January 24, 2009

Older and Wiser Me

Its annoying when you received text messages from someone you don't know and when you asked them "who are you?where did you get my number?" and they would just answer you " someone sent me your number I don't know who it was" and all I can think of helloooo this gimmick is so pre historic! For sure they know who sent them my number they just don't wanna say it!

And one time I received something like "ah,I saw your number at friendster" and I would say I didn't even post my ym ID at my account there why would I even post my number!hayyy people just don't think of a better alibi or something you know the one worth convincing,why cant they just tell where they got it?

Well,I don't text them anymore, its so lame.

But there was this time that I cant forget,it happened around 8 years ago,someone texted me and said "hi I saw your number at the CR of Starmall,care to be my text mate?" OMG this is totally absurd! I couldn't believe it at first imagine mall CR!!!!and starmall!!!and when a second text and third came from different persons who told me the same thing I was convinced someone was messing with me!Or someone might have a grudge on me and this is his way of getting back at me!

Then it strike me,there was this guy that I supposed to meet,my text mate I never saw his picture then,because at that time texting was your way of getting a date or to meet someone of the same sex unlike now Internet is so popular and you could see the picture of your date beforehand,we decided to meet at this mall and he described what he was wearing,he said he's in a red shirt and khaki pants with a small bag,I was first to arrived there so that I will have the first look at my eyeball hehe and I said I'm wearing blue but in reality I was wearing a white shirt.

I'm so immature then,when I'm thinking about it now, I'm so inconsiderate and bad.When I saw him from a distance coming,I freaked out!He was so out of what I'm expecting..he looks old for his age,and dark you know dark-dark and rough skinned...big belly just like the policeman,come to think of it he looks like a policeman in his civilian clothes! My eyes wide opened when I realizes he was my date!and I said to myself I cant face someone like that I don't like him!So I flew away and get out of the mall as fast as I can!

He texted me and said where I am I just said "oh I got to rush home my sister texted me!" and he didn't believe it, me myself couldn't believe that lie and he said "cursed you!you just don't wanna meet me!Fuck you!" I cant blamed him,i mean what I did was so mean and unfair...and I know he was the one who put my number with a message "text me I'm a whore" at those mall comfort room,I immediately changed my number after that.

I regret that thing in the past,now I can say I've grown and become mature in meeting my dates and eyeballs...and considerate too,Of course it happens to all of us,I mean there will be guys that we don't like when we meet them,and there are guys that we like but don't like us...rejections...its part of gay life...

Now whenever I meet someone that i think is not my type,I just go on with the date,I dont say Oh,I changed my mind I gotta rush somewhere else...guys its immature.I'm telling you hehe.I still spend time with him,and talk,I mean he is a human being too,he deserves that,and if I'm in his position i wanna be treated good too,not like a trash that if doesn't match your standards you just leave and on.I believe in karma.

Of course the after-date-text is important...Its like "oh no will he still text me?.he's not texting me..." I just text them and say,thanks for the time and nice knowing you.We could be good friends.That's it,he got it already that you only like to be friends with him.Unlike guys who would not text at all!That's rude!

I guess its true that when you become older,you become more mature and wiser.


Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Ganun ba?

Hehe :) Ganyan kasi ako e... Marami akong tinetext at ang palusot ko ay laging may nagbusiness card lang sa akin. Hehe!

Nice :)

Mac Callister said...

haha so why not tell who gave u their number?kaw ha!

Pao Pielago said...

i think there's nothing wrong with what you did. it's better than saying "i don't like you". it was him who had issues, making up false descriptions about himself. anyway, those were the haydays. thanks to internet, we can easily verify now who's who. hehe.

jericho said...

we all mature somehow. minsan eh mas exciting pa ang blind Ebs. walang expectations.. hehe

Mac Callister said...

naku nadala n ko sa mga blind eb's because of that nga hehe kaya pic muna bago meet para alam n ang maeexpect na looks ng bawat isa :-)

[SK] said...

yeah that should be the right way.. make things clear and sound, rather than hiding and get worried about things..

are you sure your number was not being written on cruisy toilet walls by somebody else?? haha :p

Mac Callister said...

i better hope not!i dont wanna change my number again hehe

gravity said...

wow, good for you. with experience really comes maturity. kudos to you =)