September 29, 2010

La Lang...

I'm missing my baby-baby...

At times, I'm wondering what's he's doin there (baka nagtataksil?LOL)

We do text everyday, though we are both busy with our own lives and work

Twice or thrice is enough for me...kasi busy nga!

Without texting goodnight is a mortal sin!

You could skip all day, but without saying goodnight, rest assured you will be dead the next day!


I remembered one conversation with him before I left:

Clay: I will take glutathione Mac, so that you can't tease me anymore that I'm too dark!(sabay pitik sa ilong ko)

Me: Oh baby-baby, you know that I like you the way you are (parang Jericho Rosales bah! LOL)

Clay: basta mag gluta ako letse ka! at ikaw mag work out ka ng todo!

Me: OO na!uminom ka ng sang baldeng pampaputi! laklakin mo ha!

September 26, 2010

Commitment Vows

A Filipino blog reader from UK, added me on my instant messenger account and started chatting with me months ago, telling me how he loves my writing, that he read it from the beginning up to the latest!

I was overwhelmed when someone does that (its not a first time though, yabang haha) for a blogger like me, it was humbling, imagine, someone, somewhere out there, paused, and literally stopped their lives and sat in front of the computer and read your entries for many hours?!

Isn't that amazing?!

Anyway, as our conversation got deeper, I learned that he is working there as a hospital staff too, and that he and his partner for I think 5 years now are planning to tie the knot!


It was my reaction when he told me that. Wedding? In our country? It was very bold of them to do that, right?

He cleared to me that it's not a wedding, but rather a commitment ceremony in front of their families and friends and about 5o other guest.

A commitment vow...

Oh my God!

When it all sinked in, my reaction was, wow!!!!

My mouth was wide open and imagined it on my mind and I was feeling like screaming: That's so romantic!

I've never seen anything like that in the Philippines. This reader of mine, got me so interested in their lives that we chat for a long time that night. I'm a sucker for everything romantic!LOL.

I asked him too much, like details, about their families, I mean its not easy to have both parents approval for a gay ceremony like that in our country right? especially, in front of many friends and guest.

I salute them. I gave them too many credits for being bold and for just following their hearts no matter what people say.

He just told me, he is proud of what they have and that's why they want all close to them witness it. On that special day.

I was really happy for them. It was a long distance relationship too, and I could really relate to their story, for many years, they stayed faithful and loving towards each other even they are many miles apart and only spend time together every 6 months or year. Its amazing. It got me more inspired that if others could manage to do it, why can't I?

And to top it all up, they are going to tell to the whole world, in front of families, how they love each other, a commitment to be together, and a promise to be there for each other. After a month, when I catched him online, he told me the ceremony was a success!

Hayyy, I wish I could do that too...

Imagine, a commitment vows...hay...kahit wala wedding pwde na din!

But I know, its so impossible right now, when my dad still a little indifferent about my sexuality, and you have to add my uncles and aunts grrrrrrrrrrrrr! and Clayton's too! His older gay brother disowned by his dad when he found out he is gay!

So I say to my baby: Clay, you gotta hide it better than your brother! LOL

Hay! Buhey!

September 23, 2010

Uyyy, Surviving!

Amazing person.

Incredible lover.

Fashion Icon.

Party girl.

Southern Cutie.

But enough about me! LOL

I'm here to greet my baby-baby...

Its our second month together
(well, ugh, not together-together, since he's there, and I'm here LOL)

But we're surviving yey! I'm looking forward to our third month.

Love yah Clayton!

Halika na baby-baby-ko pagsaluhan na natin ang ulam na si Luis Alandy. Extra rice?LOL

Looking For A Job Abroad?

How did you get a job abroad?

How can you apply for a job online?

Well some are asking, and I wanna share to you how I got a job here in the middle east.

I was working my ass off at my former hospital back there in the Philippines, and still getting very low pay. I thought, I didn't deserved it! I could have more.

A friend told me how much they earned working there, but I was reluctant because, middle east was extremely hot! and very much a Muslim country! I won't enjoy working there, I told them.

She just answered me you have a dream? Own your house? Buy anything you want? Do you wish to help your family? Do you wish of giving them better life? You can't have them while you're stuck in here...

