November 15, 2009

Just Friends

"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime? maybe on the 26th, is that OK with you?"

That's what he asked after some time of chatting through messenger, honestly, I like talking to him even though I haven't met him yet, well, I saw his picture already. I was able to know him when he sent me a message telling me how he likes my blog that he almost finished it from the beginning. I was flattered of course. We chat whenever we have a chance.

His name: Aldwin

I agreed on that date, since its my day off and its not bad meeting new friends. I was very vocal about having a new friend. I told him I don't have a bi or gay friend in my life, my friends are straight, male and female. It would make a big difference having someone like me. He agreed since he is new here in Doha, barely a month with no new friends yet, he told me later that he's the only Filipino on their company. Technically he is alone.

I was excited. Even if its 2 weeks to go. I was at work one morning when I decided to text him, we exchanged many messages, when later I told him me and other two friends will dine in at a resto and go to the mall after. Which he will go for late lunch too. He asked if we could meet there, I was hesitant. Its too soon, I thought I still have 2 weeks to meet him!

I'm having butterflies on my stomach! I don't know what to type in on my cellphone keypads. Yes or no? Finally I said: OK, I'll find a way when we're at the mall. My friends are already annoyed at me since I was on my phone almost the whole time while we're eating texting him. But my friends enjoyed the foods and the chats and it took them a long time before deciding to go malling!

Aldwin had to go back at their office! So there, meeting:cancelled! I was sad.

I told him we could catch up later or grab a coffee somewhere since he lives a few blocks from my building. When I came home around 8 in the evening, he invited me to have a dinner instead at a nearby fast food. I changed to casual clothes and hit the street, its a walking distance from my flat.

He came in earlier than me. Then I saw him, wearing his jeans and eyeglasses. Hmmm, pwede!!! He's a jolly person I could tell, and no pretensions, no "arte" whatsoever. I like a friend, LOL! Its too early to think about anything romantic and besides I don't know what's in his mind yet. Our meeting was very nice, I enjoyed it. We're talking about anything for more than an hour.

I thought: I like this guy, he could be a very good boyfriend...

But I immediately erased that thought. I don't want to rush in and hurt in the process. Its better to be friends for the meantime, and if its meant to be, and escalated to something deeper, why not. But now, I got to hold my emotions and enjoy the new friendship with him.

"its still early, can we go to your flat and continue our conversation?" he asked.

Next thing I knew we were walking on the familiar street towards my flat. I was embarrassed because I'm not a neat person when it comes to my house!ahaha. I'm messy and lazy cleaning up! We watched TV and laughing and having a great time. We didn"t notice that its getting very late. Its 12am. He have work at 8am, I asked him: What time you'll go home?

No response. I knew he don't want to end the night so soon. I could sense it. Me too. I don't want him to leave yet. Sexual tensions are building up. I'm fighting it. I made a promise to myself that sex will be the last thing on my mind. I'm sick and tired of having sex first before knowing a guy or him knowing me first.

Hindi ako pakipot ha! LOL

He was sitting on my couch and I decided to sit on its armchair, it surprised me when he lay his arms on my legs for comfort while watching TV, I allowed him, until he put my arms around his shoulders. I kissed his hair. I hugged him tighter this time. I don't want that moment to end. Its magical.

I whispered to his ear, I don't want you to go...

Ok, I'll stay...

But you have work in the morning?

I'll go at 6.


Next thing I knew, I was changing the pillow cases on my bed! waaaaa!!! Am I doing the right thing here???? For sure something will happen!

I told him : no sex OK? we'll just sleep together.

"of course" he said. Then he took off his shirt and left his boxer shorts.

I panicked deep inside, if he will sleep shirtless that would be dangerous for me, I will feel his skin next to mine and I will explode with hornyness!LOL. I offered him a shirt, he refused, said he cannot sleep with it. I sighed.

When I came back from the bathroom he's already sleeping. I went to my side of the bed. I don't know what possessed me but I hugged him from his back. He acknowledge it, he came closer.I tried to sleep and keep my hard dick away from his back and butt!LOL prayed that it would stop pulsating!haha

I heard him snoring a little. I felt his bare skin on my arms. It felt good. I stopped myself from biting his earlobes. I slept after a while. I took my arms from him and decided to shift on my side, he followed and this time he was the one hugging me from my back. I missed this. Someone hugging me. Cuddling me...when was the last time someone hugged me this close while sleeping? a year ago? with Brian...

