January 27, 2009

No-Gar Undies

I was watching today's episode of "Pinoy Fear Factor" and I had the loudest laugh of my life! the challenge was they have to lie in this container and this was divided into three portions,snakes on the legs,frogs and snakes at the torso and on the head:rats! Disgusting! The first two finalist Savanah and Janna requested that the boys will be in their briefs on the challenge.

This was a surprised to RJ and rather a big problem when its his turn...he was so reluctant to follow..he said something like "oh no,that will be a problem..." the host asked "why is that RJ?" RJ replied "I'm wearing a no-gar..bacon..underwear..."the ladies laughed they already had an idea what he meant!

no-gar/bacon-means "no garter.an overused and old brief that wear off for many times of use.

And it was hilarious because imagine how embarrassing it is, he have strip down and lie in there with briefs like that!Those girls are so mean for requesting that!hahaha.But I got to give it to RJ,hands down...he was so sexy and damn those crew they intentionally blurred out the part at RJ's no gar undies!!!shettt but I can see it at the side...bulging.hehe. maybe it looked so indecent that's why they decide that.

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MC said...

Tuesday pala pinalabas tong episode na'to.Inaabangan ko siya yesternight pero kay savanah pa lang pinalabas.
Mamaya ko watch 'to,pasaway si Jannah kasi sabi niya ang laki daw. haha


Mac Callister said...

i didnt catch that part na sinabi ni savanah yun?hahaha sayang!pero mukha talagang malaki namumukol hehe ang laswa ko shett

Andrew Mendoza said...

Nice blog bro ... Keep it up!