It hit me. Its been five years since I started working here and yet, I haven't have a single penny on my bank account! I can't save up for my future. My salary was just enough to pay all my basic needs and couldn't even share some to my family. Its awful.

So I made a decision: I will apply for a job abroad. But not in Saudi Arabia! definitely not! LOL. Somewhere not so strict I said, an open city like Dubai or Qatar perhaps.

So I sat in front of my laptop and went to the:

(1) POEA website. I want it to be legal and safe.
(2) clicked on online services at the right side.
(3)clicked approved job orders.
(4) saw three links: approved job orders by position, by country and by agency.
(5)I clicked on them and typed in my title on the search bar. I found tons of results.
(6)I listed those recruitment agencies on a piece of paper. I narrowed it down to a shorter lists.
(7)I started visiting those agencies websites. There's a link wherein you could check if that agency is legal or not on the POEA website as well. (click here)
(8)I only picked agencies who are not asking for placement fees. I found three. Mahirap ang buhay now noh, kaya dapat yun walang placement fees and piliin!
(9)I updated my resume. Took new photos too, yun cute LOL!
(10) I submitted my resume online. Visit them personally too, sometimes, they appreciate a personal submissions, you know!
(11)I waited. And go on with my life. Prayed too! O di ba, nagdadasal din ako noh!

After a month, two of the three agencies called me. The other one bound for Dubai and the other in Doha. Asking me to submit this and that. That one in Dubai was promising. An American hospital, I said wow! But i have too get through a lot of interviews and exams. I was on my 2nd interview when the agency going to Doha called me again, and asking me to send my resume to their email again. I did.

After a month. I was told that out of 5o applicants I was one of 5 being picked and about to be offered a contract!

I was like whoa! Whats this? No interview? No exams? is this true??? Just my resume and my credentials????

Of course, I asked the agency about it. They said, they are picking applicants based on educational background, years of work experience, seminars attended and etc.

Was my credentials that good? Toinks!

After almost six months of preparing the necessary documents and requirements. I'm finally here in Doha, having a good time and the rest is history.

I hope this post helps.

September 19, 2010

Nagdusa Ako Kagabi!

Nakasakay na ba kayo ng humaharurot na sasakyan! Yun tipong kaskasero ang driver?

Iyon na iyon ang naranasan ko kagabi sa night shift duty ko sa Cardiac ICU dito sa ospital namin. Kaso imbes na sasakyan, stretcher na may laman na pasyente ang humaharurot!LOL

Kakagaling lang namin kaunin ang pasyente na isang kaso ng atake sa puso, mula sa isang procedure sa Cath.Lab, naka tubo siya sa bibig na diretso sa lungs niya na tinutulungan siya huminga gamit ang ventilator na ako naman ang in charge. Kaya kasama ako sa team ng isang, consultant doctor, residenteng doktor, dalawang nurse at isang nursing aid.

Andami namin bitbit, para kaming nag po-flores de mayo na yung patient ang reyna elena at kami ang taga hawak ng ilaw at generator at bulaklak niya habang naparada sa kalye!haha. In reality ang bitbit namin e mga monitoring device ng pasyente na sangkatutak na mga makina para tulungan siya mabuhay. Tulak ko naman ang ventilator.

So anyway, napapalayo na ko sa kuwento ko, so pagkagaling sa cath lab, nasa hallway na kami nang biglang tumunog ang monitor, warning daw!!! nababa ang level ng oxygen sa katawan ng pasyente namin, ginawan ko ng paraan, pero wa epek pa din, mamaya maya bumabagsak na din ang bilang ng tibok ng puso niya!waaaaaaaaa! this can't be!

Any minute magka-cardiac arrest ang patient kong itoch!

Ang layo pa namin!!! As in super-mega far-far! nasa ground floor kami at nasa 6th floor ang ICU!!! Anak ng putcha naman oh!

