September 16, 2008

Am I Evil?

I did a lot of awful and shameful things in the past,you know,I did some keychain shoplifting at a bookstore when I was 14,I didnt pay a jeep ride when I was 16,and the driver knew haha he kept on saying"o yung mga di pa bayad jan magbayad na"haha.But nothing can compare to what I did to my ex-boyfriend's boyfriend,I had sex with him to get back at him for not taking me back!Got it?

Lets put it this way,I'll name my ex bf as john,and the other guy is Joshua,before me,John and Joshua are lovers for a year,when they broke up I met John and we bacame boyfriends for 4 months,but Joshua kept on texting on John,how he still cares for him,but John didnt care at all,he's happy with me.And then we broke up,my fault I admit,but after 2 weeks I realized I cant live without John in my life that I love him still,so I asked him to give me another chance,he refused.I was hurt.This happend 3 years ago.

After 2 weeks maybe,I texted him again,and he said to me,"me and Joshua are back together dont text me",I felt my heart was broken into pieces,I felt betrayed,to think Joshua left him for another guy in the past that caused their break up then.And here I am showed him good things and loved him so much in our relationship,we fought big time that caused our break up,but I asked for another chance and yet he refused me,I mean I thought I didnt deserved it.

So I thought of a brilliant plan,an evil plan haha,good thing I had Joshua's number,I texted him,pretended I looking for a textmate,he didnt know me and had no idea I was John's ex bf.So he fell for my trap,we kept on texting without John knowing it,so I thought hes really not the trustworthy type,I was happy that Im having my revenge to John.

After a week of texting and chatting,I invited him to meet and he agreed,we met at calamba and we went to Festival mall alabang,along the way riding the van,we were holding hands through out the travel time.We ate and talk and I asked him if he wants to stay the night with me,he said,why not,so we checked in at Sogo Hotel.And OMG he's too hot and sexy!He is hairy all over,his chest,his groin,his legs,i cant believe im having sex with this guy,my ex-bf's current bf!I took some pictures and videos of us together,my proof that were together,in case John will doubt it.

Till now I cant forget how it feels,its really awesome!One of the best I had haha,maybe bacause it was a stolen moment and I had a hidden agenda with it,or that hes so sexy or maybe due to the hair!I dont know!haha.By the way he is a bottom!Anyway i'll skip the details,ok,I dont want my blog to be labeled some adult rated site.We spent the whole night together and he still dont have any idea who I am or what Im doing till we went home.

After a week I texted John,I asked him I still want him back that Joshua dont deserve him,I said he's not honest with him and that he cant be trusted,he said I only want to destroy their relationship,I told him what if I have some proof that he spent a night with me?He said Im just bluffing,then I MMS him our picture of Joshua together,then,He said"damn you!Get lost!Fuck you"..I dont know what to feel then,i cant feel happy,all I can think of is,I'm a bad ass!What am I thinkin when I did that??Well,had been said and done,regret is an understatement.Then Joshua texted me he cursed me and said Im a loser!He said he and John are over thanks to me.And i said to myself,mission accomplished!

(Above are Joshua's pic at the room,his hairy body that I cant forget hehe)

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