January 2, 2009

The Weather Makes me Horny

Its too cold!Are we still in the Philippines or what?! But I gotta say this guys,I loved it! You know I got to wear my new jacket (yabang!),which I bought 2months ago, we saved electricity cause we don't have to open our air con and electric fans, its nice to go out without fear of the heat so that the whitening products wont go to waste hehe and we saved water too cause I didn't take a bath today!!!!!(yuck!)

But this weather kinda makes me sick,we all have colds, sneezing here and there its like having little shower. Mosquitoes are everywhere I hate them I'll ask my dad to put barbed wires to the windows so that they can't come inside the house LOL! I have to use thicker blanket which is annoying since I dont use blankets or kumot while sleeping. I wish I could have someome to hug....What's really bothering me is the coldness makes me horny hehe, especially now that Idon't have a boyfriend by my side,all I can do is to stare at the monitor and watch those guys wank in front of me at www.boystoboys.blogspot.com and I'm solved!haha. Hmm.I miss being inside that tight and warm hole... :-)

I could find someone but I'm not a fan of casual sex or SEB (sex eyeball),I still preferred the intimate sex with the guy I like or love. I don't judge people who does that, its their life they can do whatever they want right? I just don't like doing it.So now Im glad my left hand is my bestfriend LOL!

I wonder if the priest do it too...or even Obama?Just a thought! Peace!


Anonymous said...

horny tlaga..haha!!! balikan mo ex mo..lols!!!

Anonymous said...

well, how cold is it in there now?? in here, its 0 degrees almost every morning and 7 degrees at night... ehehe...

and you can just hug someone if you feel really cold.. ehehe

Mac Callister said...

its really cold like the you cant even take a bath without a heater!LOL

Mon said...

hahah.. napa-comment ako dahil sa left hand.. i thought, it's the right hand that's usually used by other guys.. i'm righthanded but i used my left hand when i do the deed. hehe.. mas masarap kasi.. ;p