Itinigil ang pagtulak ng pasyente, andun kami sa gitna ng pasilyo, humanda kami sa bakbakan! Nagkakagulo na silang lahat sa gitna ng daan. Lahat tensiyonado, ako relax lang, alam ko na gagawin ko, isa lang role ko, ang siguraduhin na makakalanghap ng hangin ang patient no matter what, no stress, no-no, ayoko masira ganda ko noh! LOL

Sabi ko: brother, throw the ambubag for me (yun ang gagamitin ko para manually tulungan huminga ang pasyente pansamantala)

Hinagis nga niya sakin, nasa may ulunan kasi ako, nasa may paanan si brother. Paghagis, siyempre di ko nasambot! Bading e LOL

Nag CPR kami, wala pa din, hinanda ang defibrillator, kukuryentehin na ang puso ng pasyente.

"Are we clear?" tanung ng nurse hawak ang pang kuryente. Walang sumagot kundi ako ng super taray na pa-mhin-ta tone:


Kinuryente nya, ayun nasunog ang pasyente, naging b-b-que! Kidding!

Nagkaron na kami ng tibok, nagbigay ng gamot, sabi ng doktor, itakbo na daw namin agad sa taas sa ICU kung san mas accessible ang gamit na makakatulong sa pasyente.

Kaso nileteral ng hinayupak na nursing aid at dalawang engot na Pana'ng nurse, aba ang bilis ng hila! naiiwan aketch na nasa may ulunan ng b-b-que! este patient pala! Yun doktor naman, siya na nag bitbit nun makina na ako ang may hawak kanina, kasi di ko kaya mag multi-tasking nun time na yun, cannot be na!


Ang bilis namin! usok ang gulong ng stretcher! (hindi naman, OA na!haha)

Isang napakahabang biyahe ang kelangan namin danasin, ang haba ng pasilyo. Dahil sa bilis namin, nagkakanda-dapa na ang mga gaga'ng nurse, may naiipit ng gulong, may natitisod lalo na ako! letse! oily'ng-oily na ang pez ko jusko! Ok sana yun bilis namin nun diretso ang pasilyo, kaso sumablay kami nung paliko na!

Di namin napaghandaan ang pagliko, hindi nagmenor ang driver! Pag liko niya, halos madapa kaming mga nasa likod dahil sa impact! Para kaming di mga propesyunal sa itsura namin kanina, nakakatawa, pinigil ko lang kasi seryoso ang sitwasyon. Muntik na kami magkapalit palit ng mukha ng mga kasama mo! Buti nalang di nangyari, kundi lugi ako! Toinksssssssss!

Pero keri lang, job first, patient's care first bago ang poise!

Pagdating sa ICU at mailagay na namin sa kwarto ang pasyente, at naging stable, nakahinga na kami ng maluwag, saka nalang kami nagkatinginan ng team at napailing sabay tawa!!!

Langya, ngayon ko lang naranasan ang kalokahang yun!

Ayoko na maulit yun!!! Ang hirap!

Mga 3o minutes after, sabi sakin ng headnurse, maghanda daw ulit kami, kasi ibabalik ang pasyente sa cath. lab!!!


Ano ba 'to lokohan?! Di ba para lang silang tanga!LOL

September 16, 2010

Boyfriends Come and Go...

If you're a follower of my blog you could have figured out by now that I'm no good with keeping my relationships longer! I sometimes thought, I'm such a failure with this! Grrrrrr! No matter how I badly wanted to have a long lasting relationship...It all ends to one thing. Break up.

When I sensed that its about to end, I took the first move to end it. I don't know, maybe I'm afraid to hear it from them so, I would gladly take the initiative to end it myself.

My last was a disaster! I couldn't believe I entered that one in the first place LOL! I regret that I have been so lang!

Too many boyfriends have come and go...all started well and fun, but eventually, love fades...all what's left was pain and regret. Or have I ever found love?

When someone asked how many did you have? I always find shame in answering them, I'm not proud of collecting boyfriends contrary to what others believe. Because its a proof of my failure.

Its my long time dream to have a permanent guy on my side...someone who I could tell stories, someone I could share how my day was...someone who could comfort me and say its all right Mac. Eventually live on one house for us to stay with till we grow old together.

We could all agree that finding the right guy is not as easy as buying something at the store. It takes time. Its takes too much emotions. Rejections and heartaches. Many have been searching for that someone. And they're still looking.

On my case I have found and lost them. Too many times. Maybe its my fault or them. I don't know. But what I do know, I could have done something. I could have fight for it. I could have been patient. So many could have beens...