But I was surprised when he started giving me light touches on my shoulders, seducing me...he started moving his hips against mine. My eyes wide open! Oh no...this is it! Will I do it with him...but he promised no sex...

He took my hand and put inside his boxers, I felt his manhood...

"please s@ck it..." he whispered. I said no....he begged "please..."

I faced him and his lips gently moved closer to mine, I kissed him, slowly he kissed me back, then hungrily...I moaned with pleasure...

I like kissing, maybe liked it more than the actual sex itself...

We are both on fire, but I'm still undecided if I want to continue this... I promised myself not to be this easy on sex...been very casual about sex with darkguy before...

I promised my self that the next time I'll do it, it have to be with someone I love, someone who loves me...

I gathered all my self control and said : we cant do this, we are friends.

And with those words, as if I threw a cold drum of water on him and he stopped.

"yes we are friends" he said

I kissed his lips gently and hugged him until we slept.


Its 6am he rose from my bed, I didn't move a muscle wait for him to wash up and dressed up. He lay his head on my tummy and wait for me to respond. I hugged him. But didn't kiss him I knew I have a killer breath that time LOL!

I walked him to the door and as I was putting the keys he moved very close from my back and started touching me wildly, I was immediately on fire, I put my hand inside his pants and touched his manhood, he pulled down my shorts from my back and touching me...we almost did it.

He stopped and said: we are friends....
damn! i said im my mind

I'll go, thanks. I'll talk to you later. he said.

I waved goodbye and closed my door.

I went back to my bed and jerked off! LOL

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Chronicler said...'re both a tease. I like that. Can you remain plainly friends after you have sex together? Yes you can, friends with benefits.
Hello Mac.

Knoxxy said...

one word: sexy. lol

Mac Callister said...

@chronicler--hello kuya!ewan ko wala nalang muna sex mas mabuti pa!hehe

@knoxxy--hehe thanks!

Jules said...

Mas mabuti pa nga yung ginawa mong la muna sex. Atleast, now you know how to hold your emotion. lolz

Anonymous said...

Wow... Nice self-control.

Kung ako yan, malamang, "Anong promise-promise? Anong friends-friends?"


Very sexy!


marvin said...

waaahh! self control to the highest level!!! im sure mapapanaginipan mo 'yan! swear! :P

Anonymous said...

friends...what else can i say at the moment...

Anonymous said...

this is a different medium coming from you... wow! nice!

Ming Meows said...

na-inspired ako =D

citybuoy said...

sayang naman! malay mo eto na yun! he seems very nice. hehe

or kung wala talaga edi NSA nalang. tutal friends naman kayo. haha

rik32miles said...

Hay naku inday tanggapin mo na kasi na di ka na pa tweetums at ready ka na sa mga more mature short neng hindi ka na si abbey Priscilla Almeda ka na..kaya go lang ng go

paano na si darkguy? si Chef? ano ba yan? para ka lang nagpapalit ng panty..napaka busy mo

Anonymous said...

ang sakit sa bangs non mac haha! heniwey hang hinet na sana ng mga eksena... whew...

may next time pa naman eh... make it BIG TIME!

Mac Callister said...

@jules--oo nga e i know i did the right thing

@m2m tripper-- LOLz!


@blue-- friends parang gasgas na no?hehe

@starfish--wow at long last his royal highness appeared on my blog!LOL

@ming--haha bakitttttttt

@citybuoy--hay i dont know...

@rik--isa ka pang nabuhay mula sa mg patay haha,hay naku sawang sawa na nga ako ng sex muna back to the basics muna

haha huy matagal naman pagitan bago may dumating sa buhay ko a di naman agad agad yan!

@dyoy--hehe thanks!

J.Kulisap said...

Mas maganda 'yong pundasyon sa isang relasyon na nagsisimulang magkaibigan.

Mataas na uri ng relasyon ito.

Walang hinihintay na kapalit, pero pagpapaubaya lamang.

Napadpad mula sa sanga sangang buhay.

Magandang araw sa iyo diyan, kung saan ka man naroroon.

Darating ang iyong pag-ibig kung ito'y nakalaan para sa iyo.