January 25, 2009

Are You A Mama's Boy?

I just watched this movie "Ice castle" I remember this movie from my childhood days hehe I think I first saw this film when I was 10 years old with my mom and it brings back some sweet memories...we cried together with this movie and it made me cry once again.I mean Im so close to my mom,I'm proud to say Im a mama's boy hehe.

I dont know if most of us gay's and bi 's are this close to their mom,I mean are we mama's boys?Is it our mom's fault that we are gay?haha and that our dad is just out of the picture while we were growing up that there are no manly influence in our lives?(sisihin ba daw nanay niya!)

Are you closer to your mom than your dad?

1 comment:

gravity said...

mama's boy din ako! haha. =)
namiss ko tuloy mom ko..