So now, with Clayton. Maybe I'm a matured Mac this time. Tested by time. Tested by experience, good and bad. I'm tired of looking for that special someone and let them slipped off my finger. This time I won't take it so easy. For love is patient, for love is sacrifice (kaya jakol nalang muna LOL), and for love is trusting.

I hope we could make it. I have a four month period most of the time. I'm determined to make it at least five this time! Kidding!

Clayton, good luck to us. Let's make it work. Lets make a love story, a love story that is so happy, a little complicated, less sacrifices but full of love. Here's a toast for our forever...

I love you Clayton, gaya nga ng sabi mo last time: Mac-ko, mahal kita, trust me on that, mahal kita na singlakas ni bagyong Glenda. Napatawa mo 'ko sa kakornihan mo. Nasabi ko nalang sa sarili mo, bumanat na naman ang asawa kong abnoy! LOL

This is me cam-whoring at the hospital while at work LOL!

September 13, 2010

A Dying Wish???Nooo!!!

It was almost dark when I woke up, I came from a night shift, so I slept the whole day. Its a habit for me to check messages on my cel first before getting up from the bed. Three sms from Clayton. We just ended our cool off which supposed to be for a week! But only lasts 3 days LOL. We are starting over again and he told me he will visit his cardiologist that day.

Its not serious, he told me. But he still want to have it check.

But his messages made me worried:

"Are you awake? Doctor told me, the findings are still unsure..."

"Bebe, I realized my shortcomings with our relationship, for taking you for granted, I don't know, I didn't mean that. Maybe Im not use to the idea of spending much time with someone...I feel ashamed. I'm sorry Mac..."

"Bebe are you awake now? wala lang..."

Hold on, is this really my boyfriend?!!!! LOL

I mean he's not like that! He's always goofy and cheesy most of the time but not serious. In my mind: what happened to the test, maybe he is seriously ill, a bad heart condition! I immediately replied to his texts. But trying to be calm as possible.

Me: "that's good! That's why I asked for a cool off anyway, for you to realize stuffs...So what now?"

Clayton: "Nothing, I just wanna change. For us. Please help me..."

Me: "I already told you what I noticed about you...its up to you now..."

Clayton: "No, I'm asking for your patience. If you can't stand me anymore, or you got tired of me already, just tell me...I'll take the blame. Its on me..."

Now it got me more worried! Its seems I'm talking to a different person! I'm nervous, damn it! Maybe he just don't wanna tell me he is dying! I mean why on earth you would speak as if you have a dying wish like that, and you wanna make up for all the stuffs you think you did was bad????

Me: "wait, wait..what led to this realization Clayton? Tell me!!! grrrrr!

Clayton: " When I was having the doctor's check up...I suddenly realized that life is so short...and I want to make into reality my plans with you for the future."

Me: "what does the doctor told you? You sounds like the findings are serious! Its like your dying!"

Clayton:" No idea Bebe. My mom's the one talking to him. I don't wanna hear what he has to say. Its better that way. What we don't know wont hurt us, ayt?hehe. Like what I've said before and mean it...I love you, Mac. As in uber..."

Me:" I love you too Clayton. Andaya mo naman..kakainis're only making me worried here! Tell me the result, I know you already knew!!!"

Clayton:" No need to worry. I'm good. I don't want you to think of anything else. Just focus on work, your family, friends...and us... Yun lang. Don't stress yourself. Mwah! "

Me:"Maybe there is already a findings and the result, you just don't wanna tell me!! ano bah!!!!!!!!!"

I'm restless that night. I wanna know the truth. I want to squeeze it out from him.

Clayton:" Gago! Wag ka nga ganyan. Takte ka! sasabihin ko naman agad noh. Duh. Pumasok ka na nga sa work! Pinapainit mo ulo ko eh! hahaha. I love you."

(idiot! don't be like that! damn you! I will tell you if its something ok? Go to work, you're annoying me! hahaha. I love you)

I was laughing too hard when he said that! I could imagine his face being so half annoyed! hayyyyy. I said goodnight to him and did a little prayer up above that my boyfriend will be OK.

September 11, 2010

While They Were Sleeping...

