January 13, 2009

My Pre-Employment Medical Exam Day

This morning around 6am I rose from my bed and took a shower because today is my pre-employment medical examination at Manila. I'll have to commute for less than 2hours before I reached my destination,and before that,I have to collect a stool sample for my fecalysis, meaning I have to scoop a small amount of my poo-poo and put it in a cup! haha

Doing that was a great challenge!LOL. I prepared a left over plastic spoon from jollibee and used it to scooped my shit!haha. Its really gross even if its my own!Yuckie!

But anyway, I rode the bus, and its just too bad that there's no cute guy sitting next to me, but its alright the movie being shown was Twilight! got me happy to see it once again.But i never finished it, I'm at my destination already.

When I got to the clinic many people are already there. I'm on number 59! Imagine! It is a nice clinic though, in fact its way too big for a clinic, its a 2 storey building and thank GOD they are air conditioned. They did have the laboratory for urine, stool, blood extraction, then x-ray, then dental, then Vital signs, and that neuro-psycho exam damn thing!!!

My eyes almost bleed!LOL. Its so hard answering those abstract test! I can't find the difference between those images haha I'm too dumbed!

Hmmm, and my gaydar is on red alert for PLU (people like us) that might be running around the clinic and I saw one! But seems not interested on me!!TOINKS! But every time I looked at him our eyes always meet! I tried not to look at his side since then but my eyes seems to have a mind of his own and not following my brain's order!

And so the final moment arrived at around 3pm...jan-ja-raran...drumroll please...my physical examination! You know the part where I have to strip down my pants and all of my clothes!I'm so nervous when my name was called the nurse said "take -off your shoes and socks and go inside the room", and its a relief for me that the procedure will be one on one, no other guys will be with me in the same room naked hehe.But the doctor is a young woman,yikes!

The lady doctor said "take off all your clothes except your underwear" I was so happy when I heard that, I thought I don't have to be naked after all, but to my surprised when she finished checking me up, she said "OK take-off your undies now" and my mind's reaction was like "whaaaatttt?!"and so I took it off, there it is, my dick in the coldness of the room. Exposed! Saying "Hello here I am!!!

But that's not the worst part. She asked me to lift my dick up so she could see my balls, good thing she never touched it. And then she said "turn around and bent over, and spread your cheeks..

OH God, I wanna die!!!

I closed my eyes when I did it ( so that she can see if I don't have hemorrhoid or something) but its totally embarrassing, when I'm done I cant even look her in the eyes huhu. But atleast she didnt do a rectal exam right?hehe

I'm done at 5pm, finally! I've been there for 8hrs! Imagine that. Too many Filipinos planning to go out of the country, kinda sad though. Looking for a better life in the foreign land.


Anonymous said...

a lady doctor? haha. i get scared of them more than guy doctors. but hey, at least she didn't insert her finger in you. :)

Mac Callister said...

yeah i know haha and to my embarassment my heart rate I think accelerated!!!!she told me you heart beats fast asked the nurse to repeat it