posts and the use of photographs. An index in the side bar would have made the blog easier to navigate but apart from that it is a great site

You can find the URL on my blog review at this link : http://www.ourblogreview.com/2009/01/01/website-review-living-the-expectations/

I'm glad with the results and it made me more inspired to keep blogging and improve the site even if this is just a hobby and never had a single cent from it!haha.If you wanna have your blog reviewed go to this site :

Another blog review that I had was with this guy at blog catalog.com's discussion area.His name is
Damien Riley an established blogger who writes on psychology, inspiration, teaching, and blogging. Helping other blogger through reviews and mentoring.384 as of now have submitted their blog for reviews.And my blog was one of them.Look at what he said:

Pros: Fixed width theme. I like those because they look the same in most browsers and on most monitors. Cool 2008 graphic despite the sad stuff in the post! 2009 will be better

Cons: This is a personal blog catered to only you it seems. That is 100% cool. Did you know the first blogs were online diaries? That's what you have here. The difference is now the blogging world has become monetized and you can make money at it. I don't see a personal blog making much money unless it's catered to a specific reader/audience. Also you need a lot of traffic.

Notes: That's it! If you want more input on niche blogging, give me a shout! Happy new year sir!

I love the comments whether good or bad and I promise to do better and hope many people will find my blog interesting to read.

If you wanna see some of his reviews check on this link: http://www.blogcatalog.com/discuss/entry/get-a-blog-review-until-jan-9th-2009

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