When I was just an intern way back year 2000, I was assigned to this big and old hospital at Quezon city, there are also interns from other schools, we instantly got along and became friends, every duty are always fun and exciting.

On night shift, there's nothing much to do unlike the morning shift, so we get to sleep at night!!! I mean literally sleep, with matching blankets and pillows and lights off! There's this co-intern Harry, known for being so "manyak" (pervert) and at that time I was still a virgin and not as flirty as today LOL! And I have a feeling he knew what I am.

Five of us are on the floor and he was beside me, he knew I'm still awake and texting using my Jurassic Nokia 5110, he looked at me and smiled. I knew what that smile meant, I could see it in his eyes that he was horny! Like a mad dog! LOL He's been flirting with me the whole time. Testing me. Giving me sexual innuendos and all.

He came closer to me, I didn't mind, I'm waiting for what he was about to do. I could sensed that he was unsure too...maybe he's still a beginner on his perverted career! Toinks!

"Gusto mo...?" (you want?) he asked.

"yuck! go away!" I whispered at him worried the others might hear us! Pakipot bah!

But I was having an erection at that time too. I was dying with anticipation what we'll gonna do. I always imagined him when he's wearing his scrub suit that somehow he has a big dick. I don't know about you but I could imagine as if I have x-ray visions, to predict if this guy's dick big or not LOL! Or maybe its a gay thing or I'm just perverted in nature!LOL

He got impatient and to my surprised he took my hand and put it on top of his throbbing dick. Damn, he guided my hand to stroke his manhood...It was still inside his soft pants but I could feel that it was so hard and big...

It made me so horny too, I looked around to check if no one sees what were doing. I looked at Harry's face, his eyes are closed. His mouth a little open. As if releasing a silent moan. Feeling my hand on his dick. He loves it.

I wanted more so without him guiding me, I inserted my hand inside his pants...his stomach flattens and his breathing became faster...I looked for an entrance inside his undies...I decided to enter on the sides...I felt his pubes escaping from it...bushy...just the way i like it. I touched his crotch...then slid my hungry hand more inside and gripped that big dick...

He brought my hand on the garter of his brief and here I could stroke his manhood with more freedom...I was holding his girth and his balls one at a time and I cant get was hot on my palm...throbbing...I knew I wanted more...but I don't know how...Its my first time to touch some one's dick...I wanted him to touch mine too but he never did...

Someone moves! I immediately withdrawn my hand from his pants!

I was afraid that they might catch us doing a dirty thing!hahaha. So I moved my position. Turned my back on him. Signaling him that I don't want to do it anymore.

But he was persistent. He moved closer and I gasped when he wrapped his arms around my waist and rubbed his big dick on my ass...Shit it felt so good!

So this is how it felt to have a man wanted to have sex with you...I like this feeling...I rose and went to the toilet...i wanted him to follow me. So he did.

"kantutin kita..." (let me fuck you) he said. I refused. Its painful I know. He didn't force me or else I'd scream "rapeeeeeeeeeeee" LOL! I never want to put it inside my mouth too. Arte no? E virginal pa ko niyan e hahaha!

I just put my hand once again inside his undies and this time I did it harder and other hand touching his nipple, his chest, tracing the body hairs...he was breathless as if his life dependent on my palm...

I want him to touch my dick too. I took his hand and put it on my dick...he did it shortly...I know I wanted more, I pulled his pants down and mine too and I pressed my dick on felt so good when both our dicks are together...feeling its heat radiating from it...our balls touching and our pubic hair added to the sweet sensation...we started moving our hips as if were having sex...

His back was on the wall and I put my arms around his shoulders for support as we grinded and rolled our hips on this fantastic dance...I know I'm about to come...

"are you coming?' I whispered.

"yes...ohhh..." he answered. I wanted to kiss his lips but I refrained from doing so.

A few more movements and I felt my cum and his cum on both our dicks and groin was hot and slimy...

I suddenly felt like ewwwwwwww! How could I remove this thing now?!LOL

We went back to sleep and become interns again in the morning! We never did it again though. I wonder what happened to him now? hmmm

September 7, 2010

Love Gonna Find A Way..

Sometimes a little time and space could help both parties to re-think, re-evaluate their own feelings, and to see what are missing...

