January 26, 2009

I'll Convert To Lesbianism!

I think I'd like to be a lesbian.Yeah you heard me.T-bird.hehe.Why?Because I envy them,i mean look at them,they can HHWW (holding hands while walking!) in public!When we saw them,we just think "oh nice they are holding hands" but if gays do that "yuck naman!laki laki ng mga katawan mga jokla!"haha.

For the first time on my mega blog career LOL!I posted girl's pictures!My dad will be proud!Aww

And last time I was on a jeep and these lesbian couple sat in front of me and there it is..its like candy and chocolate...I could have a toothache!I mean they were hugging and like they just own the world! Gay's and Bi's cant do that!Its so freakin unfair man!If we do that people will surely say with eyes wide opened "por dios por santo!santisima!donde de esto de santa clause!"and will pull out their precious rosary!

And lesbian relationships last longer than us,haven't you thought about it?Well I did.And why lesbians are not being teased like gays?I mean some people are mean to gays,right?i know most gays experienced that growing in a man's world,But do lesbian experienced the same thing too when they are growing up?think about it.

Somehow people are afraid and much respectful of lesbians,they cant tease them,they cant call them names right in their face.Unlike us bi/gay they would call us: "bakla!bakla!" I wonder if we try it with the lesbians: "tomboy!tomboy!" ay parang ang pangit,di bagay hehehe bakla bakla na lang ulit!LOL


gravity said...

true, lesbian couples are much accepted in our society when in fact, they are considered gay couples too. and true, most lesbian relationships last much longer. =)

chicky401 said...

I do not understand why their relationships last longer however I believe they are more acceptable because of straight men. Almost all straight men have fantasies of watching two women make out. But that is just what I think. I am a straight female but have very good friends-male and female who are gay.