What are needed to be done in the future...To have a more meaningful and contented relationship...Its just a step to improve each other, a step to know one's weakness.

This might also lead to something awful and sad...

But if both are really meant for each other, no matter what they go through...

No matter what trials they go through...I know

Love will find their own way to bring both hearts together.

Sept.10,2010 --> Me and clayton are Ok now. I just hope for the best...

September 4, 2010

See Where I've been?

Hey guys, I went to this amazing place called the "souq" the other night together with my friends, I just wanna share it to you and see some special places here that I've been to. This a place where you could eat some international foods like Iranian, Moroccan, Indian etc. Too many Pinoys are working here. If you're also looking for souvenirs, clothes, unique items, spices, herbs, and pets, this is the right place!

Sorry I have to hide my face! *wink*wink*

This is an amazing entrance door to this restaurant! I can't helped my self but to pose for a pic!haha

Well, this is unrelated to the photos above, just wanna show you, jejemon din ata ako!LOL

September 1, 2010

Dapat Nyo Tong Malaman!

Maraming bagay bagay akong naobserbahan sa bansang tinutuluyan ko ngayon. Nakakaloka at nakakatawa. Tinagalog ko para di nila maintindihan in case maligaw sila sa blog ko hehe.

Eto nilista ko basahin nyo now na:

Sikat na expression dito kapag may ginawa ka mali or parang mejo nainis sila sau, sasabihin nila "brother, I'll kill you!" haha nun una natakot ako, kasi baka totohanin, lagot ako, parang terorista kasi pero nasanay na din ako na biro lang talaga nila un, parang version ng "bruha ka" or "uten mo" sa atin LOL!

In na in din dito yun pag sasalita ng "same-same" at "too much up" or too much down"! wala din katapusan ang pag gmit ng word na "otherwise"!

Andaming PANA dito, sila yung mga bumbay sa atin. Yan ang tawag namin sa kanila para di nila alam na sila pinag uusapan namin. Madalas holding hands silang mga lalake pag nag lalakad. As in ang sweet di ba, andungis dungis ng itsura na may putik putik makikita mo sa kalye hawak kamay! kaloka! Sabi nila di daw yun kabadingan sa kanila, sign of friendship lang daw ek ek yun!

At kung gano kadami ang pinoy siya ding dami ng mga Pana. Sabi ng iba sila lagi ang kaagaw natin sa mga work abroad. Pero sa hospital namin, lagi nacocompare ng mga patient sila sa mga pinoy. Iba pa din daw tayo, may TLC sa trabaho kumbaga!

At till now di pa din ako masanay sanay sa amoy nilang di ko maintindihan!(pero meron din naman mabango) Amoy bumbay talaga! haha. Madami din ang may ANGHIT! kakahilo. Lalo sama sama sila. Yun tipong mga 10 or 20 people. Naku ang sang-sang! Madalas mga arabo, or taga kalapit na bansa din, mapalalake or mapababae may Putok talaga! Minsan nga naaadik na ako sa amoy nila, parang na-iimune na ako feeling ko masarap na siyang amuyin! parang burger lang bah! LOL

Kaya wag ka mag ba-bus dito kasi pagbaba mo kakapit na din yun amoy nila sa damit mo! buti nalang sosyal ako, nag ta-tricycle ako! nyahaha!

Di ata kasama sa culture nila ang mag deodorant. At itong nga Pana naman, paborito nila ang langis ng niyog! National fruit ata nila to! Pampahid sa buhok, pampahid sa katawan! baka yun din ang lube ng mga bading sa kanila!

At ang mga local dito, pare pareho ng damit. Puro puti! Feeling ko nasa Vatican ako at sang katutak na Priest ang nasa paligid LOL! Pero kahit na same-same sila ng outfit, lagi pa din may stand out, siympre yun mga cute at maganda mag dala ng national dress nila. Mapapalingon ka talaga. Para silang mga santo na nag aparisyon!

Dito, uso ang family day sa mga malls. Tuwing friday yun, kaya pag off mo ng ganun araw wag ka na mangarap mag lamyerda sa mall. Kaya pag di mo kasama pamilya mo, at nagsosolo ka di ka papasukin ng mga guwardiyang bobo. Pag ang magkasama e magkapatid na lalake, or babae lang, di din papapasukin, kasi ang family sa kanila, mother-father-son or daughter. Yun lang! Di ba ang tanga! haha

Ewan ko ba parang bawal ata dito gumamit ng ibang kulay na pintura! Dapat e beige or cream lang! Maliligaw ka kasi pare-pareho kulay ng mga bahay at buildings!

Halos lahat ng locals na nakataklob at nakaputi na saya e tatlo-tatlo telepono, at madalas makikita mong nagsasalita mag isa habang naglalakad! Parang baliw. Yun pala naka headset habang nakikipag daldalan sa cel nila ng walang katapusan. Ang yaman sa load! Halos lahat sila ganun!

My jollibee din dito pero di masarap ang spag. Ang putla! May chowking din. My mcdo, pero walang spag at walang kanin. Puro buns! My pizzahut pero di kasing sarap nun satin. Ang madalas ko kainin e yun mga grilled chicken at beef nila na may mga dahon dahon, sarap!

Dahil sagad sa init dito, natural pati tubig na pampaligo mo mainit din! Kahit nakalagay na sa cold yun knob, mainit pa din lalabas! Waaaa! kaya ang technique, gabi pa lang mag imbak ka na sa balde or drum para pagligo mo kinabukasan malamig na.

Halos walang fake na brand dito. Mapapabili ka tuloy ng orig haha. At madalas UK brands ang available na damit or shoes. Kaya napipilitan tuloy akong bumili sa River Island, Zara or Topman. Pero nun nagbakasyon ako last month namili ako ng sangkatutak na FNH na damit! Mas mura kasi! Hahaha.

Oa din manamit mga tao din, nasa mall lang todo boots pa! Parang mag pe-perform lang! Di masyadong ready!

Nagkalat din ang mga pinoy products dito, mga delata ng sardinas, mga tuyo, may boy bawang pa nga e! pero kakatuwa kasi ang may ari ng grocery store: Pana or arabo!

Ang ayoko pa dito, halos wala ka mapuntahan or mapaglibangan, puro mall at restaurant halos. Wala masyado pasyalan. Pero balita ko nag papagawa na sila ng mga parks and amusement center ek ek. Kaya madalas nasa bahay lang ako, nood tv, internet at jakol-jakol nalang! Toinks!

Relihiyoso din mga tao dito, dasal ng dasal lagi, pero wag ka sila pa minsan ang masasama ang ugali! Kaloka!

Puro supot din sila, pag pasimple ako sumisilip sa etits nila! Pero, malalaki talaga haha!

Yun mga babae naman na local, wag mo titignan at bawal mo makita mukha nun iba sa kanila, lalo yun naka full mask sa face. Jusko ang papanget naman pag aksidente ko nakikita pag inaalis nila. Mabuti pang itago nalang nga niya at wag ng ipakita pa!Kaitsurahan!

At wag ka makikipag away sa kanila kasi, goodbye middle east ka pag nagkataon! Kahit sila pa may kasalanan, ang ending mo, ikaw pa din ang mali! O di ba fair na fair!

Madami tayong mga kababayan na nakakagulat ang sweldo sa sobrang baba. Halos wala pa sa kalahati ng sahod ko. Pero nag titiyaga sila. Kesa daw sa wala. I salute them! Bilib ako sa inyo mga ate!

Madalas ang mga na-aadmit sa emergency e dahil sa heat stroke! Ikaw ba naman magpala at mag semento sa katirikan ng araw with 40-50 degrees ewan ko lang pag di ka natuyuan! haha

Madalas di kami magkaintindihan ng caretaker ng building namin, kasi di sila masyado marunong mag english, yes or no nalang sagot ko. Kahit wala ako ideya kung ano ba yun sinasabi niya!

At ang daming pinoy dito, over! Nun concert nila regine at ogie, dun ko yun napatunayan haha kasi halos mapuno yun football field ng mga pinoy! Grabe!

Ok na din naman tumira dito, sanayan na lang din. Kahit na sobrang init na parang nasa oven, aircon naman lahat ng pupuntahan mo! Sobrang mura pa ng gasolina.

Yun nalang muna ngayon, saka na yun iba, wala na ko maisip e antok na ko, galing pa ako night shift. Bye!